1. C

    Bound vs. UnBound Forms

    So I created and administer an MS Access DB -- approximately 20 end users -- they each have an .accde FE on their desktops, while the back end sits on a network drive. The primary data entry form has approximately 70+ fields, with currently 50k plus records. There is a subform on this form as...
  2. A

    vba form

    Hello I need a vba form with two fields, one of which is a drop down list of names and the other is a decimal value to store names in the cell and a decimal in the comment. Then I want to formulate and calculate on the decimals inside the comments. Can anyone help me?
  3. gheyman

    Change a Criteria in a Query with VBA?

    Can you change the Criteria in a Query using VBA? I have a query [qry_OnTimeDelivery_MetricData]. In that Query I have a Field [MONTH0_Active]. What I want to do is from a form, if the User Clicks a Button, the Criteria for MONTH0_Active changes to Like "1" Right now I have an unbound...
  4. J

    User Form or Formula?

    I have a list of 200 names in column A and a corresponding list of rates in column B. What I need to do is be able to enter one rate and have that rate be entered next to each of the 200 names. So if I enter $1.00, $1.00 appears next to each person's name. Would I use a user form or formula...
  5. B

    User Form Label format (date)

    Hi all. Long time watcher first time poster. Have searched he’d for a few days and am stuck on the below I have a user form that populates Labels with a date from a cell in a worksheet the date in the worksheet is in standard format. dd/mm/yy and is imported to the user form with no issue...
  6. S

    Show (2) Form Tabs Open when Access is Opened

    I have the access settings to show one form through options when Access is opened, but is there a way to show (2) form tabs when access is opened?
  7. TAPS_MikeDion

    Need to pass one variable to another form, but it's not passing the value.

    Hi everybody, Even after looking over examples found on the forum I still can't seem to get this super simple thing to work. I'm obviously missing something small. I have a main userform that has a "GET CLIENT INFO" button which opens a small userform displaying the client information, but I...
  8. gheyman

    Refresh DSUM Values

    I have several DSUM fields on a form. The fields are looking for values from a Query: =DSum("MONTH0_Active","qry_OnTimeDelivery_MetricData") But unless I have the query open at the same time as I have the Form open, I don't get values. How can I get this to calculate without having to open...
  9. P

    If userform is already open then MSG box to open saying Userform in Use

    Hi I am trying to put a code together into a command button which opens the userform1, but if someone else has the userform open already I want a msgbox pop up to say that ‘userform is in use’, I have put the following code togetherbut getting no joy. Hope you can help? Private Sub...
  10. M

    use excel while user form open

    I ma trying to set my project so that when my userform is open, I can still select and edit cells. I have tried setting the model to false and using vbmodeless but when I do that the form just blinks and goes away. Any ideas?
  11. S

    Bound Column Change Not Working

    I am using Bound Column 1 - which works fine, but if I want the Combo Box to use Column 3 to filter the form, it doesn't do anything?
  12. willow1985

    Formula to determine next sequence of number starting with 3 letters and in random order

    Hello, I have a list of form numbers that are in random order (see below example). Is there an excel formula that could check the entire column, only look at numbers starting with IAF and determine what the next form number would be? IAF 1234 IAF 1201 IAF 1300 IAF 1001 So it would return: IAF...
  13. D

    Prompt for number of copies to print out

    I read several threads here and they seemed really close to what I need but not quite close enough. I have the following existing code that prompts the user to answer Yes or No when asked if they need to print the NMR form. I would like to add code if they say Yes, it asks how many copies are...
  14. gheyman

    Access: Date in an unbound field on a form

    I want to add a field on my form that will act as a "Title". Actually I have 6 fields. In the first one, if todays date is in the month of September I want it to say "September" in the field. I would even be OK with the Month and Year (But not the day). In the next box if today is 9/17/2019...
  15. S

    Access Database Form Wont' Allow me to Update Records

    I'm ultimately trying to setup an access database form, that has current data in it from an imported excel file that can allow updates. I have the form built but when I try to type in the fields it says "This Record set is not updateable". I do keep trying to setup the primary key but it won't...
  16. S

    Setup Combo Box (with 3 fields) - Assistance with why it won't sort my Form Items Correctly

    I have a Combo Box with (3) Fields: SELECT [GP Schedule].[EVM/VM], [GP Schedule].BEID, [GP Schedule].BusinessEntityName FROM [GP Schedule] WHERE ((([GP Schedule].[EVM/VM]) Is Not Null)) ORDER BY [GP Schedule].[EVM/VM]; I have it setup and bound to Column 2 - which is the BEID. When I select...
  17. A

    Error 91: Object variable or With block variable not set

    I keep getting the aforementioned error. I have a module (modGlobals) which I use for all public variables... Below seems to be the offending Sub which is in a module. This code is used to populate a list box from entries on a spreadsheet. Sub GetList() If Right(frmMain.Caption, 3) = "V&V"...
  18. gheyman

    Access: If I have a query can I sum the value of one of its fields on a Form?

    I have a Query "qry_OnTimeDelivery_MetricData" in the query I have a column named Month01_Active. That field has either a 1, 0 or nothing in it for each record. Can I create a Form and have a field on it that sums that column (Month01_Active)? Thanks
  19. G

    Name Manager

    Hi, I have a form on a tab in the spreadsheet that links to data on the first tab via VBA coding. I have updated the names of each column in the name manager part of formulas but 2 sections of the form aren't pulling the data through from the sheet like the rest of the form instead of populating...
  20. M

    Ignore right mouse click on form control

    Hi gurus in the sky I use form control buttons to make life easy for my users. I want to disable a right click totally. I have discovered how to disable the "cut, copy, paste etc" menu by pasting into ThisWorkbook Private Sub Workbook_SheetBeforeRightClick(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target...

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