Started getting Run-time error -2147024156 at the point excel vba does access createObject


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Jan 25, 2014
Hi All,
I have an excel 2007 spreadsheet and from VBA code I call access(2007) to load a CSV into access. Running on Dell Laptop/Vista Premium SP2. This application has been running fine without any issues, i.e, I have been able to run the application several times to load the files into access. I have made some changes to other code in access and that should not be impacting this. Since last evening I am encountering [Run-time error -2147024156 (800702e4) Automation error: The requested operation requires elevation].

The only recent change to my laptop was Firefox update that I removed and still no avail.After online search for the issues I have already done this 1. Check the references 2. Made the user ID administrator 3. Disabled UAC on vista. 4. Repaierd the Access 2007 installation 5. Ran Office Diagnostics. None of this made the error message go away.

Code is called by clicked a button in excel and that button has the following procedure assigned.

Sub LoadDataIntoAcc() 'No changes to this code since it as used successfully the last time
Dim acObj As Object
Set acObj = CreateObject("Access.Application") 'Error occuring here 
.... ..................
Any help is appreciated!Thanks


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Jan 25, 2014
Update: It's working now!
The one change that I had done recently was to install SQLSERVER 2005 and for some reasons, the only way I could have ODBC linked between SQLSERVER and Access is run the latter as administrator. Excel supposedly needed to be run as adminstrator and after I did this, it started working again.

Thanks all who may have read original question!
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