goal seek

  1. U

    Relative Reference - Formula to Goal Seek Using Cell on Different Weooksheet

    I am using Excel 2010. I want to use a relative reference to goal seek using a "ChangingCell" that is in a different worksheet... ActiveCell.GoalSeek Goal:=0, ChangingCell:=Sheets("Volumes").Range("O11") ... but I am getting an error message that the reference is not valid. What...
  2. dukeofscouts

    ??? Variable = activesheet.range(selection.address) ???

    So I'm working on a macro that will utilize GoalSeek to make calculations faster. Working code.... Dim CellToChange As Range 'Trouble Starts CellToChange = Sheet4.Range(Selection.Address) Call maxoutform.FindMyNutritent(ComboBox1.Value) Selection.Offset(0, -3).Select...
  3. G

    How do I create a VBA macro in Excel that uses the goal seek function?

    How do I create a VBA macro in Excel that uses the goal seek function? Set Cell: C49 To Value: (whatever I have in cell L47) By changing cell: B19 As I change the value in cell L47. I want the macro to automatically run in the background.
  4. B

    Real Tough Question - Goal Seek Type Function

    Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to have excel run iterations to find out when one cell would be equal to another. As an example: Say I have an INPUT of 5% which generates an output of $10 I have another INPUT of 7% which generates an output of $20 I know these two eventually...
  5. M

    Goal Seek

    HI, Is there a way to omit minus numbers in goal seek? Thanks..
  6. G

    Goal seek across tens of thousands of rows

    Greetings - I've been asked to see if I can improve the performance of a worksheet using Goal Seek in VBA code. It's pretty simple however the Goal Seek call itself takes literally 2-3 seconds to return - not a big deal except this routine iterates through 20,000 - 30,000 rows adding up to more...
  7. V

    Can a Data Table Input Trigger a Macro?

    I have a macro set to run every time cell B6 changes (specifically, the macro uses "On.Entry" to run a Goal Seek every time B6 changes). I also have a data table with B6 as the "input" cell. But the data table outputs do not reflect the Goal Seek results of the macro that would run if cell B6...
  8. T

    Solver - Restricting Varibles

    Is there a way to restrict solver from changing the varibles (cells allowed to change)? I have an optimization problem where only a certain amount of records can be used and I have to find the optimal solution. I am using 1s and 0s (1,0) to determine if the record should be included or not...
  9. J

    Summing a dynamic range to match a precise given total.

    A3 is where I input a decimal number which changes quarterly A2 is a factor which I also input quarterly B3 is (A2*A3)/12 This goes on for A3>A6 and B3 through B6 I do this because I do not know B3 through b6 as individual values but I am given their sum in B7 which I can enter as well but...
  10. M

    Goal Seek

    IThe following is an example data set: New Price ?? this is what I want to solve Customer Units Price Gross Margin Ext Price Ext Margin ABC...
  11. M

    Macro for automatic goal seek... again

    Hi Everyone, I know there are a few threads for this already, but I have a specific question that doesn't seem to be covered, rather than dragging up old threads that could get messy, I thought I would start a new one. I found some script on this forum similar to the one below (just tweeked the...
  12. B

    Finding the number of days to bring up an average (without using goal seek)

    Hello, I've been looking around for an hour or so and have found a couple of great ideas about how to bypass goal seek for interest and payment items, but i can't figure out how to adapt them to my scenario... If anyone can help out I'd appreciate it! I'm looking for a way to solve for the...
  13. S

    Help on making macro code run faster

    Hi everyone, I have a fairly large excel file (~21MB) with a macro which performs about 400 goalseek runs. This macro has to run everytime a change is made in any of the 13 key input cells, and hence, should be pretty fast. The problem is that it currently takes about 8-10 minutes to run, a...
  14. L

    Goal Seek Speed

    I have a client with an extremely large workbook and when they run a goal seek it can sometimes up to two minutes to perform the operation. I have tried running a goal seek via VBA and setting Calculations to manual before running the operation but this doesn't seem to help. Does anyone have any...
  15. M

    Macro to perform goalseek - help!!

    Hi, I have a calculator that derives a monthly payment by accounting for net capital amount (combination of total capital amount, deposit and part exchange), flat interest rate and loan period. I need to make it all singing and dancing, in particular by inserting buttons next to price...
  16. M

    Goal Seek Locks Cells?

    When using goal seek, a cell becomes locked. The cell has no precedent cells but does have dependent cells. Has anyone experienced this issue and is there a fix? i.e. I use goal seek to find a value and then can not hard enter the initial value into the cell.
  17. D

    Automated Goal Seek VBA Help

    Hello, I have limited/no VBA experience but significant excel experience (using 2007 now). I'm trying to create an automated Goal Seek function that will automatically (upon changing of "to value", which I also need the function to seek a particular cell and not a set value) run a Goal Seek and...
  18. E

    Graph/Goal Seek in Excel 2007

    One of the features I loved in 2003 version was the ability to drag/drop a point on a graph and being able to recalc that value with goal seek. That functionality seems to have been lost in 2007 version. Does anyone know of a way to drag/drop in a graph and use goal seek to change the...
  19. K

    Offset in Goal Seek

    Hi there! I'm trying to do a goal seek with an offset but i haven't written code (and even when I did only took an intro class) in 5 years! Sos I am trying to change the value in SHEET1 cell E49 equal to the VALUE in cell E436 on the same sheet ("SHEET1") by changing cell E38 on tab SHEET 2...
  20. J

    How to use Goal-Seek or Solver automatically

    Hi, I am trying to use Goal Seek or Solver to solve a margin equation but since this is variable due to different prices I wanted to find out how I can make Goal Seek or Solver do it automatically? Is there a way to use an If statement to do this? Thank you in advance for your help.

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