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    Data Tables & Goal Seeker

    Hi All, First time poster here and looking for help on what I believe may lie with data tables / goal seek. My spreadsheet currently has many formulas but can be simplified to: Margin = (Price - Costs) / Price I am looking to answer a question: ‘What would my price have to be if costs...
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    Goal Seek shows correct answer but won't stop iterations

    I am running goal seek on two different workbooks. WB1 has an interest rate that modifies the value of the other workbook via basic multiplication. I am goal seeking the sum of the products. When I step through the goal seek iterations, it lands precisely on the sum I want. But goal seek...
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    Determining Purchase Price on Real Estate Transaction using Goal Seek, NPV, and IRR

    I work in commercial real estate and we are trying to back into a purchase price by determining what initial outlay gets our NPV to 0 and IRR to 30%. Essentially, what acquisition price gets us to a 30% IRR. We're looking at this over a three year period. For purposes of simplicity, say I can...
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    Goal Seek Not working

    Hi, I am new to the forum and looking for some help... I am stuck!!:mad::confused: I am trying to use goal seek for a spreadsheet I am working on. When I use it i get a message that says "Goal Seeking with cell F4 may not have found a solution. The strange thing here is that when I do the maths...
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    Re: Goal seek function in excel

    Re: Goal seek function in excel Guys, I am having some challenges with the MS Excel GOAL SEEK function. It worked alright for the first few times that I used it to work out the EFFECTIVE INTEREST RATE for the issuance of bonds. However, it is now coming back with absurd results...
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    Automate goal seek in two separate worksheets?

    Hi, I have a model that takes inputs to calculate the estimated cost of a new building. A second output is the estimated monthly payment to finance that cost. This output is based on one of two financing options, which a user selects from a drop down menu. The calculations for that monthly...
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    how to use goal seek for multiple columns that match search criteria

    I am trying to use a goal seek for every column that contains “2700” in row 38. If a column has “2700” in row 38, I’d like row 130 to equal 5 by adjusting row 50. Please note, in the row 38 contents it can be 2700 or a number of 2700 and letter combinations, which is why I have to do a search...
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    Modelling with Multiple Variables

    I have a financial model forecast that is based off a number of variables on an input sheet. I'm trying to create a matrix that shows the following: <tbody> Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Variable 1 Variable 2 Variable 3 </tbody> In each cell I'd like to calculate...
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    Help, formulas/goal seeking

    Hi guys, I have this problem and cannot solve. So I was hoping on some help. I can solve this problem with goal seeking, but this is not dynamic. Maybe you have a better solution. So I have the following: <tbody> <tbody> Total budget </tbody> <tbody> campaign1 </tbody> <tbody>...
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    Goal Seek Formula or Same function Formula

    Hello i have the following table, i have to do goal seek formula on every row to get the value Column H to 0 by Changing in Column B Could I Change the Number in Column H to zero for All Rows in one Step (preffered not using VBA) <colgroup><col span="8"></colgroup><tbody> A B C D E F G H...
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    VBA Code for bulk Goal Seek

    I'm trying (and failing:laugh:) with some VBA code to make a 'Bulk Goal Seek'. My Goal Seek is as follows: Set Cell Range is G2:G1001 Value I want is 12.00% Change Cell Range is B2:B1001 So I want to Goal Seek Cell G and convert it to 12% (or closest match) by changing cell B. The other cells...
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    Rounding in VBA

    Hello, I am working on a spreadsheet that I have a goal seek function to find the optimal number of units based on certain parameters. My problem is that I need to round these numbers up or down depending on which one it is. I found a solution that mostly works but sometimes it does not act...
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    Goal seek to determine IRR for a series of cashflow by changing the initial outlay

    How do i obtain a target IRR by leaving my cashflow fixed and changing my initial outlay using goal seek? I am trying to determine what my initial cashflow will be to obtain a target IRR with a fixed series of cashflows. Thanks in advance!
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    Automated Macros on Formula Value Changing

    Hi, I'm new to VBA but for a project I'm working on, the calculations require a series of formulas which have to be manually carried out such as several goal seeks. So far I have been able to enable them with a series of macros with a worksheet selection change such as below. Also the macro...
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    "Goal Seek"ing a Pro

    Hi there, Hoping one of you geniuses can help me out here. What I need to find is "x" in the equation: .1 = [b + (x*c)]/[a+x] where "a", "b" & "c" are all numbers based on other formulas that happen in the sheet, so they are always changing but fixed at the time of finding "x". To put that...
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    Automatic goal seek function

    Hello everyone! I need a goal seek to run every single time the value in cell F1 does not equal zero. When this cell equals zero, that means my numbers tie, if it does not then I need to create a "plug value" to make that value in F1 equal zero. The cell that needs to change is cell D21. When...
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    VBA code to automate goal seek

    I need a goal seek to run every single time the value in cell F1 does not equal zero. When this cell equals zero, that means my numbers tie, if it does not then I need to create a "plug value" to make that value in F1 equal zero. The cell that needs to change is cell D21. When doing a manual...
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    VBA Code for Automatic Goal Seek

    Hello everyone, first time poster here. I have been trying to figure out how to write a VBA code that will tell Excel to run a goal seek in the background every time a value on my template I created changes. Please bare with the "random" cell locations as this is a custom template. I need a...
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    Goal Seek VBA Help

    Hello -- I am trying to set up a goal seek macro with the following specs: individual goal seeks needed, for each column I need to set cell c13 to 0 by changing cell c14, and then set d13 to 0 by changing d14, etc. through to column GE. Can you help? Thank you!
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    Automate trying new values until a valid number in a certain cell is achieved

    So I have a file here where I want to do something. http://www.egr.msu.edu/~lira/computer/EXCEL/PREOS.XLS If we fix P (Cell B8) and want to find where the fugacity ratio (cell H12) is 1 (i.e. system at equilibrium), I need to use solver/goalseek to vary the T (Cell B7) until H12 = 1. The...

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