formatting a column

  1. N


    Hey I just wanted to know if its possible to copy ROW Colors from sheet 2 into sheet 1 by a condition. The condition Would be the value coloumn A on each row is the same on as on sheet 1. For example Sheet 2 Table Johannes (This row has the color red) A Peter (This row has the color...
  2. TheMacroNoob

    Repeating Rows based on Property IDs and GL Codes

    Hello all, This is a difficult question for me to phrase, but I can provide background: I have 200 properties. I have a Statement of Cash Flows with each property listed with hundreds of GL Codes and amounts. I want to summarize the data in a new table by taking whatever GL Codes I want from...
  3. E

    Formatting to last row

    I want to highlight cell b37 and until the last row (which might change) in order to format that range of data this is what i have so far, whereby i have declared at the very start of the code the following: Dim Lastrow as Long originally i had it as range("B37:B150").Select, but i had to...
  4. W

    VBA code to set text color in an entire column & draw border (not a border grid)

    I'm trying to achieve two things using VBA code: set all text entered in column C to red draw a thick-lined border around cells A1:B2 without any internal grid lines Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. S

    Data Validation to VBA

    Hi All! I need to translate the following data validation rules to VBA: Rule 1: Cell does not contain: no blanks format - as white -- stop as true Rule 2: =OR($J3="Pending - Please Elaborate in Notes") as red Both of these formatting rules apply to $K2 through $K1048576 I am...
  6. mikecox39

    Chage column format without changing the data already there

    I formatted a column for date and time, and want to change it to date only. But when I select the colomn all the dates I have already entered change to the date in the format example. So I tired selecting a single cell to re-entering the date, on at a time, but they all changed even when I...
  7. C

    cell won't change to correct date format

    I have a column that I change to a short date format, but the contents of the cell do not change. Here are the steps I do: 1. I download some data from a web site, then I open it up in Excel 2016, it gives me some notification about opening files from the Internet. I save the files as xlsx...
  8. H

    Dynamic conditional formatting based on cell values?

    Hi all, I think this is a conditional formatting issue, but I am unsure. To add some complexity, I have to insert a new column each week to provide historical context, so the formula cannot just reference column C vs. column D - the formula has to move with the insertion of new columns. The...
  9. D

    Excel/Google Sheets Solver Difficulty

    I am trying to figure out which elements of a set of numbers (amounts) total to a target value. I am creating a google sheet to keep track of what my roommates pay me, where I receive both full and partial payments of bills from my roommates but documentation indicating what bills are being...
  10. D

    Having Troubles Formatting Cells to Delete After 365 Days

    I've a column D (which I plan to hide later) either filled with a date or left blank. Then I want to have column E either display the date from Column D if the date is within one year or display nothing if the date is over one year old. The format I have right now in D2 is...
  11. A

    Locking & Protecting columns in multiple sheets within workbook

    I have a workbook that has many sheets but one sheet called "JE" acts as the main sheet and has a "form" from row 7 to 446 where users populate values in that form. In columns E & G I have formulas in those rows that I want to lock and protect so the user can't edit them. When I lock & hide the...
  12. L

    Excel misreading dates

    Hi, I have some data that was imported from HOBO into a .csv file in Excel. It includes a date and time column, but about half of the dates are being read incorrectly in Excel. It is treating the month as year and day as month. For example: 2015-08-01 is being changed in Excel to 2008-01-15. I...
  13. C

    Matching Data Lists

    Hi, I have two lists of data over two excel sheets within a workbook. ('sheet 1' & 'Matured') What I would like to do is input some form of formatting that will highlight any cell on 'sheet one' that contains a value that is on the 'Matured' sheet. 'Sheet 1's data is in cells U2 to U2474...
  14. B

    Please help asap!!!

    I am creating a database of possible protein sequences for a research project that I am working on. I need a way to do this type of formatting for my sequences and cant figure out a way to be able to delete one letter from the right hand side with each new cell...
  15. T

    Macro to format my values in Comma Style

    I am wanting to format 3 columns of data in the comma style like I would if I used the Alt+H+K shortcut would format. Instead I cannot find any method that works. I have used "#,###.##" & "Comma" and still the values do not look at all like they would if I used the comma icon on the Home...
  16. J

    How to automate formatting of a raw data dump into a spreadsheet

    I posted a question trying to get some formulas for dates working. Problem solved, however, I'm trying to build a template that everyone on my staff can use. It doesn't work for me to expect the users of the template to do any post-export formatting on the template I am creating. So, how do I...
  17. Z

    Printing - Specifically Column Borders

    I can't seem to find this elsewhere on this site though I'm SURE someone's asked: I print the same spreadsheet several times with different filters and hidden columns - and to that end "Custom Views" helps a TON. However when I hide a column it (obviously) changes the border style separating...
  18. P

    Condition Formatting Question

    Hi folks, I'm new to the message board and had a question (of course). I'm looking to use Excel to validate an inventory. I have two columns of data, 'Asset Tags' and 'Serial'. I want to have Excel conditionally format a cell in a third column 'Validate' if it appears in 'Assets' or 'Serial'...
  19. R

    Removing Apostrophe from Cells

    I'm trying convert cells with currency formatting that have an apostrophe before every number. Here's an example of what the information in the cells look like: '$450.00 When I double-click a cell, the apostrophe goes away. But there are thousands of rows and I don't have the time or patience...
  20. N

    2 in 1: Conditional formatting and Data reorganization.

    From reading the form I have to admit I'm a little shy to ask these two questions and not feel a little... well, Dumb. First Question: I have a set of data with column headers from A through XX. The data in each row has information about specific events over a large time frame. This data can...

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