1. X

    Use Formula to Insert Fortnightly Payments in Table

    Hello, This is my first post and I'm hoping to get a bit of help with creating a formula that I can use on a finance table that I've created. I am attempting to forecast my personal finances and want to insert fortnightly payments into a column automatically. I've managed to do this for my...
  2. B

    Simple Formula, but i can't get it right?

    Good afternoon all, I have 4 dates across a table, I want to return the smallest date so have used the below, however if that cell is blank I want the cell displaying the date to be blank? This is what I've tried =SMALL(D2:K2,1,D2,"")
  3. S

    Help with Pivot Tables

    I have spreadsheet with the performance data of 50 search engine search terms across multiple ad campaigns in Google and Bing. For each of the data columns below, I would like to create a formula I would use to aggregate the data in a pivot table: 1) Impressions 2) Clicks 3) Click-Through Rate...
  4. J

    Removing duplicate values in multiple columns

    I'm wondering if theres a way that I can remove duplicates or apply conditional formatting to columns where the values in two columns are identical to those in another row. For example, I would want the formulat to be able to identify that A1 and B1 were identical to B1 and B2. However, it...
  5. G

    Macro Clear Button

    I have created a clear button on my sheet to reset certain cells to 0 etc. However in some of the cells formulas are also being deleted. Can someone tell me how to correct this problem, leave the formulas intact. Thanks all GT
  6. dispelthemyth

    Excel performance analysis - Software

    Do you know of any software that analyses an Excel workbooks performance (i.e. calculation speed) and determines the bottlenecks, i.e. DataTables, slow formulas etc? I have a file that takes 0.5s to recalculate but i need to recalculate ~10 times and rerun dozens of times so every...
  7. N

    VBA - Executing array formulas

    Hello, The code below was written to update formulas in F5:N and array formulas in H5:AA, and replace the formulas in F6:A6 and below with the output as values. I am using VBA code to avoid a slow workbook, forcing the formulas to run only after I have updated other data in the workbook. The...
  8. H

    macro to Update Formulas on all Sheets (F9)

    I have written code to update my formulas instead of manually updating using F9 It is not updating all sheets, only the current sheet Sub Refresh_Formula() Dim ws As Worksheet For Each ws In Worksheets ws.Calculate Next ws End Sub It would be appreciated if someone...
  9. H

    Replace all numbers with zero, except formulas

    I have a specified range selected. Range(ActiveCell.Offset(0, -9), ActiveCell.Offset(0, -3)).EntireColumn.Select Now, I have to replace all numbers with zero in the above range, except formulas. Can anyone help me?
  10. L

    SUM IF - Round up If - Round Down Else

    Hi all, I need help building out a formula here. If I have a column of data that I am performing a SUMIF on, I would like to incorporate a Rounding calculation to the SUMIF formula. If the sum of the data's decimal point is below .5, round down nearest whole number, if over .5 round up to...
  11. D

    Best way to create a searchable drop-down list with auto-complete functionality to cells in a column?

    Hi Folks, I have a time-sheet workbook with two worksheets (ws). In sheet 1 (the time-sheet ws), Column A is "Employee". Time-sheet worksheet. <tbody> Employee Start time Finish time Hours worked Joe Blogs Jane Doe </tbody> I wish to be able to start typing a different...
  12. H

    Complex INDEX MATCH - Now Add Max

    Hi All I have a couple of Index Match formulas that are working well for me but I've realised there may be more than one result to find and I only want the latest date. My formulas sometimes have two match criteria and two index location, but I'm not sure how to return the highest valued...
  13. S

    IF or Product

    Dear kind friends of mrexcel I have another problem that is keeping me stuck and I show you. In an a cell the results is the product: =PRODUCT(Q109,J$3) In the same cellar I want also the condition =IF(U109>0, 0, IF(V109>0.5,0, IF(W109>0,0))) So, I want to combinate this two different...
  14. A

    Excel formula IF statement with SUMIF statement HELP

    Hi there, I am trying to write a formula that is a IF statement with 2 different SUMIF criteria based on the true of false result but the false default is overriding the true. my formula that I am using but it does not wotk the way I want it too: =IF(A63=B63,SUMIF('Smarty...
  15. D

    What do the @ symbols do in formulas

    What do the @ symbols do in excel formulas? The names are table column headers =[@Rate]*([@MinHours]+[@AddHour]) What would happen if the @ symbols were not included?
  16. P

    Average days by type and year

    <tbody> Type Days Year 34 12 2017 34 24 2017 65 11 2017 66 44 2018 34 23 2018 66 13 2018 34 44 2019 65 8 2019 66 31 2019 </tbody> I want the average days by type, by year. So for example, in 2017, the average days for type 34 is 18. The average days for type 65 is 11. I...
  17. M

    What method is best to sum a column?

    I am dynamically populating a blank sheet with contents from another sheet. I want to sum certain columns. Here is what I am using. cr = Sheets("X").Cells(1, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column For c3 = 1 To cr If Left(Sheets("X").Cells(1, c3), 1) = "#" Then rall =...
  18. D

    Autofill goes past Last Row, Last row identifies correct Row

    Hi I have done lots of Google searches and found nothing on this. Normally I can find an answer on Google, or force the code to do what I want by trying a different method. I have a VBA problem that is driving me nuts. I'm using End(xlUp) to find my last row. When I hover over Last row...
  19. C

    Pivot table conditional formatting, from another sheet?

    Hello, I have a table with many rows and columns. Each row represents a course a user still needs to complete. The row will have the user's name, and a bunch of other columns, including a "People.Temporary" column which indicates if the user is a temporary employee. If the user has more than...
  20. N

    Macro for column of formulas

    Have column of formulas from FE7 to FE26. It starts with =CD31 and ends with =CD202. Each =CD is 9 apart from the previous cell. Need a macro to run these formulas and convert them to values

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