excel macros

  1. R

    How to copy or append the data to one sheet to another sheet?

    I want to copy all the data from 2nd row from sheet2 to sheet1.... but there is one condition if there is already have some data into sheet1 then it will append the data to it from sheet2 to sheet1 How to do this in excel macro?
  2. R

    How to move cell to LEFT?

    Currently using this to move one cell to right: ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0) I am not getting how to move one cell to left....
  3. csababenyi

    Windows Excel macros does not work in Office 365 Mac OS Excel.

    Windows Excel macros do not work in Office 365 for Mac. My boss wants to use an Excel sheet with macros on their MacBook Pro with OS X and Office 365 for Mac. When you open the file, the buttons and drop-down menus turn into images. Any suggestions? In addition, it cannot perform even simple...
  4. E

    Consolidate multiple user's data from different sheets to single master excel sheet.

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to figure out a way to consolidate multiple user's data from different sheets to single master excel sheet using Macros. Eg: . user 1 selects particular rows and once macro is run, these data should automatically get pasted in the last empty rows in master excel sheet...
  5. N

    2nd Input for Row Deletion Requirements not Applying Properly

    I had a code to prompt for two different inputs to search another sheet and the delete the entire row if two conditions where met (entry ID $ and date). I adjusted this to re-select the data worksheet, because it was originally also deleting the actual row of the worksheet that this button was...
  6. F

    Short macro code

    Hi Everyone, i have macro code that calculate excel sheets and paste answer in dashboard row, each new excel sheet data paste in new row after calculation. i want to short this code and will be working lot of sheet and row. i means it continue when any new sheet create its done calculation and...
  7. F

    Macro that calculate each sheet and paste answer in main sheet row

    Hi Everyone. i'm facing some trouble how to manage this because i'm new in macro. here is details what i want to do. is very know about this please help me . 1) Use “Column I” in “adt4-16 - 4-22” tab to calculate the total number of minutes per data item. 1a) You can convert the text format...
  8. T

    Checking in a Document in SharePoint from Excel Macros

    Hi, We have mapped a network drive to a SharePoint Directory, while we are able to copy a file (using Macros) to this location, this file does not appear in SharePoint to the other users, the reason being that it is not checked in. Can you help/guide us on how to Check using Excel Macros. Let...
  9. S

    I need a macro which will export data from tables

    ....my actual requirement is...i have many tables in sql....i need to export all the data one shot in to excel......can u plz help me on this i have a sample macro...but this throws object required error...need to know whether this code is correct or need some modification or need a new code...
  10. A

    Excel Macro to open Excel sheets in various sequences

    Hello, I am trying to make macros to unhide hidden sheets in different sequences then its original sequesces. Example : I have sheets Control Sheet,A,B,C,D,E,F,G & H I want, i) Button 1 to hide all sheets apart from Control sheet and then unhide and display in following sequence - C,E,A,B &...
  11. N

    Import multiple csv to excel with only select column

    I have many .csv files that need to be imported into excel, they are all in the same format with different number name of file. I'd like to export a select column from a certain file by just enter the file number For example: 2438.csv contains: <tbody> Time Step Analog 2 Analog 3 Analog 4...
  12. gvarth

    GR - Excel Topics in Greek Language

    Καλησπέρα . Αν μαζευτούμε και άλλοι από Ελλάδα, ας κάνουμε μια προσπάθεια μέσα σ' αυτό το thread να μαζέψουμε υλικό που θα μας βοηθήσει . Προτίθεμαι να ανεβάσω υλικό σχετικό με την σύνδεση Excel & Autocad . Πιστεύω να υπάρχει ενδιαφέρον.
  13. E

    Excel VBA: Inserting an IF statement into a cell

    Hello! As part of a macro, I have a formula in a cell that calculates the difference between 2 other cells. Now, I am trying to insert an IF statement into another cell that will look at this difference, and if the difference = 0, it will return the words "ON TARGET" in the cell. If the...
  14. A

    Macros - Copy data from one worksheet to another with date constraint

    Hi everyone, I am fairly new to excel and need help with excel programming / macros. I am project manager and trying to develop project financial tracking sheet. I have created a sheet to track "Project Forecast effort" and "Project Actual effort". At the start of the project I create project...
  15. K

    Macros for Matching Multiple Criteras

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and looking for some assistance for creating a macro for a process that takes me about a day to complete. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And Thank you in advance! Below is the table: <TBODY> ProviderName TotalCharge DateOfService Pairing John Smith...
  16. S

    Excel Macros

    Hi Experts, I am new to VBA and currently assigned a Excel project which has got lots of VBA codes. The spreadsheet has got a Validate Button. On click on the button, the entire spreadsheet is validated. Here I have got many questions. Just to start with, 1. How does the VB code knows the cells...
  17. N


    i have 2 sheets. i have to write a macro to check for a letter in a string in the second sheet and write the status in sheet 1. plz help!!
  18. C

    Excel exporting of worksheets in workbooks

    Hi there I have to work on exporting multiple excel worksheets into multiple workbooks, I don't think it is possible but I am also not too familiar with macros and how they work- I am still learning Wondering if this is possible and if somebody could advise me on how and where to start looking...
  19. A

    How to know the Availability of a file in the directory?

    I have shared drive mapped to directory "M:\\". I have lot of folders and and subfolders in it. I want to run a macro which would search the folder name (Column A) in the directory and find the availability of the "Part of the File Name"(Column C)) and return Available/Not Available in Column...
  20. A

    How to search files from a directory with two keywords in file name???

    I have a shared drive mapped to directory "M:\\" I need to search a file from one of the folders in the directory. I'm able to list all the files from a folder in a excel sheet by specifying the path in the program. But I don't know how to search a individual file in the folder with two...

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