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    help with existing vb code

    Need help modifying the code below to meet my requirements. Instead of having the InputBox prompt for Vendor No & Vendor Name and then saving to C:/. I would like to code to automatically use the file name I am converting into .CIF and store to a specified folder. Also, need the bottom part...
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    Extracting same cell range + file name from multiple books

    Hi all, I am writing to ask for help with a macro to help me perform 2 principal tasks across 60 files I have in a folder: Extract cells B6:B8 from each of the 60 files Extract the first part of the file name [the date] - each file is named "DD MM YY Report" (e.g. "01 06 2017 report") and I...
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    Excel 2010 file open default

    Just upgraded from Excel 2003 to Excel 10. When I try to open an existing file I keep getting a message that the file does not exist. This happens if I enter the file name without the .xls in the file name box. If I include the .xls after the file name in the file name box, the file...
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    Help with VBA code for "File Save As" and path

    I have an Excel 2003 workbook that, once the user is finished with, prompts the user to save the updated workbook. I used the Application.Dialogs(xlDialogSaveAs).Show command to prompt the user for the file name, however, I want the "default" save to folder to be the one in which the current...
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    Handling multiple files in macro

    Hi to all experts, I have a problem to be solved that is probably easy for an expert. I can make a simple macro – in most cases based on a recorded macro. For this is typical VBA programmers knowledge required. Description of my problem: I have a workbook (database) with the following contents...
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    Get file names from a folder

    I am trying to get all the file names out of a folder and paste them into cells A1 to A# , how can I do this?

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