1. D

    Population of Multiple Templates from Workbook?

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone may be able to assist me with the following: 1. I have a table of data with filters applied from which I would like to fill (and print) templates in another worksheet as quickly as possible. In other words, each week I input some more rows into this table and then...
  2. C

    Bound vs. UnBound Forms

    So I created and administer an MS Access DB -- approximately 20 end users -- they each have an .accde FE on their desktops, while the back end sits on a network drive. The primary data entry form has approximately 70+ fields, with currently 50k plus records. There is a subform on this form as...
  3. W

    Protect worksheet without stopping a macro from running?

    I have a worksheet that I wish to enable protection on. Unfortunately, whenever the worksheet is in a protected state and I update any values in any unlocked cells which the macro automatically applies sorting to, the following error appears: Even if no cells have a "locked" attribute when I...
  4. H

    Excel opens blank book along with existing file

    I have created a custom template and saved it to the XLSTART folder. This works great for creating new workbooks with my custom styles. Now when ever I double click to open an existing file the file opens but excel also creates and opens a new workbook. Is there any way to to make excel open my...
  5. N

    VBA PasteAll Question

    I'm trying to adjust a macro that was using .Select & Pasting pictures, but was throwing a fair amount of Run-time '1004' errors when trying to execute with an RPA tool. I know it's not the cleanest/most efficient, but I'm currently more concerned with the inconsistent results I'm getting. Some...
  6. D

    Add commandbutton on any excel sheets

    Hi all, Does anybody know how to add a commandbutton on any existing excel sheet ? Imagine I have a commandbutton with that code Sub auto_open() F_Onglets.Show End Sub How to see this command button on any excel sheet, already existing and the new ones created ?
  7. J

    copy excel range to existing power point vba

    Dear all, I am looking code for copy excel range to paste in new slide on existing power point. requesting you to kindly help me on this.
  8. Skybluekid

    Adding another Column

    Hi All, I have an existing Query which gets its data from an Excel Table. I would to include a column from the excel Table, which is not in the existing query. Can this be done? Thanks in Advance
  9. D

    Storing historic data in excel

    Assume that my workbook has 2 sheets, "A" and "B". Data will be uploaded in "A" and all the calculations and result finding will be done in "B". So for 1 upload in "A", 1 row in "B" will be utilized. During the next upload, the user will delete the data from "A" first and then upload new data. I...
  10. M

    Adding Logic to an Existing Formula

    I would appreciate some assistance. I cannot get the desired results when I try to add to an existing, working, formula The formula below works perfectly, but, I would like to add another condition to it. =IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(O161,'G-Block CMO-FMO and IP Ranges...
  11. B

    Uploading new reports into a PowerQuery table

    I have a monthly report that I have to transform and load into an existing table (I remove columns, etc and the raw data is always the same). I have an existing PQ table that I've transformed into a table that I use for commissions. How do I import new reports into the existing PQ table so I...
  12. K

    VBA to return numeric value instead of text from the UserForm

    Can someone help me with a User form? I created a form for a Risk Register with 2 command buttons: "Enter new Risk" and "Update existing risk". Both work fine however, when updating existing risk, the value of the risk is not returned to the spreadsheet on as a numeric value and therefore is not...
  13. sparky2205

    Return full name from delimited string given partial name

    Hi folks, I have a macro that allows users to delete certain worksheets from protected workbooks. The user is not allowed delete any worksheet that exists in the template. However, there is a macro to allow the user to add a new sheet and rename it whatever they want. They are allowed to delete...
  14. G

    Existing Connections

    Hello, I am doing a little house keeping to tidy andhopefully speed up so spreadsheets, I clicked on Existing Connections and gothundreds of reportserver connections listed. if I click on any of them its says noconnection. As the spreadsheet doespull information from a report server, is this...
  15. Y

    Find next available product code dependent on category

    I have two columns Column A and Column B Column A has all existing product codes Column B has all existing and new product categories Old Product codes consists of two parts two letters and a 6-digit number the letters always remain the same ER the numbers were picked at random. So existing...
  16. S

    Display Graph if data available only

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet, on the first tab is a large amount ofaccounts showing existing and new sales. Each account has also has a separate tab within the samespreadsheet. Where data (existing sales and new sales) is available onthe first tab, I would like a graph to automatically...
  17. S

    Help with formula: Seperate Items into new tabs.

    Hello, I don't know whether what I am trying to do is possible? I have a summary tab in my spreadsheet that has a number of New and Existing Accounts. I need to have two further separate tabs: one that displays only the new accounts and relevant data associated to that account, and the same...
  18. N

    VBA - Error handling for when file "save as" is No or Cancel

    Hello, Although my code works I am trying, gradually, to make it more efficient, and I am at the stage where I want to do something if, during the File "save as" command, the user does not want to overwrite an existing file or presses cancel. My code for saving the workbook is: FPath =...
  19. B

    Change multiple IF Formula to VBA Select Case

    I have this formula that checks Dates in Column I: =IF($I2<=DATE(2018,10,7),"Base", IF(AND($I2>=DATE(2018,10,8),$I2<=DATE(2018,10,29), "Interest",IF(AND($I2>DATE(2018,10,29),$I2<=DATE(2018,12,17), "Advance", IF($I2>=DATE(2018,12,17), "Sustain", "ERROR!")))) I want to insert a "Select Case"...
  20. H

    Copy push sheet

    Hi, I have a bunch of workbooks, now I want a extra sheet copied in all my existing workbooks. Is that possible via VBA?:confused::confused: Appreciate the help..;)

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