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    How do I create this graph in Excel?

    Hello, I'd like my graph to look exactly like the graph I pictured below. I'm trying to create an area graph to shade each range percentage listed below a different color. Rage A - shade anything above 15% Range B - shade 5 - 15% Range C - shade -10 - 5% Range D - shade anything below -10%...
  2. S

    Creating monthly stacked percentage line graph from daily data

    Hi, I have thousands of lines of data across several months in the following format: item Date Result A 1/2/20 Attention A 1/24/20 Attention B 1/25/20 Passed B 1/24/20 Passed B 1/24/20 Passed A 1/24/20 Failed A 1/25/20 Passed C 1/25/20 Passed C 1/25/20 Failed C 1/25/20...
  3. F

    Conditional Graph Data?

    I have a large spreadsheet with information regarding different sets of data, and I'm trying to make a graph using the data from one column on conditions placed on another column, and was wondering if that's possible. To explain what I mean, say I have rows of data recorded on different people...
  4. F

    Excel Graph NAs

    I am trying to make a graph that changes colors when it reaches its target. I.E. Below Target = Green Above Target = Red. I have the data set up in three columns, <=Target, >Target, and Target. The formulas I have are =IF(U121<=CF121,U121,NA()) and =IF(U121>CF121,U121,NA()) My problem lies...
  5. H

    Overlapping graphing display

    hello all. i work in healthcare and we are trying to determine if an overlap occur with a small patient population. what i'm struggling with is displaying the dates in a correct manor. i have their admission date, discharge date and then a third date that may be needed just as a single point...
  6. A

    Returning a data point off a Polynominal Trendline

    This is the first time I have posted here so you will have to bear with me for a moment. I work with shipping containers and I am interested in determining how many slots I can fill on board a vessel with a specific cargo mix. The catch is that while 20' units can fit anywhere, 40' units can...
  7. S

    Complicated Graphing

    <tbody> 12/7/2015 <tbody> 12:53:39PM </tbody> 100213655 12/7/2015 12:54:37PM 100213135 12/7/2015 12:54:57PM 100213548 12/7/2015 12:54:59PM 100213545 12/8/2015 9:55:37PM 100213598 12/8/2015 9:56:32PM 100213566 12/8/2015 9:56:22PM 100213536 12/8/2015 9:56:12PM 100216565...
  8. G

    graphing over blank empty cells ... i.e., skipping blank cells

    I have created a graph to show readings over time and I use the option to skip over empty or blank cells. Problem is that my formula to create empty cells is not creating truly empty or blank cells. The example formula is =IF(A1=3,A1,"") ... The =IF statement checks cell A1 and if it finds...
  9. A

    Rolling 12months and creating a graph from data

    Hi I have an excel workbook and want to have on one sheet with the results of reports that I get on a monthly and want to keep track that I do receive them and create a graph from the data. I have have on the second sheet the results of the data that I need to formulate and the formula I have...
  10. S

    Chart Help: Line graph to only use certain rows if specified name appears in row and ignore rest of data, line graph to Update automatically with any

    Hi everyone, I have a spreadsheet in which I have created a line graph from containing 9 columns and a few hundred rows so far of data. Example below - (please note managers can have multiple scores on any one day and different managers can be audited on the same date) Date; Area; Event...
  11. M

    How to make values below zero positive on x axis: likert scale Graph

    I created a clear stacked bar chart in excel to display Likert scale responses (strongly disagree to strongly agree) for a questionnaire. However, when placing the disagree and strongly disagree values below zero, i still have negative values on the x axis. I want the x axis to display 0-100% on...
  12. D

    Graphing how long it takes to complete a job by the amount of time it takes to perfrom each task

    I am trying to figure out which graph should be used to best represent how long it takes to complete a job with a breakdown of how long each task takes by using the start times from each task to get the time intervas. This will actually be done over multiple stataions. record task1...
  13. A

    Excel Graph Help

    Hi all, New to the forum, and was hoping for a bit of help... I need to create a graph which will show the total number of calls made and the total time on the phone for the day for each employee. Each employee belongs to a Division. I would like to show both info; number of calls made and...
  14. T

    Plot graph based on a set of table data

    Hi, i'm very new in VBA.. Currently I'm on my project which required me to creating a automation tool by plotting 2 bar chart automatically based on 2 table data as shown below View image: VBA1 *I got no idea why i can't attach the picture here, so I pasted the link here =/* However as the...
  15. T

    Generate Graph Based On Set of Data Using VBA

    Hi, i'm very new in VBA.. Currently I'm on my project which required me to creating a automation tool by plotting 2 bar chart automatically based on 2 table data as shown below However as the table data was generated out from another automation tool thus the number of rows can be increase or...
  16. G

    How to make this kind of graph in Excel

    Hello everyone, I haven't been able to find out how I can set up a combined graph three-scale graph as the one you can download here* for example. I don't even know what it's called like, but I'd like to find out how I can do it in Excel. Thanks for your answers! * click on Example.pdf
  17. O

    Error bars in excel 2003 or 2011

    Hi! I was wondering, if I made a series bar graph and I want each individual bar (not the series) to have different error bar values, can I do that? If so, how? I can use either Excel 2003 or the newest excel (.xslx) Thanks!
  18. O

    Can I create multiple graphs into one chart? (example provided)

    Hello all, I have a table with 3 sales metrics (one for each of 3 regions) across the months of the year. The horizontal and vertical axis should be identical for all three. What I'd like to do is to plot all three, stacked one on top of another, in one single graph, automatically. I attach an...
  19. K

    How to Plot Multiple charts using Macro

    Hi all, I would like to generate a macro which can work on by importing an excel tabulated datas and plot it into several graphs in one click and added with a filter function would be best. Here i link one of the sample of macro for this ...
  20. T

    Modify data points on scatter graph

    Is it possible to modify the data points on a scatter graph so that the size of the data point is relative to the number of items at that data point? Here's what I'm trying to achieve... I have price data for 4 separate retailers in a certain category (lets say batteries for example). Each...

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