1. brendalpzm

    Gallery.Selected not working

    I am creating a booking system with the logic of slots availability But when I select the slot from the gallery it doesn't fill the form I already input Gallery.Selected also tried with LookUp('Data Source',ID=Gallery.Selected.ID) and it doesn't work either
  2. brendalpzm

    Fill a form with listbox and range infomation

    I will explain step by step so I can explain more clear I have this form The data is extracted from this range when I click in the list box value it shows the following form with the values filled but some values are not in the listbox, some of them are in the sheet range I'm using...
  3. B

    Show a form created with an addin in active window with 2 or more different sheets

    Hallo, everybody. This problem is due to a quite unusual situation, and I think there are little chances to replicate easily. Anyway, I hope someone could understand it, and suggest me a way to work in. I have a worksheet where I transfer information from an outer source using an addin that is...
  4. O

    Excel/VBA to conditionally send emails per schedule

    I am using Office 365 / Microsoft Forms to collect information from users within my organization (i.e. sign in is required to fill up the form). Let's say the goal is quality control, and a bunch of widgets are assigned to colleagues to test and rate. A specific widget (identified by...
  5. H

    Googlesheet - Data entry form - upload document to line of data and rename

    Hi there, I was wondering (and hoping) if it is possible to upload a document to a data entry form I have created. So the document is linked to that particular data or entry. Whilst uploading, I want it rename the document the ID number of that entry. So if I have an expenses form. Each row...
  6. J

    VBA solution for asset tracker

    I have created a VBA form that has Asset, User and two buttons for Check in and Check out. I have these set up to create a table when entries are made and you hit one of the two buttons using the following VBA code (unique code for each button to changed the row 3 value). Private Sub...
  7. brendalpzm

    Apply an excel formula but in a VBA instead

    I have this issue, I'm creating a form that must have a specific folio according to previous entries. I'm creating the form with ActiveX fields, I tried to link a textbox value from a cell where I have a simple excel formula that gives me the folio depending on the prveiously entered data...
  8. 2

    Splash Screen - make Excel form invisible, but content visible

    Thinking of credits Splash Screen, but want it clean looking -- without the header and the X close button. Removing those seems cumbersome and involve more than I'd like to get involved with. Perhaps a simpler solution is possible, namely to make Excel form invisible, but content visible?
  9. Chris_010101

    Force Save as PDF

    Hi All, I know this is not necessarily Excel-related, however, it is going to be VBA related. I have created a return-to-work form in word, which is sent to managers to complete return-to-work interviews for sick employees. The document is restricted and only form fields can be completed...
  10. A

    Excel form with drop down list

    I've done some research on combo boxes and list boxes and userforms and I feel a little out of my depth at this point as I cannot recreate this form as I need it and I'm sure it's a lot easier than I'm making it out to be. I am not opposed to creating the form in a new method and I would greatly...
  11. K

    VBA one form two separate databases

    Hello, I created an excel form that contains drop downs, and fill in sections. It has 4 clickable buttons "Save", "Modify", "Delete", and "Reset" I have two different sheets one called "Database 1", and the other called "Database 2". Currently when I click on save everything gets dumped into...
  12. J

    VBA change form control and print first page as .pdf

    How can i make a button or a macro who change the form control to print each city in its range and save the first page in red as .pdf with the name of the city selected by the form control? Can anyone hep? Thank you very much in advance
  13. A

    Input Form with Automated Row Movements

    Hi, I am trying to create a 3 sheet document where 'Sheet 1' is a table where columns A to G are filled in then you would click a submit button (or something along those lines) and this would create a new row on 'Sheet 2' 'Sheet 2' is where Columns I-P will be filled in with information and...
  14. P

    Run sub every 2 seconds in a loop on excel form

    Hello, I would like to know if there's a way to call a specific sub (like sub generate_list) that would constantly check if anything is happening on an excel form. For example, currently if I enter something in a textbox, the sub sub textbox_afterupdate () will call a sub generate_html like...
  15. Q

    VBA code or excel function to automate to-do list

    Hi I'm not sure if this is possible but I'll explain the situation and if anyone has tips/tricks or advice on how to move forward I would greatly appreciate it: At work we have an excel document where to take meeting minutes and all of this text data is kept in a table. In order to help keep...
  16. C


    Hello, This code below works, but if I add "both" it doesn't work .Cells(iRow, 3) = IIf(frmForm.optLarge.Value = True, "Large", "Small") This code works .Cells(iRow, 3) = IIf(frmForm.optLarge.Value = True, "Large", "Small", "Both") if I add "both" does not work. How can I make it...
  17. K

    Print Forms with data

    I am in an internship in a company, I was offered a job in VBA that I am not able to do, the project's goal is to take a print of all forms of the application and export them to PDF with the data that I was inserting throughout the process and insert those forms in a folder whose name would be...
  18. C

    Userform Scrollbar VBA Excel

    Hello, Every time I data is entered I would have to scroll all the way down to see the results in a userform. Is there a way that every time the value is saved to have the scrollbars go all the way down automatically? Like to show the last row.
  19. D

    Send/display email through Excel in Outlook

    Hello everybody, I am currently trying to create a macro in Excel that, once you click on it, displays a pre-written message (by me) and then allows the user to send off the email from their own account. Is this possible? Furthermore, I know that you can do something like: Set.subject /...
  20. M

    VBA to display record ID in Textbox within a Form

    Hello! Hoping this is a simple question. Is there a way to display the ID (primary key, just the default autonumber) of a Record entry on a form in a textbox? I am currently able to display the Record Number with the following code which works great but i'm looking for the Primary ID also...

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