1. C

    How to VBA things for weekly email

    Hi all Learning VBA slowly on my own and I have managed to write a script for me to send multiple emails weekly, however there are 2 things I would like to do…. when referencing a cell in the email body which is a negative value, I would like that text to be red, and a positive value the text...
  2. B

    Add superscript to a char in a cell with a formula

    Hi, everybody. Probably there is an easy solution, or maybe there no solution as well, to this problem. The scenario is simple: I have a cell (well, many others with the same issue, but this doesn't matter) in a sheet with a formula that create a text in different ways dependoing on other cells...
  3. L

    Macro code to format a row with italics and strikethrough text if cell =0

    Hello, I am trying to write a macro but I'm getting stuck as I keep getting an error. What I want to happen is looking at my range A1:P1000, if P1 = 0, then format the whole row (A:P) with italics, strikethrough text, and grey background. And etc for P2, P3, etc would format THAT row. This is...
  4. Jyggalag

    Please help me create an IndexMatch-like formula

    Dear all, I am currently sitting with a rather large sheet of data. I have made a smaller, and more simple data sheet for simplicity's sake. Currently I have the following information: As you can see, the data for 2016 has already been filled out (through an old and more manual method)...
  5. P

    VBA Worksheet Combobox Font color setting

    I have the following code which programmatically adds a combobox to a worksheet. Set Cell = WSD.Range("J2") WSD.OLEObjects.Add(ClassType:="Forms.ComboBox.1", link:=False, _ DisplayAsIcon:=False, Left:=Cell.Left - 5, Top:=Cell.Top + 3, Width:=Cell.Width + 125...
  6. D

    Permantly change font size for "data-labels" in a pivot chart

    Hello everyone. This is my first post on the site, so I hope my question is in compliance with the rules; Otherwise I apologize. Anyhow, I'd like to know, if it's possible to permanently alter the font size of the data-labels within a pivot chart: I'm able to temporary alter the text size...
  7. DailyDrama

    Changing Font Color in drop down list

    Hi, i have a drop down list that i want to change the font color of based on the selection. Two out of three of my selections/Font color change work - but i cannot get "Amber" to work. I have "white" as the font colour - it works, but when i change the color to Amber or Orange - it doesnt...
  8. Z

    Font ? =+ not returning it in script

    I am pulling into cell A52 =+j12 from cell J12 thats arial font but in A52 i have the cell to script , but its now returning it in script.
  9. B

    Arial size 8 as default. Should I use macro or is there a better way?

    I like to have all my spreadsheets as Arial size 8, many spreadsheets I receive from colleagues and clients as different sizes and font and I just change manually by highlight all and edit. Should I just use a macro and shortcut key to change this or can anyone suggest a better way?
  10. J

    Programming the VBE with VBA

    Hi. I read through Chip Pearson's Programming the VBA Editor and his examples are working for me. What I want to do is programmatically control the font in the VBE code modules without using the Font Dialog because that dialog does not exist on the Mac. After checking the Object browser, it...
  11. J

    Change font color and style

    Hello, I came across this code which changes the Font color for individual names within a Range. How can i also include the functionality to change the font Name, Style Size and Boldness for each individually? Thanks for any help! Sub Change_FontColor() Set MyPlage = Range("NamesList")...
  12. G

    Formatting Half of the Cell data in formula

    Hi, I have a formula in Cell C1 "=Text(A1,"0.00") & $B$1" I have a number in A1 and a Text in B1 While displaying this in C1, I would like to have bigger font for the number and smaller font for the text in order to accommodate within the width of cell C1. How to achieve this task? Kindly...
  13. D

    change default font color

    ok, so i redesigned a template, but what i shoul;d have done is use a new workbook because every time i type something in the template, the font color is red. is there a way to change it so that it's black?? using excel 2010.
  14. S

    Vba code to just find red font color text in powerpoint

    Dear Team, I am using the mentioned vba code to find text in font color red in powerpoint . The below mentioned code i was using to find red color font text in ms word. Sub newred() Selection.Find.ClearFormatting Selection.Find.Font.Color = wdColorRed With Selection.Find...
  15. E

    Selecting Row based on a Cell Value

    Hi all, I have data that is always changing. I need a macro that searches through column AH for the word "Black". If the word "Black" is found then that row gets selected and the font gets changed to red. I have to code for the red font, I just cant figure out how to select the specific row...
  16. TheRogue

    Font Selection Based on Variable

    I have a Toggle Button, linked to C1, which returns a TRUE/FALSE. What I want to do is change the font formatting of a <Text Range>, based upon the result in C1 If C1=FALSE, then <Text Range> displays in the default font (Arial, 10), but If C1=TRUE, the <Text Range> displays in (Times Roman, 12)...
  17. N

    VBA - Footer font colour with long date format

    Hello Mr Excel gurus, As the title says, I'm trying to make a simple macro to apply to a button, so I can update the footer details of a Worksheet. I can accomplish all of these steps individually, however when I manipulate the "font colour" property, I can't seem to get things to work with...
  18. R

    Conditional formula

    I need a formula for conditional formatting that will color a font based on the condition that compares the value in H12 through S12 to the value in H13 through S13. If line 12 is of lesser value than 12, color the font red. thanks in advance
  19. S

    [VBA] manually-select ActiveX commandbuttons & change font size

    I need to manually select certain ActiveX commandbuttons on a worksheet, and then change its font size. Below is my attempted code but returns error. Sub Testing() Dim o As Variant For Each o In Selection o.Font.Size = 20 Next End Sub Thanks a lot!
  20. kelly mort

    Slightly tricky conditional formatting

    I have this code I want it to do a job for me but it's not finishing it properly. Dim eCell As Range For Each eCell In [E5:E18] eCell.Offset(eCell.Row-5, -1).Font.Color = eCell.Font.Color eCell.Offset(eCell.Row-5, -3).Font.Color = eCell.Font.Color Next eCell The aim is...

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