1. S

    [VBA] Custom two-option user Popup

    Hi all, Hope you're having a good day. I want to create a popup for a user to choose between three options Select a file, Select a folder, Cancel I made a userform to handle this. If they choose to select the first option, I want to use Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker) to...
  2. M

    VBA code to open a file

    Hi, I m new to VBA coding - I am looking for some guidance to the following: I would like to use a workbook to search for a folder in explorer, open the desired workbook in that folder, then slect a range of data from the selected workbook and store it in a new work book. I need something that...
  3. W

    How to publish as web page with relative path

    Hello. I'm publishing some reports as .htm files, and I faced issue with relative/absolute path of output .htm files. Let's say, workbook is located in folder "Publish" at desktop. I want to publish .htm files in that same folder where workbook is located. Attached is layout of dialog for...
  4. F

    Open Folder - Cannot find folder

    Hi My code checks to see if a folder exists and creates one if it doesn't before going on to produced a dynamic number of PDF documents and save them in the folder. The Code works, but I decided to try and be clever and give the user the opportunity of opening the folder once all the PDFs had...
  5. S

    How to create a folder in an specific directory with the name on specific cell?

    Hello, I am trying to create a code that allows me to create a folder in an specific directory with folder name on textbox1 and if this folder is already created in that directory, it does not allow to create another with the same name. As I am very new to Excel VBA, can you please help me...
  6. K

    Is there a way to automatically duplicate a system subfolder structure in Excel?

    I've been asked to create a tracking template to track every step of the process for formal inquiries that go into a Outlook inbox. The plan right now is to create a system folder for all inquiries, and then in that folder create a subfolder for each day an inquiry comes in, and from who...
  7. B

    Copy and Paste then Auto save from 2 wbs into 1 wb

    Hi all How to copy and paste 2 wbs from 2 locations into one then run macro 1 then auto save the combine wb into the same folder with wb1 , same name as wb1 but add specific text1 and time stamp at the end & (.csv ) After that, the macro will automatically redo copy and paste 2 wbs above...
  8. F

    VBA code - Save file to folder within workbook path

    I have a code that creates a pdf and saves it in the folder where the workbook is saved. I have a sub folder PDF FILES. Is there a way to save to the PDF folder without using a full patch like c:\user\workbook\pdf files? Below is the code I have so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  9. D

    VBA for File save-as XLSM with user folder selection

    Hi, I have a large macro that asks the user to save the file vbYes/vbNo File name is coming from combo of cells in the file I want the user to select a folder on the network. It should ask to overwrite if file exist. It must save as XLSM. I've been trying to get ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs going...
  10. J

    Indirect alternative for external workbook

    Hi, I'm struggling with an alternative here. Cells A3:A50 has a list of workbook names in a specific location (this auto updates when a workbook is added or removed) which is where i want to pull my data from - from sheet 2 column B. Each workbook is of the same layout, which makes it a little...
  11. F

    Saving PDF to specific folder

    Hi I've built a code that searches through a list (rngWB) of excel workbooks and produces them as PDFs. The code works well, but insists on saving the individual PDFs to my Documents folder. I want them to be save to a folder in my documents, but that is further named by the contents of a...
  12. H

    Macro to print various PDF's from a folder

    Hi, I've searched the forums a bit and haven't found exactly what i'm looking for, so i'm wondering if anyone here can point me in the right direction. Background:Each quarter, members of my team need to print financial reports for different companies. Each company's files are located in a...
  13. Johnny Thunder

    IOS Cataline Update - Issue with VBA Saving Files in a Box Folder

    Hello, just curious if anyone else is having issues with VBA on a Mac that saves files in a box folder? I have a file that defines the file location and saves down copies of some sheets within that workbook to a folder titled "Output" in the same folder location. Currently the code looks like...
  14. J

    How many versions would you say is enough

    Hi, I was wondering if you would have any advice when it comes to save a new version of your workings. Lately, i have found myself saving a version after another making my folder looks very untidy. What would you advice to keep your versions nice and tidy? When do you decide a new version is...
  15. S

    VBA to copy sheets & rename to workbookname

    Hello Team, we have requirement, where in i have the excel files in the folder, where i need to move in to one workbook with sheets names as workbooks names in the folder.
  16. S

    Sum of the file in the folder

    Hello Team, i have all the files names(.xlsx) that is in the folder and currently i have to sum Column B from "sheet1" of each cell. NOTE: All the file will be closed, except the master with all the xlsx file names in the folder & in the same sheet i have the formula.
  17. M

    Saving with vba with current user spefic directory

    Hello, Still new to excel and needing a little help. I have a workbook that i need to have the user save weekly into their archive folder located within the same folder the workbook is held, however the file path changes depending on the user. I know i had it close as i can get it to save into...
  18. H

    VBA Code to copy all files from Folder 1 to Folder 2

    Hello Friends, I am using the below code to open folder 1 Sub OpenFolder()Dim str_folder As String str_folder = "C:\Users\i ' M\Desktop\Folder 1" Call Shell("explorer.exe " & str_folder, vbNormalFocus) Copy End Sub I want to open folder 1 > copy all files from this folder to folder 2...
  19. W

    Showing .pdf file in folder with my code

    Hi. I got this code (below), that users submitt some text and values, then it saves the file as a .pdf. This works perfect, but, at the line ***foldername = .SelectedItems(1)*** it opens filebox and lets users select a folder to save the pdf file at, but is there a way to show the existing...
  20. J

    Auto Creation of Folders in .pst File

    Hello All, So I feel like this should be relatively, easy but really have been struggling on the syntax. I currently have a functioning Excel macro to create a folder in my Outlook Inbox, but what I really need to do is create it in my .pst file folder structure since our Outlook storage is...

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