1. C

    Changing Values of Text Box on Main Form from Sub Form

    I want to change the value of a combo box on a main form based on the update of a combo box on a subform. I have the following: Private Sub cmbSubCombo_AfterUpdate() If Me.SubCombo.Value = 1 Then Me.Parent!cmbMainCombo.Value = 1 Me.Parent!cmbMainCombo.Locked = True If...
  2. gheyman

    Access: Autopopulate a field on one from using another Form.

    Default Access: This is Repost with different title - since my original did not meet posting requirements (in error). Sorry started writing the issue and forgot to get back to the title to complete it. Forum Use Guidelines, especially Item 4...
  3. J

    VB Help

    Hi all, I have created 2 tabs Data and Form, Data Entry Form. With Name, Date, Item No, Outcome (dropdown) and Comment. Along with Save and Reset Buttons. Could someone please help with VB for me. Thanks JJSB
  4. K

    A litle guidance

    I want to do a two criteria match and then return multiple values form a third column =IFERROR(INDEX(Quest_Data!$A$2:$A$1000,SMALL(IF(COUNTIF($B$5,Quest_Data!$B$2:$B$1000),ROW(Quest_Data!$A$2:$A$1000)-ROW(Quest_Data!A$2)+1),ROWS(A$5:A7))),"")...
  5. C

    Extract Word Form Field Data to Excel

    Hello all, Google makes it sound like this can be done but I can't understand the guidance. Hoping you can help. We have a new word document with about 16 form fields (a mix of legacy form fields and content controls). I'd like to be able to automatically compile the data from the 16 form...
  6. E

    VBA code to print whole of UserForm

    Dear Experts, I am not able to print the whole of user form. My User form seem to be quite big and when I print using the following code...the user form which appears in the screen gets printed and remaining ones are not missed. Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() Me.PrintForm End Sub Can...
  7. H

    Command Button

    Good day. I have 4 forms on one worksheet. I need to place a command button with each form. On click the relevant form needs to be saved as pdf on desktop. Please advice Regards and thank you in advance
  8. M

    VBA Help - Want to close one excel file but not the other without prompt to save

    My User Form opens another excel file. I want to close this newly opened file when I want, but not have excel ask me to close my User Form interface. I have the below code in my ThisWorkbook VBA script window, but it still does not allow me to keep my User Form open after trying to close the...
  9. ChuckDrago

    Exporting a worksheet range as pdf

    Hi everyone, Got a tough one today (well, for me at least). A workbook application collects data from the company server and populates a worksheet form (not UDF, just the sheet designed as a form). I need to grab the created datasheet form, copy it as a graphic to a Word document to finally...
  10. A

    Access 2013 Copy & Paste from one form to another

    Hello, I'm looking to copy particular information from one form and paste it into another form in access 2013. Does anyone know of an easy way to accomplish this? I'm a novice when it comes to access, I just use the basic functions. Thank you in advance.
  11. P

    Macro buttons

    Good afternoon, I have multiple macro buttons on one Excel sheet, which i would like to hide in a 'form' of sorts which is opened with one command button. when i activate the command button, a 'form' with all the macro's are displayed. Will really appreciate your assistance.
  12. K

    VBA script for capturing all names of objects on a userform for the purpose having the capability to rename them

    WHAT I AM WANTING TO DO: I have a userform that I use for entry purposes. I have a second form that I use for editing the previous entries. The second form (editing form) largely mirrors the entry form, save for a few additional fields that are not present on the entry form. I recently...
  13. E

    vba code for multiple return values

    Hello i am new to VBA i am creating a user form to enter cash vouchers. The Problem i am facing is in searching back the results regarding 1 criteria . i uploaded the picture that can help u better understand my problem. I post several transactions with having one invoice number and i want the...
  14. gheyman

    Access Form Event

    I have a button on a form. When I click that button I want it to change the value of a field (Combobox) on that form. The field on the form is named _NO_BID_RANGE_01 I tried with no success: Sub Command1000_Click() [_NO_BID_RANGE_01] = "NB" End Sub here is the source selection for that...
  15. N

    Extracting rows to new tabs by column VBA

    Hi everyone, I'm an educator who is having trouble with some code to write for a task I need to do. I have a spreadsheet with column headings and a first row of data as such: A B C D E F G H I...
  16. D

    Form disabled worksheet

    Morning all, I have an file I open(file defaultsd to cell C2 which Must be filled in.) with a click box in a form. when the workbook opens I can't edit the fields. the cursor is a thin lined cross , when i click it turns to a plus sign then back. when I try to close I get my message to fill in...
  17. L

    UserForm name does not change

    Hi I inserted UserForm and some other Form Controls such as textboxes/labels etc. I changed the name of each control for example TextBox1 to Mybox, Label1 to Mylabel etc. I also changed the name of the UserForm from UserForm1 to MyUserForm. Now, when I go to coding window, I see on the left...
  18. gheyman

    ACCESS: I dont see my fields on my form

    I created a Split form. Used the wizard. It put my fields in the detail section - which I can see all of them and edit them when in Design view. But when I go to Form view there I don't see my fields. I see them in the datasheet section on the bottom and I see the buttons I put in the form...
  19. R

    Automated Order Form From Selections on an Item List

    Hi There, I have a few sheets of items. I want a person to be able to put x's in the cell to the left of any one of those items on any one of those sheets, and have the selected items appear one after the other on a final sheet, i.e. an order form. Any idea how I might be able to...
  20. S

    Adding WindowsMediaPlayer to a form...At runtime.

    Just like the Title says.. I am trying to figure out how to add a WindowsMediaPlayer control to a form via code. I am not able to find the correct syntax for it. Apparently, it is not done the same way as adding MSForms controls such as labels, texboxes, commandbuttons, etc.. Has anyone seen...

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