1. K

    VBA one form two separate databases

    Hello, I created an excel form that contains drop downs, and fill in sections. It has 4 clickable buttons "Save", "Modify", "Delete", and "Reset" I have two different sheets one called "Database 1", and the other called "Database 2". Currently when I click on save everything gets dumped into...
  2. J

    VBA change form control and print first page as .pdf

    How can i make a button or a macro who change the form control to print each city in its range and save the first page in red as .pdf with the name of the city selected by the form control? Can anyone hep? Thank you very much in advance
  3. A

    Input Form with Automated Row Movements

    Hi, I am trying to create a 3 sheet document where 'Sheet 1' is a table where columns A to G are filled in then you would click a submit button (or something along those lines) and this would create a new row on 'Sheet 2' 'Sheet 2' is where Columns I-P will be filled in with information and...
  4. P

    Run sub every 2 seconds in a loop on excel form

    Hello, I would like to know if there's a way to call a specific sub (like sub generate_list) that would constantly check if anything is happening on an excel form. For example, currently if I enter something in a textbox, the sub sub textbox_afterupdate () will call a sub generate_html like...
  5. Q

    VBA code or excel function to automate to-do list

    Hi I'm not sure if this is possible but I'll explain the situation and if anyone has tips/tricks or advice on how to move forward I would greatly appreciate it: At work we have an excel document where to take meeting minutes and all of this text data is kept in a table. In order to help keep...
  6. C


    Hello, This code below works, but if I add "both" it doesn't work .Cells(iRow, 3) = IIf(frmForm.optLarge.Value = True, "Large", "Small") This code works .Cells(iRow, 3) = IIf(frmForm.optLarge.Value = True, "Large", "Small", "Both") if I add "both" does not work. How can I make it...
  7. K

    Print Forms with data

    I am in an internship in a company, I was offered a job in VBA that I am not able to do, the project's goal is to take a print of all forms of the application and export them to PDF with the data that I was inserting throughout the process and insert those forms in a folder whose name would be...
  8. C

    Userform Scrollbar VBA Excel

    Hello, Every time I data is entered I would have to scroll all the way down to see the results in a userform. Is there a way that every time the value is saved to have the scrollbars go all the way down automatically? Like to show the last row.
  9. D

    Send/display email through Excel in Outlook

    Hello everybody, I am currently trying to create a macro in Excel that, once you click on it, displays a pre-written message (by me) and then allows the user to send off the email from their own account. Is this possible? Furthermore, I know that you can do something like: Set.subject /...
  10. M

    VBA to display record ID in Textbox within a Form

    Hello! Hoping this is a simple question. Is there a way to display the ID (primary key, just the default autonumber) of a Record entry on a form in a textbox? I am currently able to display the Record Number with the following code which works great but i'm looking for the Primary ID also...
  11. W

    ClearContent not working

    I have the following code. It doesn't work. Says, "1004 Error", when implemented. Don't know what have done wrong. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Unload Me ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Set Exams-Answers").Range("F21, H23:H26, F31, H33:H36, F41, H43:H46, F51, H53:H56, F61, H63:H66, F71, H73:H76...
  12. H

    Excel VBA Display text box vs. Input text box values fail to transfer with display text box method, Compile error: Method or data member not found

    Hi, I have 2 scenarios where: 1. I have an integrated VBA form where values are input manually in a textbox and I get results outputted successfully. I was able to find an i.e. =embed((m1r1) command in the textbox but can't seem to access it again. The first sheet has code like this...
  13. T

    Hide the formular and auto-caculation if match conditions

    Hi All, I got a form and supprise, just in case how to do automatic caculation after you input some cells, pls find my excel file for more supprise and help to guide me. Thank you very much and best regards, Pls check file sample:
  14. A

    Copy Paste User Selection from Form to Excel.

    Hello guys, I have a form where it will display the random questions from "Questions" Sheet to the User. User will Select the Answer in the Form. I Need to Save all those Random Questions (as of now its 10) and Answer which User attend, Save it in "Answer" Sheet. Can you please Help on this...
  15. bobsan42

    WithEvents Form AccessObject ... conundrum

    Hello all. My goal at the moment is: To open Form1 as background, make it translucent, then use the openArgs to pass a name to open Form2 on top of it. When Form2 is closed Form1 to close automatically. I achieved it easily with DoCmd.OpenForm but then I have to set WindowMode:=acDialog, which...
  16. L

    Excel standart form

    When making a new row using the standart excel form tool it takes the row to the bottom, but is it possible to make it add the row in between 2 rows?
  17. R

    Database form that can capture file address and save to cell in hyperlink format

    Hi, I have a database form that captures information off a physical form using a simple vba program. The physical form, once signed off, needs to be scanned and saved to a network folder. When the clerk is capturing the form in VBA, I would like them to be able to add a link to the copy of the...
  18. W

    data search vba

    I have a large Q&A spreadsheet with rows that include question, answer, category, sub category, and date updated. I am looking for someone to create a form in which I can search with the option of filtering by category. I am thinking a place to insert the phrase or question (and be able to...
  19. M

    Excel Table - Form Wizard (Custom DataForm)

    Hi, I have a table, many headers and records. This is in Excel and unfortuneately needs to remain in Excel rather than move to a database. I'm looking to create a userform to display the record data and allow the data to be amended / written back to the sheet. I can do this with the 'DataForm'...
  20. H

    VBA - User Form show at start of macro & hide at the end

    Hi, I have a user form(UserForm1) which I want to show at the start of the maro & hide at the end i.e. when the macro/code is completed. The purpose for this is that some codes do take few seconds to complete so I would want a user form (stating some text like the macro is ruuning - pls wait...
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