1. T

    Nested dynamic range conditional formatting based on merged cells? I think??

    This one is giving me a headache. I've been learning a lot about excel lately through googling and such but I can't figure this one out myself. I feel like what I want is simple. I want conditional formatting, 3-color scale, with the midpoint based on the average value in the range. The...
  2. W

    Conditional formatting based on values in another table

    Hi everyone! I haven't posted any issues for a while, but this one really got me or I'm just getting older :) Basically I would like to format the cells based on the result of a lookup value from another table. I managed to apply the index match formula to return the value, that needs to be...
  3. M

    Conditional Formatting Referencing Color of Another Cell

    I am trying to create conditional fomatting that changes the background color of a cell based on a simple conditional formula, but I want the color to come from the background color of another cell. For example, assume I want to create conditional formatting that changes the background color of...
  4. A

    Highlight a cell based on specific text in a different cell

    So, I have a billing spreadsheet with a list of names in column E. I have pay columns that are based on years of experience. The names in Column E contain an * if they are first year and ** if they are 2nd year. What I want to do is change the background colors depending on * or **. I've...
  5. S

    Simple Loop for Formatting Headers

    Hi, Beyond new to VBA and macros. I'm trying to put together some simple code to loop through all sheets, excluding sheet 1, to format a varied range of cells in each sheet (if the cell has text, format it). I've been reading through all the forums and it seems like it should be simple. But...
  6. G

    Conditional Formatting with Multiple Conditions

    I am trying to do some conditional formatting based upon 2 conditions. I have a column (S) that contains a number. I have a column (G) that contains a Y or N. I would like to highlight any cells in column G where it contains a "Y" and where column S in the same row contains the number 1. I...
  7. E

    VBA: Issue with capturing cell formatting using Range.DisplayFormat.NumberFormat

    I'm experiencing an issue where the manual check of formatting for a particular cell does not match what the Range.DisplayFormat.NumberFormat returns (I've tried .NumberFormatLocal also). It appears it is replacing parenthesis characters () with a hyphen -. What I'm trying to do: A client has...
  8. N

    Dynamic YouTube Timecode URLs in Excel

    Hello, all. I enjoy indexing chapters for long YouTube videos, so that others can jump to the topics which interest them. For example, someone has created a series of videos with a brief overview of every Family Computer/N.E.S. game released in order of their original publish date. The 2...
  9. M

    Chart Formatting Shortcuts in Excel 2016

    In previous versions of Excel I was able to tab into the chart formatting menu that popped up and use the alt keys to jump to the functions with underlined letters. Now when the menu pops up along the side of excel I haven't figured out how to tab into it or use those same shortcuts. Is there...
  10. P

    Merge Empty Cells with a cell with a date

    I am trying to merge 5 columns together where only one column will have a date in (dd-mm-yyy) and the other 4 will be blank. The column that contains the date is random and changes as you go down the spreadsheet. Can anyone shine a light on a formula that KEEPS FORMATTING of the date when the...
  11. K

    Matching pivot table format for adjacent cells when filtering

    I currently have a pivot table of counts, and due to some additional calculations have added several adjacent columns with consistent formatting. My issue comes when I try to use the slicers, and the formatting of the adjacent (non-pivot) cells no longer matches the pivot table cells. Is there a...
  12. Emerlin

    Conditional formatting thinks formula blank "" is a value?

    Hi, I have a formula where I am checking if a cell is blank = if(a1="","",do math) I am then applying conditional formatting to cells above a number. Any of the cells that are true or "", get applied that conditional formatting even thought it is blank. Any ideas? I do not want "0" to show in...
  13. T

    Copying via formula

    Hi, I have worksheet1 where I have a list of items and this is where I add, delete or amend the item details, I use conditional formatting to highlight certain things. In worksheet2 I use a formula to get the data from each cell in worksheet1 (=worksheet1!A1 etc for each cell). Then in...
  14. JenniferMurphy

    How to insert multiple rows from one sheet into another

    Is there a way that I can insert a range of rows (18:35) from Sheet1 in between rows 17 & 18 in sheet2? Everything I have tried ends up replacing at least one row in the target sheet. I suppose I could insert the right number of rows and then overwrite them, but that's a double pain. I hope...
  15. D

    Utilize drop down to format other cells

    I'm brand new, and struggling. I want to create a drop down menu for a user building a calendar. For example, when the user selects "Weekend" from the drop down menu, the cells within the calendar day are all changed to gray. When they select "Week Day" then it allows the user to make inputs...
  16. S

    Conditional format based on various cells

    Could anyone please advise on conditional formatting? I'm trying to use a formula to have say cell a1 to change colour IF cell d1 has any input? I've been trying conditional formatting in cell a1 as - If(d1="",TRUE,FALSE) but no change happens with input to cell d1. Any help would be greatly...
  17. M

    protect conditional formatting

    I have a sheet that has a ton od conditional formatting. I need to let users add data in all areas, but want to lock all the conditional formatting and still be able t paste into the cells etc. Is there a way to do that?
  18. T

    I'd like to count cells with TRUE value in conditional formatting

    Using countif doesn't work because formula in CF (= i don't wanna enter conditional formatting always) is too long with many other functions and there are 4 cells. Is there any other way to get results of formulas in CF outside CF? Thank you.
  19. T

    I need a formula in contitional formatting

    I don't know how to say, so look at the image: Read the text on image. If skills are selected below with any character (for image i used "x" below "passing"), then cells in table below with the same text have yellow background. So i...
  20. L

    custom formatting

    Hi I want to write a custom formatting code to do the following: <tbody> user enter excel shows 1 1 200 200 1000 1 k 1245 1.245 k 55 55 </tbody> Is that possible? Thank you very much

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