1. M

    Highlighting a cell on a table

    I have a table in the excel file attached. What I need is when I enter a value in A1, B1,C1,D1 etc. if the value is present in the corresponding table row, it should be highlighted. I made an example in the attached file. https://1drv.ms/x/s!AoGkZUHlKui9gRg6qf_Yom2t6eig
  2. C

    Use VBA to select items in a listbox depending on cell values

    Hi I have a listbox within a userform that contains 9 different locations. The user selects the relevant locations and when they submit the user form the the selected values are transferred to a spreadhseet. The layout of the spreadhseet is similar to the table below. The locations are...
  3. T

    Calculating activity duration on excel 2007

    Good evening I wanna calculate the duration of an activity using excel 2007, the activity starts on 2/1/2010 and finishes on 9/1/2010 where Friday is a weekend , 7/1/2010 and 19/1/2010 are holidays.Hint duration equation = (finish-start)+1 Best Regards
  4. S

    EXCEL2007,searchable dropdown lists

    EXCEL2007. I want to create multiple searchable drop down lists, each on a row below the previous one, on the same worksheet, but all using data from the same list. (the list of data is an inventory of a hardware store) the searchable drop down lists , 12 of them, are on the input screen for an...
  5. P

    Index-match return value?

    Hello guys, can you help me with these? I have these two sheets and from the data on Sheet 1 I would like to return a value at sheet 1 taken from Sheet 2. Notice the Zone and Weight values on Sheet 1 which has an equivalent Cost for every Zone-Weight pair. I have used Index-match in order to...
  6. H

    I have a sub that works in excel 2003 but not works in excel 2007 error: With Application.FileSearch

    Dear friends. I have a sub in a macro excel, that works weel in 2003, but not works in excel 2007 or 2010, apper to depure when get the line : With Application.FileSearch . Thanks for any help. the sub is : Sub MostraPADTEC() Range("15:16").Select Selection.EntireRow.Hidden = False...
  7. M

    Fill Blank Cells with Formula From Row Above

    Where I work, Excel 2007 is still being used. When doing autofill on workbooks with thousands of rows, you get an error stating "Selection is too large" because of the 8192 different areas in the special cells range issue. I found code online (by Dave Peterson by way of Ron De Bruin) that will...
  8. F

    Sorting duplicate entries based on ranges

    </SPAN></SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>Hey Guys, Consider this scenario.</SPAN> Consider the following table with these entries:</SPAN> <TBODY> Name</SPAN></SPAN> number1</SPAN></SPAN> number2</SPAN></SPAN> Abhinav</SPAN></SPAN> 1</SPAN></SPAN> 1</SPAN></SPAN> Abhinav</SPAN></SPAN>...
  9. A

    Need help with INDEX/MATCH or VLOOKUP for multiple criteria across multiple sheets.

    Hello all, I am currently working on a pretty big Excel file (2007 on Windows XP work computer) for my medical institution and have come into a scenario that seems a bit too complex for me. My workbook is being used to input the normal weights and measures of children based on their age and...
  10. R

    Please help = VBA code not working

    Can somebody please help!! I have set this macro up on a button, so whenever it is clicked a mastersheet is populated from the data in sheets "test1" and "test2". What i ideally want is everytime its clicked it replaces the old data and replaces. (to take into consideration of any changes)...
  11. N

    QAT macro button referencing original file, "not save as" file

    <tbody> 0 down vote favorite I have an excel 2007 template that has a macro button in the quick access toolbar (QAT). When I save the template as an Excel Macro Enabled Workbook, the button found in the QAT is linked back to the macro in the...
  12. A

    Started getting Run-time error -2147024156 at the point excel vba does access createObject

    Hi All, I have an excel 2007 spreadsheet and from VBA code I call access(2007) to load a CSV into access. Running on Dell Laptop/Vista Premium SP2. This application has been running fine without any issues, i.e, I have been able to run the application several times to load the files into access...
  13. L

    Locking/Freezing cells

    Hi, I would like to have a spread sheet that displays a set of cells when only certain cells are to be editied. How can I "Lock" cells (for the need of a better word) so that they can be viewed, function calculate but they cannot be edited. Ps I want to "lock" most of the sheet with only a...
  14. F

    Excel 2007 - how to stop font resizing in embedded word document

    Hi all, I use Excel 2007 on Windows XP. I wanted to make a multi-level list in excel to list different factors, sub-factors, sub-sub-factors and so on.(eg 1-1.1,1.2-1.2.1,1.2.2-1.3, 2 etc). So I embedded a word 2007 document in it. It worked well. But as the list grew it was difficult to see...
  15. T

    Increment alphanumeric column value by 1

    Hello, I'm using Excel 2007 on a Windows XP box for creating QA test cases. I looked through the forum and haven't found an answer to my question. I need to be able to auto increment my test case ID in column A by 1 when I hit 'Enter' or click on the next row. I.E. The test case ID value in...
  16. jasonofshanghai

    Automatically converting all CURRENCY symbols to the ONLY currency selected

    dear Mr.Excel members, could anyone kindly teach me a way, if possible bypassing serious VBA macros, : how to make EXCEL 2007 Automatically convert all my CURRENCY symbols in all cells formatted for CURRENCY in THE SAME SHEET to the one and ONLY currency selected in JUST ONE cell ? (i...
  17. K

    Sync different workbooks

    Can someone please help me with my issue before I'm going nuts:confused: I have 6 employies that have their own workbook shared with onedrum.com and me. I have a workbook that shall get their workhours synched with my workbook, and at the same time synch back to their workbook. This is...
  18. Q

    Highlight cells

    I have a question. Here is the example: If A1=20, I want to auto highlight 20 cells. If value in A1 change, the cells highlighted auto changed. How can I do it in Excel 2007?
  19. I

    Macro for collecting rows from sheets if cell mach value

    I need help to make script in Excel2007to collect (copy) rows from all sheets to one sheet with name "One " if cell F in all sheets, except sheet "One" have value "One". I got one from old boards but it is good for Excel2003 and gives back error in Excel2007. What is wrong in it? Sub...
  20. D

    Explain, Excel as a database

    Please feel to comment why Excel 2007(with MACROS and VBA) as a database. your answer is very helpful to me, because I will use it on the report I am doing.

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