1. C

    Removing text from a column

    Hello I have a long column of text with some gaps; here's an example of what I mean: <tbody> A 1 Monday 2 3 Friday 4 Saturday 5 6 Sunday 7 8 etc etc </tbody> If there a formula I can place in column B which just shows <tbody> B 1 Monday 2 Friday 3 Saturday 4...
  2. S

    Return a date based on it being Monday, Thursday or Friday

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet that gets dates manually inputted into it. What I need is a formula to return a date 7 days on from the manual input but has to be a Monday, Thursday or Friday. I.E. Manual input is 1/10/19 or 2/10/19 I would want the returned date to be 10/10/19. Manual input 3/10/19...
  3. K

    Set date for 2 days later

    Hi All, I have a UserForm where the user must enter all the public holidays for the year. In South Africa we have a Public Holiday for the Easter Weekend. The Friday and the Monday is Public holidays. The lazy me, I mean that is why we use Makros, want to automatically add the date for the...
  4. P

    Long shot! - Using time stamps, identify how much time was over the weekend

    Hello, Trying to use time to figure out if a machines down time falls into the weekend or non working hours. Down time date stamps we have for a certain machine Start Date/Time: 9/13/19 10:00 (this is a Friday) End Date/Time: 9/14/19 9:00 (this is a Saturday) Non Working time: TBD If the non...
  5. A

    Formula for yielding 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month and every Friday.

    I need a formula to find the dates for the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month, and a formula for finding the date for every Friday for every month. So I can input the month in A1 and get the results in another cell. Thank You
  6. tyija1995

    Date Question

    Hi all, Hopefully a simple solution to this question, I want to basically return the date of the Friday just passed in "ddmmyyyy" format, so a formula to return 19072019 in the example of today's date. If the date were Thu 12th September I'd want 06092019 - if the date is a Friday then stay as...
  7. D

    Need help with conditional formating in a calendar

    I want to highlight the days in the calendar that match the days on the event list. Right now I'm using formula: =MATCH(B5,$AC$4:$AC$39,0), it applies to =$B$5:$X$37. The problem is I can only highlight with one color. I want to use different colors for each location. (light green for...
  8. M

    Return date on Friday

    I need to return a date after 30 days and if it is weekend then return Friday. It is okay if the Friday date is less than 30 days because I can be before a deadline but not after. I have this formula but it still returns Sunday...
  9. J

    Date parameters

    Happy Friday. In my dBase, many queries have a >= or <= parameter, like such <=(Date()-365) Is there a more accurate way to write this? One of the queries using this is missing one item that a different routine (pulling the same data) is picking up.
  10. F

    How to use SUM function to get specific value

    Hi Excel Gurus, Is there any option to add the columns to get particular value. Lets say for example as below: 500 500 500 500 150 150 Can we able to get only 300 as result by adding this column.
  11. F

    How to Reconcile two values splitted in multiple rows in same column

    Hi Excel Gurus, How to Reconcile two values splitted in multiple rows in same column In the below example you may see, for each day, we have same amount in two columns but these amount are splitted in third column, how can we match these. Any suggestions. Example: <colgroup><col><col...
  12. A

    Formula for conditional formating - NOT AS EASY AS IT SEEMS

    Hi all, Wondering if someone could help me with a problem. I need a formula do add to conditional formating to auto turn grey lines depending on day change and acording to the table below? <tbody> 01-01-2019 MONDAY 01-01-2019<strike></strike> <strike></strike>MONDAY<strike></strike>...
  13. E

    3rd Friday of next month

    Does anyone know how to determine the date of the 3rd friday of next month, based on today's date? Meaning, if I have today's date in A1, and in B1 I want to have the date of the 3rd Friday of next month, how would I do it? Let's assume today's date is 4/26/19 TY
  14. A

    Using Monday, Friday or Sunday dates to find relating month, If last week of a month has a Wednesday, then that week is part of same month

    I'm currently trying to using Monday, Friday or Sunday dates to find relating month, to show week X is part of month Y. <tbody> A B C D 1 Week Commencing Monday 30-Jan-17 29-Jan-18 28-Jan-19 2 Week Ending Friday 03-Feb-17 02-Feb-18 01-Feb-19 3 Week Ending Sunday 05-Feb-17 04-Feb-18...
  15. P

    Sumifs limit

    Hi, It looks like sumifs formula has got a lookup limit of 15 digits and is there any better way to work around it? I tried sum(if under assay formula but hope there is something else quicker we can do? In addition, if I want to use sumif does not equal to a particular value in a cell i tried...
  16. T

    Formula to capture a day in a week

    Need to only show for Friday no matter when the sheet is opened. I have folks that are updating file every Friday. Instead of creating 4 sheets I just want it to show the Friday date for the week. Like 2/15/19, 2/22/19, 3/1/19 and so on. This is feeding into another sheet that has the weeks...
  17. Taul

    Working hours between two date/times excluding Lunch and weekends, diff time on Friday

    Hi, I need some assistance with calculating working hours between two date/time cells. The working hours are 8:30 to 17:30 and the lunch break is 12:30 to 1:45 The date/time value could be outside the working hours but I only want to count the period within the working hours. I have an...
  18. H

    Complicated IF Array

    Hello, I need help with a complex (to me) IF statement. Here is the link to the sheet I am working on: What I need is on Friday Poles A13 - I need a formula to check Friday Poles D13:F13...
  19. K

    Count Based On Date Range

    Hi, I have a data input sheet as follows: <!-- Please do not remove this header --> <!-- Table easily created from Excel with ASAP Utilities ( --> <table border="1" bordercolor="#C0C0C0" bordercolordark="#FFFFFF" cellpadding="0"> <tr><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"...
  20. S

    Excel function = WORKDAY

    HI all Using workday function to give me T-1 days. So for example if its Thursday, it will return Wednesday based on the function = Workday(Date, -1) Now Im trying to make this work so it excludes every friday. For example, if on Monday, i want it to return Thursday (not friday) Any help is...

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