1. J

    There must be something simpler to do this kind of graphing....

    Hi I created this excel sheet to be able to graph as a function of time, value whatever is defined for the concept that goes in the x's, for each color of graph this and using a different set of data and to accommodate them I have to do it by hand defining where I want to place each of the...
  2. Excelnerd74

    Present 4 combination graphs on 1 page

    Hi there, I joined today. I do have a question, I used to have an add in where I used to work to create dashboards. Time has moved on, plus I now work somewhere else. I am collating some staff figures for my Department lead, and I would like to be able to present to her in a Dashboard sense...
  3. T

    Resource pyramid graph in Excel?

    Anyone know if this sort of resource pyramid graph can be made in Excel and how we can make something similar? (ignore the grey and different shades of blue - I'm more after the general concept of being able to represent %s in a pyramid) The closest I could see was a funnel chart but curious...
  4. D

    VBA for selecting a range of cells based on their value

    Hello, I am new to this forum so apologies if this is in the wrong place. I'm writing a VBA code to open an Excel file and create a scatter graph using only two columns, which is pretty simple. However, I'd like to know how to select only the cells that have a value. For example, the excel...
  5. P

    Splitting Large Charts into Multiple Pages

    Dear Excel Experts -- I have a stacked bar chart that I am working with that is starting to out grow even 11x17 (Tabloid) paper sizes. I was trying to figure out how to have excel split it so that it would span multiple pages. Ideally I would like to have the data table on the chart also...
  6. I

    How do I make this comparison to peer graph?

    I need to make something like this in Excel. Four shades (I'll change the color) indicating quartiles - just four even shapes to represent. The numbers on the bottom represent the quartile value. The yellow marker is where the person is on that said scale. I've tried stacked columns and...
  7. T

    Running graph-creating macro through multiple rows

    Hey, I dont and cant use VBA nor any other programming language at all but need this thing for my work, so sorry in advance for my phrasing; I created a macro simply through "record macro" button in excel. The pourpose of it is to create a simple graph out of one row of a table. Now I need...
  8. N

    Use VBA to modify Chart series data

    Hi, I have an excel model that I have built that displays YTD data on a weekly basis in the form of graphs. There are a 7 of different tabs, 5 are for each individual site, 1 is a combined tab, 1 is for comparisons and the final one displays retail data. My question is whether or not it is...
  9. J

    Upgraded to 2016: Graphs are no longer animated running VBA

    Hello, I did some searching but could not find anything that seemed to work for me so I apologize if this has been asked before: Our office recently did a batch of Windows upgrades and I'm now on Excel 2016. I have numerous macros that will perform iterations and update numbers on the screen...
  10. S

    Graphs not updating when data changes

    I have a workbook that looksup values and does reports and has some graphs in it. The graphs used to automatically update when I change the record number of each file. Now it doesn't. It only works if I chnage the record then save the file then re-open it. Help please!! :confused:
  11. S

    Disappearing graphs

    I have a workbook where whenever I click save the graphs disappear but when i close and open the file again they are there again. I have read up on it and there are workarounds but I would like a permanent fix. Anyone know a way around this...
  12. Leicester City Fox

    Help with Downloading and finding images that work in Power Bi

    Reference :Help in Easily Downloading new images into Power Bi for chartinfo graphs or find images that can be easily downloading to use in Power Bi Hi there I a new to Power Bi ... so be gentle with me :) I have download images in my picture but when I downloadthem into power bi when I...
  13. P

    VBA Import Data from Standardized Format to Current Workbook

    Hi all, So basically I am trying to create a standardized tool that I can give to customers, and it will return graphs and values for a number of metrics. I want the sheet to have a button that says something along the lines of "Add data here" and they can add their data from another workbook...
  14. J

    Graphs! Graphs! Graphs?

    Hi all, I have recently been dropped with this on my desktop & told "make it into a graph" no amount of "I have no idea" doesn't compute with the hierarchy. Long shot but can anyone help or point me in the right direction? History for the below is as described, the below data represents...
  15. D

    56 graphs on one sheet

    Hey everyone I have a spreadsheet with 56 graphs on one sheet. Is there a macro that will cut and paste each chart and place on a separate worksheet? A bonus would be if the worksheet can reflect the chart title (department/unit name)
  16. E

    VBA: putting a series of graphs from Excel into PowerPoint

    I created a spreadsheet with a drop-down that changed the data on display in the graph for the selection. I've been asked to create a powerpoint pack that shows each of these graphs on a different slide. There are 35 options in the drop-down. There are actually two graphs for each option...
  17. N

    Dynamic minimum/maximum value x-axis graph

    Hi all, So, I've two fields with week numbers. One consisting of the week number in which an activity starts (StartWeekNumber) and one with the end week numbers (FinishWeekNumbers). I'm constructing a graph with on the x-axis as a minimum the StartWeekNumber and as a maximum the...
  18. R

    New at Graphs, etc

    Hi everyone, first time poster but read the forums often and have learned a lot. I dont use the graphs, etc in Excel very often I am trying to find the best way to display this info in a graph (the boss is persistent that it be graphed. I have put in a bar chart, but now they are asking if it...
  19. R

    More Horizontal Axis Labels

    Hello All, I hope you can help me. I have a graph, and I have dates as the axis labels (horizontal axis) - I am struggling to find a way to add more axis labels (more dates) along the horizontal axis. Do you have any advice on how to do this? Do you have any further tips to format the graph I...
  20. P

    Power BI App online version

    Hi all, Just trying to get my head into this fantastic program and have hit a brick wall and wondered if someone could be so kind in pointing me in the right directiong. I have pulled some data from a excel sheet (as i can get it to work from a access database) and have built some tables and...

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