1. C

    Expanding Array Formula to Include an OR option

    hi, I have the following formula which works well for me when it captures criteria based on one cell value. =IF(ISERROR(INDEX(employee_names,SMALL(IF(day_1=$A$11,ROW(day_1)),ROW(1:1))-1,1))," ",INDEX(employee_names,SMALL(IF(day_1=$A$11,ROW(day_1)),ROW(1:1))-1,1)) I'm trying to expand it to...
  2. G

    Issue with csv file

    For work, need to save a csv file to be sent to customer. They upload into their system for invoicing. For some reason, the csv I'm sending, they say is in the wrong format and fails when uploading into their system. After looking at the data, when you open the file with notepad, the text...
  3. M

    Remove all Pivot table rows

    Hi all, Does anyone know how to unselect the fields in the rows selection in a pivot table. Ive removed all fields in the pivot table but I would like to keep whats in the value and columns? Thanks
  4. L

    Array manipulation

    Hello guys, I'm trying to take a range from each sheet and add it into array. The selected ranges will always be the same size so only the first dimension of the array needs to be redimmed You can use: arrayInQuestion = Range("M1:M30").Value To set an array to be equal to a range, but after...
  5. F

    E-mail code doesn't work

    I have tried for 3 days to get this to work. PLEASE HELP ME Sub SendEmailUsingYahoo() On Error GoTo Err Dim NewMail As Object Dim mailConfig As Object Dim fields As Variant Dim msConfigURL As String Set NewMail = CreateObject("CDO.Message") Set mailConfig =...
  6. A

    Create Pivot table calculation based on value fields

    I have two value fields in my pivot table. (1) Count of IP - showing the number of hosts out of compliance. (2) Max of Category Host Count - showing the total number of systems affected by a specific technology. I want to have a third field dividing field 1 by field 2 so I can show the...
  7. E

    How can I create a Word template and fill some of its fields from specific cells of an Excel sheet/workbook?

    How can I create a Word template and fill some of its fields from specific cells of an Excel sheet/workbook? Is that possible? Any guide how to do it? Thanks!
  8. O

    VBA Code for Pivot Table Sum Field Invalid Qualifier

    Thanks in advance for anyone's suggestions. I will give feedback on any suggested solutions. Why am I getting a "Compile error: Invalid Qualifier" on "xlDataField" within the line: 'Add item to the Data Field to either Count or Sum. In this Case Sum With...
  9. B

    VBA - Pivot Table Toggle Data field

    Hi all, I'm currently using this code to toggle pivot table row fields, there are buttons on my spreadsheet that I click to add/remove row fields in the pivot table. This works great, however I was wandering if it is possible to adapt the code to toggle pivot table data field "values" by...
  10. B

    how to repeat fields in a pivot table

    so in a pivot table i recently learned you can choose to repeat or not repeat a columns fields by right-click / field settings / layout & print and then checking or unchecking the Repeat Item Labels box. The last few times I've tried to though that box has been grayed out. Any guesses as to...
  11. B

    is there a way to keep a pivot table's fields visible?

    Every time I click outside of a pivot table the fields on the far right disappear. I'd like to keep them on all the time. Is there a way to do this? Google hasn't shown a solution.
  12. M

    Macro to transpose two columns and add an extra column to a number of fields

    Hi there, I have 67 fields in column A and B beginning in A2 and B2 - I would like to take the first value in A2 and place it in D1 and then the value in B2 and place it in E1. I would like to then add a column with "Diff" in F1. This column should be formatted to display a percentage value and...
  13. B

    Double click on pivot table not displaying all fields

    Strange (to me at least) behavior from double clicking on a cell with data in a pivot table. Hoping someone can give me some insight. We're running Excel 2013 Professional on Windows 10 Enterprise. I have a pivot table using the "data model" functionality (i.e. in order to make "Count...
  14. J

    Overwriting fields

    I have an input menu that allows users to input the serial number of a product and then check off what listed parts are either missing or pulled from said product. However, I want to be able to update certain serial number's fields without creating a whole new row for the same serial number...
  15. P

    Zero in pivot table summing ?

    Morning all, I have checked what I think are all the obvious things to check but when putting 2 fields into the values are I get by default is counting them, so when I amend to sum it stays as zero I have made sure all the numbers in the 2 fields are in fact numbers and not text I...
  16. R

    Drop Down Box Auto Populate Fields

    I setup a drop down box, how can I use the item selected to auto populate other fields? Contact Name Telephone Number Email Address Drop Down Box Auto Populate Auto Populate
  17. T

    Renaming fields in PowerQuery

    When I load an Excel sheet in PowerBI, I was attempting to rename the fields in PowerQuery by filtering out the fields and renaming the ones I want to by replacing the values However, I cannot retrieve the fields that I filtered out. What is the proper way to do this?
  18. M

    Should be a simple report, but I can't figure it out

    I'd like to create a "roster" report from my database, listing every active record. It would be used as a "sign-in sheet", so I'm looking to create a report (pulling 3 fields - Last Name, First Name, Status) that look like the following: Ames, Jonathan (A) _____________ Hayes, Darren...
  19. Z

    email completed multipage userform

    Hello, I have a 2 page multipage userform. I would like one user to fill out the fields on the first page, email the workbook containing the completed userform to a second user that will complete page 2 of the userform (I would like all the fields filled out by person 1 to remain populated so...
  20. dab1477

    neophyte needs query help - omit paramerter value request window

    Thanks in advance. I am an intermediate user of Access and have the following issue: How do I omit the parameter windows show for SUMofPLANNEDSCREENS SUMofActualScreens SUMofACTUALMnhrs as part of Query A, that pull the data from Query B? I have a query that pulls data from a Query B. Query...

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