1. freelensia

    Excel: cannot change alignment of a cell under conditional formatting

    Hi, I have a structured table with a certain table style: All of the cells in them are also formatted as "Normal". However my "Normal" is slightly different. It has cell background as white (not no-color), and has alignment OFF. Furthermore, in column Good Listings I have some Conditional...
  2. F

    Best way to automate the reformatting of this?

    I don't know how to best deal with getting my example onto this post, so forgive the copy pasta. Below is an example of how my company's system exports reports in Excel (there is no CSV, or un-formatted option for export). So, the employee's name is sort of randomly inserted at the top of...
  3. T

    Cell format overrules conditional formatting

    I have formatted cells using conditional formatting based on a given value in my workbook being equal to either "EUR" or "USD". The custom format it should get when "EUR" is: "€"#.##0,00 (see screenshot 1). It shows the correct format (see below image), however when you would paste this cell...
  4. D

    Highlight cells with Conditional Formatting using large range of values

    Hello all, this is my first post. I’m having an issue with Conditional Formatting. I work in a warehouse, and I am having issues in a certain section of the warehouse with items being split across several different stock locations rather than being consolidated into 1 or 2 locations. There is...
  5. T

    Automatically copy cell formatting based on the formatting of another cell

    It's easy to copy the value of a cell. If you want to automatically copy the value from A2 to B7, then in B7 you type =A2. But can something like this be done with cell formatting? I use a spreadsheet to track our work, and we color each item based on who is handling it (every person is...
  6. E

    Formatting to last row

    I want to highlight cell b37 and until the last row (which might change) in order to format that range of data this is what i have so far, whereby i have declared at the very start of the code the following: Dim Lastrow as Long originally i had it as range("B37:B150").Select, but i had to...
  7. R

    Error on number formatting on VBA - Very Strange...

    1) I have an excel sheet with values (Numbers) that represent dollar amounts. 2) I have a Userform that has labels that update the values according to the amounts on the Excel Sheet... Everything was running smoothly until I opened the excel worksheet with a PC (I work on MAC Excel 2011) in...
  8. K

    Formatting help

    Hi, I have this problem with my excel in general: above sum should be 0. All decimals are exactly 2. Is there something i can correct in the formatting in my excel? Thank you in advance for your help.
  9. H

    XML table / conditional TEXTJOIN function

    Hi I have a system which exports XML files that I need to convert into Excel for reconciliation etc. The XML table function in Excel works but puts each bit of data on the next line - for example: Ref Surname Forename 1 Mouse Mickey 2 Duck...
  10. E

    Conditional formatting on date ranges

    Hi there, I am currently trying to create a dynamic calendar in excel. A disclaimer upfront: my username checks out. This is literally my second day working with excel formulas. I have done some VBA in Word before but that's it. So my idea is to mark certain cells in my calendar in color...
  11. W

    Sum conditional formatted cells

    Hi all, I am trying to sum all of the green cells (see picture @ Green cells are formatted using a conditional formatting formula rule. The purpose of the formating is to highlight every cells in columns U that I have room for in my budget (C8) starting from the top...
  12. S

    Formatting date question ....

    I have data in columns G & H which is 13/11/2019 (ie, 13th November 2019) I want this date to display as 2019/11/13 When I formal cells > custom and enter the format as yyyy/mm/dd, this looks good. I save (as csv) and reopen the file, but it reverts back to it's original formatting? How do I...
  13. P

    Format Painter Doesn't Work

    (Using both the latest Excel release (2019?) and libraries with legacy releases) I have some music track time lengths that are in the format 5:43 (h:mm), but another column displays 5:43:00 AM. So I used both the Format, Number, Custom, h:mm option on the cells that showed the AM designation...
  14. T

    Applying Conditional Formatting to only the first 10 strings in a cell

    I want to apply color to the first 10 characters in cell B63. It has a formula in the cell. I selected conditional formatting, then New Rule, then Use of formula to determine which cell to format then I entered this formula =LEN($B63)=10. It worked and applied the color to the first 10...
  15. T

    Conditional Formatting

    Is it possible to use conditional formatting to highlight a cell if it is the active cell and how would you do that? Thank you
  16. A

    VBA clear contents (number and date formats) but keep format

    Hello, I appreciate if somebody please help me with how it's better to clear contents but preserve formatting. I have a data with dates and numbers. When I use Sheet.Range ("A2").CurrentRegion.Delete this preserves formatting for numbers but does not preserve for dates. When I use Sheet.Range...
  17. L

    conditional formatting - bar based on value

    Hi I created a conditional formatting based on the value of the cell excel would insert bar as below. The bar can move from left to right or right to left. My question can I create similar bar but move from bottom to top? is that possible? Thank you very much
  18. K

    Conditional formatting each next step

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> Here the below is my example I need Formula is preferable or an alternative VBA for conditional formatting to highlight each next step pattern in the complete row as per "specific pattern shown in the cells C4, D4 & E4 which is changeable as...
  19. D

    Find duplicates across sheets

    I have searched Excel Questions and have not found an answer to my question. I have a spreadsheet with five sheets, I need to see if there are duplicates in column A on three of those sheets. (I am comparing sheet 1 with sheet 2 and sheet 1 with sheet 3.) By the way, column A is social...

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