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  1. B

    Which formula could perform this task ?

    Hi everyone!!:) Down below I have a list and the problem is this: I want to generate items from the list when a precise value like: 875 X 1150 or 1478 X 3620 is entered in a cell . Let say, someone has entered : 875 X 1150 or 1478 X 3620 in (column A) and I want in (column B) the rounded...
  2. B

    Formula that leaves cell blank until formula calculated

    What can I add to the following formula that will leave the cell blank until the formula is calculated - so this doesn't show as the result: #DIV/0! Simple formula: =(B17+C17)/E17 Formula is in cell H17 which I want to remain blank until the formula can be calculated, then the result of the...
  3. P

    Can I drag a set of 2 rows with formulas that reference the same row of another table

    Hi smarties I am trying to make a table that turns this: <tbody> John potato 1 Mary cranberry 5 David salsa 4 Stacy potato 6 Greg potato 2 Anna salsa 3 </tbody> Into this: <tbody> John Potato 1 Mary Cranberry 5 David Salsa 4 Stacy Potato 6...
  4. G

    Writing formula using Names from Name Manager

    Hello friends! Unfortunately I am not permitted to upload the sample spreadsheet so I'll describe it. I am practicing with a formula from a test table with Qtr1-Qtr4 on top and NE,SE,NW,SW on the left, Totals at the far right and bottom with sample numbers in the cells. I have saved the Names in...
  5. N

    Data Validation for 3 columns

    <tbody> TOM CANADA PANCAKE MACK ENGLAND HOTDOG HARDY USA BURGER TOM CHINA MOMOS MICK CANADA PIZZA </tbody> Hi, I have 3 columns , in column A I have around 220 line items which are unique words, in column B there are 433 line items which are unique. All the items in one...
  6. K

    Formula Assistance

    Here is what I'm looking for: Column A Column B Column C 120,000 50,000 X 100,000 25,000 110,000 25.000 X 330,000 100,000 Grand Total I would like a formula that searches Column C for an "X" and then...
  7. L

    Formula for validation data

    Hello , i need put in validation data a formula or vba a code for check the next : In sheet “Codes” put the code for example in column C “asdf” and in the column J put 2. In the second sheet “Pool” put the next below: <tbody> Codes Number Asdf 100 </tbody> I need check for the same...
  8. D

    Need help subtracting daily from a total inventory amount that is replenished every so often

    My workbook is broken into 3 separate sheets, #1 I am entering in a daily amount of different bundles and or products which each have their own cell. This string of data is essentially copied to sheet #2 and deleted from sheet #1 as sheet #1 's only responsibility is the daily input. Sheet 2...
  9. S

    Executing an increase on a basket based on turnover

    Hi, I need some help please, I work with a basket of products that fall under different groupings (a,b,c) I want to execute a price increase on my turnover and of x percent but I want to make group "A" increase by a certain percentage only and then be able to calculate the increase on the rest...
  10. A

    Formula to find all text before a given word

    Hi Everyone, I need help in excel. Please find below for example: <tbody> A B C D 1 Vikas Agarwal John Monty 2 Parul sharma Brown Peter Chris 3 4 </tbody> i want to take all words mentioned before John/Peter. so my B1 should be Vikas Agarwal and B2 should be Parul...
  11. S

    how to make duplicate value in other column

    hi all members in the link below i put smal exempl for the resultat which i'm looking for, the idea is how to extract duplucate value in other column. by the way the column F and G has a thousands of values!As8Mdv-a95REhU6iGQZ1-oyfh_Ti excel version 2007
  12. G

    Multiple IF questions

    Hello, I'm not sure how to ask the question to my problem, hopefully, my question makes sense: I am using Excel 2016. In Worksheet A, cell A1 = $1,000, cell A2 = $1,000, cell A3 = $1,000. In Worksheet B, cell A1 needs to equal if cell B1 = X then worksheetA1 and/or C1 = X then worksheetA2...
  13. S

    Creating a formula from the results of another formula

    D=July E=August F=September G=October H=November I=December I have this formula: =SUM(D9,G9,I9)/3 in cell R9 In cell T9 I need a formula which states: If R9=D9, July, , If R9=G9, October, , If R9=I9, December, , (the extra space and comma are there purposely so I do not have to use...
  14. L

    vba to reorder last,first name in same cell

    I have a spreadsheet that the names are formatted last,first (starting in cell A2) but I need the order changed. I know the excel formula but that requires me to enter it into an empty cell. Is it possible in VBA to have it switch the order (first last) in the same cell (A2) so it just changes...
  15. S

    Vlookup with 3 criteria matches

    Page 1 C372)Ag Non Real Estate C374)City. D375)#loan E375)Balance C375)Ag loan. C376)Ag line Page 2 A1)Ag Non Real Estate. B1)City. C1)Product. D1)Ag loan. E1)4. F1)$480 Ag Non Real Estate. City. Ag line. 3. $350 (same layout as first record) How do I bring back the count and dollars to page...
  16. mossdrive

    First day of each week in a quarter

    I am looking for some help on creating a formula that will return the first day of each week in a quarter based on the current year and eliminating holidays. Each returned value would be populated in the header of each column. Quarters are as follows: <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody>...
  17. Manolocs

    Copy data of the last entry

    Hi, I have to make some calculations using the last row of the inserted data. Need to be as formulas not macro neither VBA. Any help is more than welcome. In the next day will be more data that have to replace the ones in line 2. <tbody> total potatoes tomato apple this line should copy...
  18. I

    Formula not calculating automatically

    Hi, =SUMPRODUCT((Sheet1!$B:$B='Sheet2'!$A2)*(Sheet1!$I:$AL='Sheet2'!C$1)) The formula above is forcing me to select the cell then press enter on each individual cell to calculate it. I've checked the formula calculation is on Automatic and the cells are formatted to general. Can anyone advise...
  19. S

    Formula Array Help Needed

    Hi Folks, I have this formula that finds one column of matches but I need a second column to also be returned. I need help in fixing this formula to allow the second column of matched info to be listed in column D if possible. Thanks Formula: =IF(ISERROR(INDEX('Analysis...
  20. P

    create checkerboard with alternating patterns

    I'm creating a video game that uses an 8 by 8 grid. I need half of the 64 cells to be black and half white. I'm using conditional formatting to highlight the cells white or black. I've got a randomizer to randomly make the cells either black or white. But, I can't figure out a way so that - no...

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