external reference

  1. C

    External Reference Using Cell Values?

    The following will obviously work so as long as SourceWorkbook.xlsx has a sheet named Sheet1: =[SourceWorkbook.xlsx]Sheet1!$A$1 but what I want is this.. A1 = "SourceWorkbook.xlsx" A2 = "Sheet1" A3 = "$A$1" (as text) A4 = =[A1]A2!A3 This obviously does not work. Is there a way to achieve my...
  2. C

    Easiest way to update data in a shared Offline Excel Workbook

    Good day everyone! I share an Excel workbook through Dropbox. It's a character sheet for a roleplaying game. It allows users to pick from a plethora of options to create their character, those options then get calculated in a few other pages that the user can then export into PDF. They can...
  3. C

    Auto-update Excel Total workbook from multiple Excel files in multiple Microsoft Teamexter

    I am looking for an automated solution to update One excel workbook on a weekly basis from 31 Microsoft Teams weekly workbooks. Each team has four members, a captain and three members. Each week a new workbook is created with 5 worksheets. The first worksheet is for Team Points. It gets...
  4. D

    Formula for linked workbooks that toggles different worksheet names to reference versions of prices

    I have 2 workbooks; QuoteWorkbook which there will be thousands of copies, and a MasterWorkbook which will hold an inventory of prices for the QuoteWorkbook to reference. MasterWorkbook has multiple copies of PricingWorksheets for QuoteWorkbook to reference one of. The goal is to be able to...
  5. F

    External reference is losing the Hyperlink from original cell

    I have a reference worksheet with three sheets, in one sheet I have a column full of document names, the same column also contains the Hyperlink to the document in SharePoint as shown below (except in Excel it is in one column called Name). When I link the cell from the target worksheet I only...
  6. andrewb90

    External Reference to a workbook online?

    Hello all, I'm not sure if this is possible, but I have several workbooks that go out to different users and I would like to have one cell in each of those workbooks reference a cell in my workbook. Can I keep my copy of the workbook somewhere that all can connect? Any helpful hints or ideas...
  7. C

    Creating External Reference from 'Data Reference' Worksheet

    Hello, I am trying to create an external reference linked to a DataSheet in another workbook. Basically I have all my information and data in 2 worksheets based on a 'Data Reference' worksheet in the same workbook. This contains simply everything from named ranges used for Data Validation to...
  8. J

    External reference to .xls from an .xlsx-file?

    Hi! I'm looking to externally reference a spreadsheet-file (.xls, Excel 1997-2003), but I'm on Excel 2013. Is that possible? Thanks in advance!
  9. P

    Dynamic external file path

    I have an external reference of the kind ='C:\Users\filepath\[DS_B1234.xls]Sheet1'!$A$4 Now it happens that in a cell (say A2) in the destination workbook, B1234 exists. Is it possible to make the above link dynamic? ie of the kind ='C:\Users\filepath\[DS_$A$2.xls]Sheet1'!$A$4 ? (I know that...
  10. R

    Creating an external reference with a variable cell

    Hi all, First off, I haven't been using Excel regularly since college so I'm pretty rusty on formulas. I'm wondering if there's any way to put a variable for a cell address in an external reference formula. Basically, I'm creating an abridged report of customer data that takes a single...
  11. T

    Need advice on externally referencing a massive dataset (100gb)

    I'm in the finance industry, and I need some advice. I have 100gigs of raw historical option price data in .csv format. It's essentially 10 years worth of daily closing prices for every single option traded in North America. When I got the data, each .csv file contained a single day's...
  12. J

    External reference inside function INDIRECT

    I have a workbook with data in 84 separate sheets, all of which have the same format. The data sheets represent different projects. The data I am interested in, a type of expenditure, is in column D, rows 22 – 61 of the sheets. The corresponding row in column B contains an identifier which...
  13. D

    External references, variable or dynamic formula

    This works: ='https://Construction Weekly Reports/[P02-WS.xlsx]2.4.12'!D$4 I would like to replace 2.4.12 with a cell reference (T1, which would contain "2.4.12" ...) I know this does not work: ='https://Construction Weekly Reports/[P02-WS.xlsx]'T1!D$4 thank you for the help! if it...
  14. R

    Excel 2007 changes external link drive formula references if file is loaded from the network

    I have a large worksheet with approximately 30 or so worksheets that we use for estimating large HVAC projects. I have a couple of external files that I use to easily update varying labor rates and to customize the large worksheet to each user's range of local or network printers (standard...
  15. D

    Reference a Table in another Workbook?

    I have a large workbook with many Excel Tables defined. I now want to split the workbook in 2 and have some of the Tables in the second workbook, while still using them in the first workbook. I want to preserve the ability to use structured references, etc. However, I don't see any way to set...
  16. M

    Links within Excel (2003) workbook

    Lately, whenever I open a workbook I've been working with I get a message asking if I want to update the links to the other data sources. I do not want to simply turn off this mesage, but I would like ideas as to how to find the cell(s) that are supposedly tied to these other data sources...
  17. V

    Assembling external cell reference to display value from other workbooks

    Ok, now that I shocked you with an indiscriptive title but still have your attention, let me see if I can describe that better: In one cell I have a reference to an external workbook, e.g. B1: \\server\path\filename.xls. In another cell (eg. B3) I would like to use that info add the sheet name...
  18. H

    Use formula to create reference to external cell

    Hello! I need to create a formula that will change the reference in each cell. Details below... I have a few files named: a.xls b.xls c.xls etc... I also have a master table similar to this: A__________B_____C_____D <TABLE style="WIDTH: 164pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0...
  19. R

    Problem creating reference

    I am trying to modify a reference to an external file. Currently I have ='http://test.com//[MMD11122009.xls]Sheet1'!K7 which works just fine. The "11122009" part of the string refers to a date specifying a specific file. I would like to be able to adjust the date based on the data in another...

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