1. B

    Using COUNTIF for text/words

    Good morning all, I am trying to count a specific number of "No's" in a row, if there are more than 2 for example then I would like to mark that row as "Non-Compliant", can I use COUNTIF to do this?
  2. S


    Hi guys, I have a similar table: Column A contains the search data. Column C is for inserting a formula. A B C Car Big =CONCATENATE(A1;" ";B1) 'Result (Auto Big) Car Small =CONCATENATE(A2;" ";B2) 'Result (Auto Small) Bike Road =CONCATENATE(B3;" ";A3) 'Result (Big Bike) Bike Mountain...
  3. M

    sum and 2 tables

    i am creating a document for work to help things flow faster and easier. This is a shipment plan, it is mainly done but its just the last part which im struggling with and hoping someone will have an answer. I am trying to summarise 1 sheet with 2 tables (for printing purpose) on another sheet...
  4. K

    Combining two separate formulas

    Hey all, I am trying to transfer data with this formula =IF(ROWS('Destination Sheet'!$B$5:B5)<=$A$1,INDEX('Reference Sheet'!$B$2:$B$23,AGGREGATE(15,3,('Reference Sheet'!$A$2:$A$23='Destination Sheet'!$I$1)/('Reference Sheet'!$A$2:$A$23='Destination Sheet'!$I$1)*(ROW('Reference...
  5. D

    round average

    Hello to all! I really need your help... I'm currently following an online course about Supply chain planning and here is the issue i'm having, i can't round the average number! I'm doing the exact same things as the teacher is showing and all i get as a result is error. First thing i do is...
  6. D

    Compute FormulaR1C1 on anther sheet (dynamic range)

    HI to all, here another question: I have attached the Cotizaciones (sheet 1) , Retornos (sheet2) and Descriptiva (sheet3) . From data in Retornos (sheet 2), for each column (are dynamics) starting from B3, I have to compute calcolation of average and the volatility (until last row for each...
  7. P

    New to VBA, need help with Functions and calling them in a sub procedure

    Procedures to perform are: * Populate a 1D range of general size n - done * Add two 1D ranges - I have the ranges but I can't get the sum of them (code below) Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() 'Clearing worksheet Range("A:Z").Clear 'Declarations Dim range1, range2 As...
  8. E

    Tracking hires and costs

    Hi, I'm new here and was hoping you can help me deciding the best way to design a template in Excel. I need to track resources and spent by department and by project. The idea is that in this table I register every resource, when they start, when they finish, their salary and what project...
  9. M

    Connecting cells in different sheets

    Name code Size in cm Weight in kg Age Gender M/f kg/cm size/age weight/age Persons Andrew Black P001 180 82 23 M 0.46 7.83 3.57 Sarah Jones P002 169 71 32 F 0.42 5.28 2.22 Tim Bradford P003 175 71 45 M 0.41 3.89 1.58 Julie Clark P004 172...
  10. B

    Formula that deducts points for each code I input.

    I am trying to create a formula that will have each student in my class start at 100 points and then for each code that I enter (PP for Poor Participation, T for Tardy, etc...) have them lose that number of points. I have each code and the number of points it deducts on another sheet in excel...
  11. V

    Calculating the overall absenteeism rate

    Hello all! Any help is appreciated as I am new and trying to figure out things in excel. I am trying to calculate the overall absenteeism rate for a particular month. (%) Given facts: Absenteeism rate = the amount of absences divided by the amount of total planned working days. Result is a...
  12. D

    Ideas on how to track inventory expiration dates

    NOTE* Please skip until the next line highlighted in bold if you're not interested in seeing how my setup functions. Thank you! Hello everybody, I am currently managing a minor inventory consisting of 101 unique goods. Currently my excel sheet looks like this: To briefly explain the sheet...
  13. T

    I need help finding a SQ FT Formula

    Is there anyone out there that has found a basic SQ FT calculating formula, Ive read into some forums and I've came across this formula, =LEFT(D19,FIND("'",D19)-1)*SUBSTITUTE(RIGHT(D19,LEN(D19)-FIND("x ",D19)-1),"'","") , Im currently having to go into the formula and changing the cell It will...
  14. S

    How to average same cell across worksheets given a condition

    Hello - I'm trying to create a master Workbook that can take the average of the values of an individual cell across multiple workbooks, but given a certain condition is met. For example, I want to average all of the values of C3 (which is a number) across all worksheets, but only when cell A4...
  15. Tosborn

    Cleaning up messy data from PDF report, need to match up purchase order numbers with supplier names on 2 separate rows

    The messy data looks like the list in columns A & B (see image), the finished list needs to be like columns D&E. I'm cleaning up some very messy data with formulas on the spreadsheet up to this point but the solution could be with VBA also, I'm open to either. So basically the purchase order...
  16. Y


    I have a spreadsheet with two tabs that keeps wins information for cases I work on for my job. The "Winners" tab has all the info and the "Summary" tab summarizes it all. Within the "Winners" tab, I have it broken up by a days, and each day has 10 lines attributed to it. For example, day 1...
  17. L

    I need a formula to check for duplicate values across a 10 day period

    I have a workbook that analyzes 3-5 years worth of bank information, I need to identify when money is being transferred from one account to another. IE. I move $10.00 out of account A and put it into account B. Currently I have a formula that will Identify duplicates that occur on the same...
  18. E

    Formula Help

    I am trying to compare dates between 2 different worksheets in the same workbook and summarize differences on summary worksheet. First I would need to search by ID number to make sure I am looking for the correct line, than look at the close date, compare this to the other worksheet using same...
  19. Y

    Formula Error - Don't Know What the Error Is

    I found some information/formulas on a website and I tried to transfer the information to my own spreadsheet so that I could play around with other stock/exercise prices and dates. I am trying to get the formulas listed below for D1 (cell B12), Call Price (B16), and Put Price (B17) to work out...
  20. E

    Automatically calculate Regular Time, OT, and Dbl Time based on several Criteria

    Hello Excel Geniuses, I'm having a hard time coming up with solutions here using formulas. Here's the synopsis: I work at a company where an employee usually works 1 job a day or multiple jobs a day. Scenario 1: Employee 1 works 1 13 hour shift Hours Calc: Regular (8hrs) OT (4hrs) Dbl (1hr)...

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