1. J

    Advanced Transpose and/or grouping help

    I need help, I'm on a MAC and don't know how to use VBA's. Previously I would have used MS Access, but.... Mac! Here is what my data looks like: PDP URL IMAGE URL IMAGE ALT TEXT Banana Apple...
  2. V

    Scheduling Sheet

    Anyone able to provide some quick help? I have a worksheet I am working with to schedule fabrication. I need two macros to format the sheet and a background process. Macro 1: Button Labeled "Fab Start"; sorts by Column I "Planned Start" oldest to newest creates...
  3. C

    Grouping Rows

    Hi all, I want to group rows in blocks of 2 rows at a time. For example...row 1 & 2 would be a group. row 3 & 4 would be a group. so on and so forth. I want to use the 1 & 2 button to open and collapse the groups. I had it before but can't for the life of me remember how to do it again. I have...
  4. C

    Re: Number Selection - Extension

    Re: Number Selection - Extension Hi All, Extending from another thread posted Re: Number SelectionOct 24th, 2019 I am looking to analyze multiple alternate groupsizes combinations upon a Number Table and performing a similar type of ROW andCOLUMN analysis undertaken in that thread. Please see...
  5. L

    grouping sheets and inserting a picture/shape

    Hi I wanted group several sheets and then insert a picture or shape in one sheet and hoping it will appear on all grouped sheets but when I group sheets, insert picture or shapes options are grayed out. Is that by design? Thank you.
  6. J

    Pivot table grouping into months/ years not working

    hello please can someone help me. I am using Excel 2016 and in my pivot table, I tried to group my date rows (example 11/12/2018) into months or years. However when I click on 'Group Selection', it automatically assigns Group 1, rather than giving me options to sort into years and months. I...
  7. M

    Grouping dates from the past

    Hi, If i list of historical dates from the past in Column A and I want to identify as either "<6 months from today", "6-11 months from today", or "12+ months from today", how should I write the formula? I am having trouble. Thanks!
  8. S

    VBA Count and paste value

    Hi im trying to find out how to count the numbers in each group, using macro instead of formula, the group go on for as many as needed, i want it so that it does number part for me...once i have filed out group and name... <tbody> Group Name Number G1 ASJ 2 ATT G2 AMM 4 MKK...
  9. B

    Group Data with Like Content

    I have a list of URLs that I am determining which has the best page value. Many of these urls begin with the same data. I'd like to group these like urls together and have the sum of the page value on the same rows to to be added. The data is structured as Column A...
  10. D

    Subgroup and list top 2

    How can I go about creating a subgroup listing of the top 2 The data Name a a b b b c c d d d d output to starting range("G15") Top 2 D = 4 B = 3 Even the simple stuff sometimes seams difficult
  11. P

    Macro to cycle through dropdown, paste output to tab by grouping

    Hello, Hoping someone can point me towards a solution on the following: In tab "model", I have a model that outputs data in cells B2:G104. This is based on a dropdown selection in cell I5 that pulls from a list in tab "List by SL", cells B2:478. Cell I8 in the tab "model" is an index match...
  12. E

    Macro keeps re-protecting sheet without all of my lock preferences

    I need a macro to run upon opening excel that allows groups to expand and collapse while a sheet is protected. I am using the code below and it works, the issue is that when it re-protects my sheet is it only doing the first two defaulted lock preferences, "Allow all users of this worksheet to...
  13. J

    Form Control Grouping Greyed Out

    Hi all, I'm creating a set of checkboxes for a multi-series chart so users can select which series to display. I'm trying to group them into a groupbox but the option is greyed out/disabled: I can create the Group Box via the Insert option on the Developer Tab I can create and format my...
  14. F

    VBA With statement: How to copy grouped items?

    Hi, I have previously created a chart and copied it to another sheet. But now I have added a text box and grouped the text box and chart together (not in VBA). I want to be able to copy the group to another sheet as a picture. I believe instead of "Chart" it's "Shape" in VBA. But I don't know...
  15. J

    Pivot Table Grouping

    Hi All I feel this is probably something very easy that I am missing. When I create a pivot table with my data I cant seem to group any of the data columns. As a result,if I want to show the complaints that were upheld in March 2019 I have to look in the filter and manually select each day in...
  16. T

    Getting valid values for numeric grouping in Pivot Tables

    In a Pivot Table if you put a numeric column in the row area, you can rt. click on any value in the row area, select "group" from the pop-up menu, and Excel will offer you the numeric grouping dialog that allows you to select from/to/step for numeric grouping. But, if you have even one error...
  17. C

    Grouping and protected worksheets

    Hi I want to protect a worksheet and allow the end user too use grouping, for which I have the following: Private Sub Workbook_Open() For Each wks In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(Array("Summary I&E", "Balance Sheet")) With wks .Unprotect "Ronald" .EnableOutlining...
  18. Rijnsent

    Comparing columns -> Grouping

    Hi there, I've built a Chi square test and a column proportion test in Excel and am now trying to build a grouping of the results. I've started off with this example: The...
  19. S

    Problems with Grouping Dates in Pivot Table Results

    Hello, First post here. I have several financial forecasting spreadsheets that I use, generally I enter the data in a table, and then pivot on the tale to get my forecast inputs. I use the date field as the column headings. I have noticed that often in the pivot table, the dates will not...
  20. L

    formatting numbers in pivot table after grouping them

    Hi I have a table which has a column called Salary. in that column, I have number from 10000 to 100000. I create a pivot table from that table. In pivot table, I put Salary field as my Row and then I grouped these number and I got something like the one below. I want to format these number to...

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