formulas across workbooks

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    Number Formatting Excel 2016

    Greetings, Please could you let me know how I can change the following in the Properties of Excel without having to do each column manually. I always need to show as follows: R 0.00 and NOT R - Grateful for your assistance
  2. Z

    Complex problem involving payout calculation based on multiple inputs from several different inputs

    Hey guys, I have a major project that is giving me a run for my money. I need to build a report that will allow us to copy a report from another excel workbook into this one, then have it automatically put out the expected payout based on the breakout of codes used in a visit type and the...
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    Show Links to Current Active Sheet

    Hello, fellow excel nerds. I am trying to get a macro to work (again) that is designed to find all sheets in a workbook that have formulas that are linking to the current active sheet. I found this solution online and it actually worked when I first got it. I created an XLAM to have it on...
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    COUNTIFS Referencing another workbook

    I have 2 spreadsheets, one is a master file and the other is a calendar where I want to look up and count the number of rows that match 2 criteria. First criteria is a specific date and the second criteria is text beginning with "Email". Below is the formula I have so far. It works as long as...
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    Vacation Time Error VBA Code

    Hello Everyone, I currently have a worksheet that will populate days with the initials of the Staff that has been assigned a task that begins and ends in a certain time frame. I've used an IF function for this. I now have another task I must do. My boss wants there to be an Error Message...
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    In need of a formula wizard for calculations.....

    I really need some help with a formula for a cell to calculate a figure based on another cell. Below is an illustration of the formulas that are needed. I am trying to take a backdoor approach the cell formula due to I am unable to use the indirect process like with multiple sheets in excel on...
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    Calculating Formulas from multiple instances of Excel

    Is it possible to calculate formulas in a workbook from data in another workbook opened in a separate instance? Purpose: I have multiple workbooks which contain weekly data that is compiled in a separate workbook with a tab for each week. My boss wants to have the data books open on one...
  8. S

    Percentages saved open as decimals?

    On occasion, my percentages in my graphs(saved perfectly as percentages) will open as decimals for someone else? I have unlinked all sources attached and cannot figure out why this happens? Any input is appreciated.
  9. M

    Trying to retain data in one part of my worksheet which comes from formula in another part

    I have a worksheet setup to record household expenses and income (on a daily basis) and provide reporting at the same time. In part of the worksheet I record the daily expenses and income with totals at the bottom. I have very basic formula which adds up the daily amounts and gives a total for...
  10. A

    Auto Populate Columns, two worksheets

    Hi all, I am trying to do this: On Workbook 1, when Column AH has the value W, then on Workbook 2, on the next blank row, assign the next job number(Q1234...) and auto populate the remaining details from the Row which had the value W, in Workbook 1. Is this possible? I tried everything I...
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    Reference filename based on Cell contents

    Hello all, I have found a number of threads on this subject, but all point towards using '=indirect()' or a macro. The problem with the indirect function is that I cannot consistently have the referenced file open, hence a #REF error. I also do not want to use a macro due to the volatility of...
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    Convert formulas to values in a test box

    I am copying the value in a cell to another sheet's cell. I want to convert the formulas on the second cheet to reflect their value. I do this all the time within cells by using Past Special and Values however it doesn't give me that option within the Text Box Thanks
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    Automatically Updating Formulas

    I am trying to insert a string of formulas on a separate sheet from my data, ie standard deviation, median, mode, etc. I am trying to get the sheet of formulas (sheet 2) to update automatically given the data that is selected on sheet 1. Sheet 1 is filtered by categories allowing the user to...
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    Creating 'Advanced' averages

    I don't know exactly how to explain what I am trying to do, so please bear with me. I have a workbook with 365 pages (one page for each day of the year). On each page (day) I have columns that track the number of people present each hour in various areas of our business. I have been...
  15. M

    Vlookup with multiple sheets and multiple returns

    Hi there! So I am in a bit of a bind and need help figuring out the following: I have 23 Worksheets. All of the worksheets have the same headers in the same column locations All of the worksheets have different criteria (names, dates, blank fields, etc.) Worksheet 1 Col A - Building...
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    Help with Template Creation: Basic Question

    Hi Board - You've all been extremely helpful in the past so I have high hopes for this one. At work, I do a lot of spreadsheet analysis. Currently, we have a workbook that has a ton of formulas/arrays/etc. and when we need to create a new one we just resave and old one and over-write the...
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    Using Drop-Down Selections To Replace Worksheet Names in Formulas

    Using EXCEL 2007, Windows Vista (32). I want to be able to place a reference in a formula to a cell containing a drop- down list so that the name in the drop-down list will replace the name (on another worksheet tab) to enable me to call up the data in the cell in the formula. Say I have...
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    Help importing, updating, and automating excel sheets

    Hi everyone! I am having some trouble setting up a master excel sheet that can automatically pull data from a folder when it is opened. I currently work with an inefficient data management system in which I save a file as a text (which I can't change), I then re-save it as an excel sheet...
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    Vlookup with variables

    Here's the issue. Each day I create a spreadsheet we use for our build plan. While creating this build plan I VLookup back to the previous day's build plan spreadsheet to pull statuses. This forces me to run the Vlookup function each time I create the spreadsheet. I have a template...
  20. F

    Use "master formula" in multiple workbooks?

    I have multiple workbooks (.xls files) saved in a folder that each represent a seperate "recipe" or machine setup. Each workbook may contain several worksheets that are revisions of the given recipe. The format of the worksheets is as follows (roughly): Columns A-D: User inputs Columns E-G...

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