formula bar

  1. C

    excel columns to repeat at left bug when writing in formula bar

    Hello everyone, I have a problem using the option "columns to repeat at left". I have a table that goes through multiple pages. I want to repeat columns A:D on all columns, as these are my "headers" for columns. I go to Page Layout, Page Setup, Rows To Repeat : $A:$D. This works fine, I can...
  2. gravanoc

    Formula bar cow vs. sheet cow dilemma

    I would like my cow symbol to look like it does in the formula bar, and not the way it looks on the sheet. Ex. 1: Cow in yellow highlight desirable, unhighlighted cow is trash. I do not know why the cow symbol is deceptive, but it is not the only one. Behold. Ex. 2: House with garden Now...
  3. W

    What language are Excel formulas written in?

    Hi there, What language are Excel formulas/functions written in? I refer to the formula bar, rather than the VBA. I guess this language must have some sort of a name. Thanks.
  4. B

    VBA Script to hide formula bar - MAC 2011

    Hi Everyone, I'm on Excel Mac 2011 & would like to hide the formula bar via a VBA script. The traditional "Application.DisplayFormulaBar = False" does not work in the Mac version for some odd ball reason. I can hide every other tool bar & ribbon, just not the formula bar. Anyone know of a work...
  5. C

    formula bar is disable in worksheet when a chart is selected

    could anyone tell me why? and how to enable it?
  6. M

    Protecting hidden formula bar

    How do I set a password to prevent other users from revealing the formula bar once I have the formula bar hidden? I will be masking text and do not want the user to be able to read this text via the formula bar.
  7. B

    Date format in cell does not match date format in formula bar

    Please help. I'm having trouble getting the date format in the formula bar to match the date format in the cells of my worksheet. I have my dates formatted in my cells as m/dd/yy however the formula bar shows m/dd/yyyy. I'm trying to get the formula bar to return only the 2 digit year format I...
  8. D

    Displaying ' before a letter

    Good morning, I'm looking for some help to try and solve a problem i'm encountering. I need to it display information like this: 'C' Channel However, it overrides and displays like this in the cell: C' Channel But, if you check the formula bar it shows: 'C' Channel Can anyone help on how to...
  9. C

    Circular Reference Warning - formula issue

    Hi! When I enter this formula, I get this error, "Circular Reference Warning...One or more formulas contain a circular reference and may not calculate correctly..." Here is my formula: =P3*(1+Q17/100) cell P3 = 66,255 cell Q17 = -100 Just to experiment, I changed cell Q17 to 50.0 just to...
  10. S

    RibbonX - GetEnabled & GetVisible callbacks always "False" when inside of the Formula bar or inside a cell

    Hi all, I am creating an Excel add-in in 2010. I'm using the GetVisible & GetEnabled callbacks for a few of my Groups and Button controls. Both functions work flawlessly.... Except when the cursor is in the formula bar or a user types a value into a cell. => In either of these cases, all my...
  11. W

    Prohibit paste in formula bar not just cells

    Excel 2007/Win 7: I need to prohibit users from doing paste operations, i.e. just allow direct data entry via keyboard. I have found code to disable cutcopymode and disable menus and key shortcuts. However, copying text from Word or other application still works and pasting into the formula bar...
  12. E

    How to use VBA function in formula Bar?

    Hello all, This is my first post here. I've searched the entire forum but couldn't find an answer for my situation. This is what I am trying to do; My sheet names are the dates of the month.. 07 Feb,08 Feb,09 Feb etc.. I want to sum up the values in a cell(for example L41) in every sheet from...
  13. Z

    Why doesnt this formula work?

    What is wrong with this formula...
  14. M

    Possible to use formula bar to check color of cells

    Hi, is it possible to use the formula bar to search for color of a cell instead of using the conditional formatting, or even. So basically I want it so if a cell is a particular color I will run a formula. I know its possible in VBA, but thats not what i'm after. Thanks in advance, Martin.
  15. G

    Double Click A Formula Jumps to Cells

    Hello Everyone,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> I have a strange thing going on. If I double click on a formula, I would expect the formula to be displayed in the formula box at the top and the cells being referenced to be in different...
  16. C

    Formula to only use cells with values

    I am trying to write a formula (in the formula bar) that will only acknowledge cells with values. I have values in some cells and text in others, and have a general formula to encompass all of it. I get a #Value when I have cells in my formula that contain text. How do I "skip over" these cells...
  17. L

    Excel 2007: Formula bar text flicker, can't access other open workbooks or close Excel.

    I am working on a fairly large application that refers to code in several addins. Userforms are used, but there are no shapes, charts, etc. on any worksheet. My problem is that 'randomly', but usually some time after using the main form (that can interact with cells on a worksheet) the test in...

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