1. M

    Sunday equals Saturday

    Equals Cell Above So here is the dilemma. My last post involved setting a conditional format to set each row that is a Sunday row to be highlighted a specific color. This works great, such that when I copied the 2018 sheet and renamed it to 2019, adjusted the top 2 column A cells which then...
  2. S

    delete row based on values....almost there

    OK now I need to detect when the data in any 2 adjacent cells in columns B and C are both equal to zero, and then delete that row. For example, below I would want to have row 35 deleted. Excel 2010 32 bit <tbody> B C D 29 1:53:30 113.50 0.500 30 1:54:00 114.00 0.500 31 1:54:30 114.50...
  3. B

    Excel 2013 Formula IF with AND, OR, and NOT, or may conditional formatting

    I understand how to use a nested IF statement in Excel and I understand how to use one of the three conditions (AND, OR, NOT) individually in a formula. What I want to do is: If Cell AC15 is equal to 1 or 2 and Cell AD15 and AD16 are equal to 1, then "OK", If AC15 is equal to 3 and AD15 & 16...
  4. zuriqi


    I am wondering if SUMPRODUCT is the right formula for this: if criteria in Col A is equal to X Criteria in Col B is equal to Y then in Col F: a formula should do : "Col C" * (Col D) + Col E values Thanks
  5. J

    Simple Excel if and Function formula help

    I want a formula that If sum of H1 & I1 less than or equal to 2 and if I1 is greater than 0 then H1*1000+I1*500 else H1*1000+I1*500
  6. S

    Using 'not equal to' an array as criteria in AutoFilter in Excel VBA

    In my the spread sheet, I have defined a range, which needs to be excluded from the filter. The values to exclude are filled dynamically filled in the range & will be more than 3 in most of the cases. I intend to use the code similar to what is shown below. varFilterValues is an array populated...
  7. G

    Number value in one cell will equal a text value in another

    Hi, Not sure how to do this, but I have one cell who's number value is taken from a drop-down list. I need a corresponding cell to equal a text value depending upon the number chosen. Can somebody please let me know how to do this Thank you in advance
  8. A

    cant figure this out..

    From these eight numbers 7, 6, 6, 5, 4, 4, 3, 2. Using only 5 of the 8 numbers what combinations equal sum of 23 or less?
  9. J

    Lookup 2,1

    Hi I vaguely understand Lookup2,1 but what I don't fully understand about the below formula. Is if for example the Rows C-H have values that are not equal to 0 why does the formula return the value in Column H rather than the value in column C? =LOOKUP(2,1/('Daily...
  10. T

    Need Help with Hlookup in IF AND statement

    I have a large spreadsheet and the header changes every month. I need to a HLOOKUP to search for "Balance" in the header columns. Column AA - The desire result is to return a value greater or equal to >=10,000 Column AB - The desire result is to return a value greater than 10,000 and equal to...
  11. G

    Same identical values not treated as equal

    Good morning Excel experts! I have two sets of data that I am comparing and they do not show as being equal despite they read the exact same. Example: B1: 19500 K1: 19500 When i test these values as being equal I get (=B1=K1) result [FALSE] K1 data is created from a website down load and...
  12. B

    Conditional Formatting

    Please could somebody help? I am trying to use a simple condition of Great than or equal to. The complex part is that I want each row (217 of them) to check whether they are great or equal to the corresponding row but it wont work. Thanks in advance for your help
  13. S

    Does Not Equal Another Cell

    I want to compose a COUNTIF statement where I'm counting how many things are NOT equal to a certain cell Example A1 = 12/1/17 =COUNTIFS(Table1101[Previously],NOT(A1)) I know I can do =COUNTIFS(Table1101[Previously],"<>43070") and it'll work, but I want the date to change it doesn't work...
  14. D

    Comparing Values in Cells

    Hi all, I need help for this. A1 A2 A3 0 0 just Blank (if both cell contains 0) 12 12 Completed (if A1 and A2 are equal) 12 14 incomplete (if A1 and A2 is not equal) I just want output in A3 to be displayed. Thank you guys.
  15. A

    Pattern/Sequence of Numbers based on Ratio/Percentage

    Ciao All ~ Is it possible to generate / create a sequence of binary numbers, that cannot repeat more than twice, based on an entered ratio x:y? if not a ratio, than perhaps two percentages equal to 100%? For example, a 2:1 ratio would generate a 12 cell pattern of : 1,1,0,1,1,0,1,1,0,1,1,0...
  16. I

    Multiple conditions - font colour

    hi all, I have this formula in which I calculate columns in my data set. It's a simple formula IF this value is bigger than X and Y not equal to this condition, pick this value otherwise 0. It looks like this: =IF(AND($AL10>$AO$2,$D10<>"condition"),$AP$2,0) I would like to include...
  17. I

    Combine cells conditionally on the way down when cell content changes

    The best way to describe this is by an example: Row A 1- O 2- 1 3- 2 4- 3 5- R 6- 1 7- 2 8- B 9- 5 10 -6 What I am looking for is a formula I can fill down in Row B where the result will look like this: O O - 1 O - 2 O - 3 R R - 1 R - 2 B B - 5 B - 6 So when there is a letter in A1, as long...
  18. H

    Hide 12 columns if 2 cells are equal

    I need a code to hide the last 12 columns if two cells are equal ****** id="cke_pastebin" style="position: absolute; top: 0px; width: 1px; height: 1px; overflow: hidden; left: -1000px;">I need a code to hide the last 12 columns if two cells are equal</body>
  19. J

    Cell Size ratio ??

    This is just to satisfy my own curiosity Why is Cell height measured differently than Cell width? Standard Cell height is 15, which is equal to 20 pixels, and that's about 1/4 inch. And standard Cell width is is 8.43 which is equal to 64 pixels and that's about 3/4 inch. So my first question...

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