1. P

    Include cell in formula only if it DOES NOT ITSELF contain a formula

    Hello all. I'm brand new so please excuse any errors. I'm using 2007 for Windows. I have a range of cells containing measurements that I want to take the AVERAGE(...) difference of. However, I miss measurements sometimes, so some of those cells are actual verified measurements that I took, and...
  2. R

    VBA code to count under 5% and and non green cells

    Basically i need to count evrything under 5% in column h then if its green on column i i need th minus of exclude the count, the correct figure should be 18...
  3. J

    Excluding a Cell range from a selection in a drop down list

    Hi All, I currently have a budget sheet where when i select a customer from a drop down list, the ratio will calculate and change the result to show the overall profit as per selected customer. The client was created by a data validation list and the ratio through a xlookup. The ratio in...
  4. J

    Filter Index Formula - How to Exclude Value from List

    Hello, May I ask for some help resolving this query please? I seem to be making an error when I am trying to exclude one field if there is data entered. I will explain further below. I am looking at some data with a series of dates. The dates are used to determine if the submission should...
  5. P

    How to count the most commonly occurring text, while excluding a certain phrase?

    Hello, I'm looking for a formula to return the most commonly occurring text in a range minus a specific phrase. Is there anything I can add somewhere into the formula I already have, which returns the most commonly occurring text? Or do I need to rewrite what I already have? Here's what I have...
  6. ronald54457874

    VBA>! Search all sheets for the value contained in sheet "R" "F9", within the found Sheet, find cell "F11" of sheet "R"

    As I'm new to VBA, I'm studying new possibilities, and as I'm new to the forum, I'll learn a lot from all of you. I was making some adaptations to a partner's code, all of which worked until I was stopped in this one. *This is not necessary, it's just for knowledge and study purposes, if you...
  7. ibmy

    Sum of Negative or Positive, Exclude 0 or Include 0

    Hi Excel Experts ? Sample of 20k row data I face weekday : BCDEF1Sum of Negative Sum of Positive2ValueExclude 0Include 0Exclude 0Include...
  8. O

    Return cells only containing certain letters

    Here’s my scenario: I have a list of words and a list of letters. I want to return the words that contain letters from the list of letters and ONLY from the list of letters. For example: WORDS: cog, bib, ab, back, cab LETTERS: A, B, C WORDS returned: ab, cab Thoughts?
  9. T

    Pivot table to exclude a row

    Hello, I have a table that looks like the following: Country Element AA 11 BB 22 CC 33 Now, I want to pivot that table to show me the sum of "Element", BUT Country "CC" has to be excluded from the sum (and shown separately in the same pivot table). I created a calculated field defined...
  10. S

    Exclude a specific value from drop down list

    I have a table where I have staff names. I use these staff name to create down down list using INDIRECT formula and it works perfectly. Now I want to create a new drop down list, but want to exclude few specific staff name and show rest of the staff names. I using below formula but I get an...
  11. D

    Set Due Date/Time using DateAdd exclude weekend and holiday

    Hello, Need help, i use DateAdd function in my Query, DateAdd("d",numberofdays,StartDate), however i need to exclude the weekend and holidays. Can you guide me on how i can do that. Thanks Regards, Den
  12. A

    Resource Planning

    Hi, I've got a resource plan spreadsheet and its functioning fine, but i was wondering if anyone can suggest how i can get it to exclude weekends and holidays. my forumula is: =SUMIFS(Table1[[Hours/Day]:[Hours/Day]],Table1[[Resource Name]:[Resource Name]],Report!$B17,Table1[[Start Date]:[Start...
  13. muhammad susanto

    Average With Exclude Text,Blank Cell, Zero Number

    hi all.. how to make average formula exclude 3 criteria text, blank cell, zero (0) =IF(COUNT(H8:T8);AVERAGE(H8:T8);"") but still not fully working thanks in advance.. .sst
  14. J

    Average last 5 non-blank cells

    <tbody> 1 1 0 1 1 0 </tbody> Hello there, My goal is to get the 60.00% but what formula would I use to exclude blanks and only consider the bottom 5 values? Thanks!
  15. E

    VBA to Copy Range from Muliple Worksheets in one master

    Hi All, I am hoping someone can help. I have a spread sheet with 30+ tabs and I want to copy certain named tabs for the same range on each selected tab into 1 master sheet. The below works if I have only 1 to exclude but I have multiple to exclude . how do I amend to either include 20+ sheets...
  16. P

    IF "x" is within all columns

    I'm looking for a formula to put in 100 rows to tell me if "exclude" is populated in any of the 250 columns. If yes, then "exclude included" If no, then "Exclude not included" Any ideas?
  17. A

    Dynamic Named Range exclude last row

    Hi all, I have a data set as follows: Data Headers A1: U1 Data: A2:U395 The number of rows in the data changes every month, and so I have a dynamic named range I want to use (formula below) which exclude the last non-blank cell in the column. The problem is I need to apply it to the whole...
  18. L

    adding text to two different cells and highlighting row

    Hello, Can someone please help me with this? I am using a Dim statement in VBA but would like to expand my text to the next column over. Here's what I have so far: Sub CommercialMarketPlace() ActiveSheet.Select Dim a As Long For a = 1 To Cells(Rows.Count, "S").End(xlUp).Row If Range("S" &...
  19. C

    Skipping Specific Row Within a Loop

    Good day all, I have a quick question: I am running a loop which copies certain cells from rows according to an IF statement from a different worksheet. My code runs from i = 9 to i = 61 but I need it to ignore row 21, as it meets the IF condition yet I still want it to be ignored, how would I...
  20. C

    Graph exclude blank months at end of year

    I have a graph of calls for each month. Jan to Dec Along the year, say in June, I'd have blanks for July to Dec. I'd like the graph to only show months with data, ie Jan to Jun. and not include empty space for the last 6 months. I've searched and found how to exclude blank dates between...

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