1. M

    Help with Macros

    Can anyone help I have created a form and everything is submiting, but the data is not transfering to the data page which I want the information to be stored on. if anyone is willing to help Im happy to send the form across. It should be a simple fix but Im not a wiz at excel.
  2. K

    Vlookup not working and it's driving me MAD!!!

    Would anyone be willing to look at it for me and try to solve why it's not working right?? Would be happy to email it for help!
  3. J

    Date parameters

    Happy Friday. In my dBase, many queries have a >= or <= parameter, like such <=(Date()-365) Is there a more accurate way to write this? One of the queries using this is missing one item that a different routine (pulling the same data) is picking up.
  4. P

    Updating information

    Hello, I'm trying to use Excel as a quotes database for my sales team. We have an Access DB on our shared drive, but it's much too slow for the sales team on the road to access & use. I'm searching for something a little more user-friendly! Here's where I'm stuck: I need to have the ability to...
  5. K

    Excel formula to extract first word

    Hi there, I am trying to find a formula that will allow me to extract the first word after the dash - and leave out the rest of the string. Please advise. Happy - Data for Window. Result I want is Data Grumpy - Sam is the one. Result I want is Sam Happy - Apples for oranges. Result I want is...
  6. K

    Happy birthday bill jelen!

    Happy birthday Bill Jelen!!
  7. J

    concatenate with formatting

    Hi I need help on this. I have two column A & B A1 B1 C1 (concatenate result)-Bold and Italic Happy Family Happy Family May I know what should I do? Thank you Jack T
  8. T

    combining cells

    is there a way to combine two cells info into one? if cell "A" has the word "happy" and cell "B" has "feet" cell "C" will say happy feet.
  9. W

    searching text from a table range

    Hi is there any formula to do the following? I have a table of text which i want to use as classification. And i have a data table with various description. and i wan to match the description with my classification. Classification Table <tbody> Happy Sad Cry </tbody> <tbody>...
  10. N

    Syntax of Formula with Date to be written in textBox

    Wish you all Happy New Year Hello 1. What would be the syntax for the following to write in txtAmt.text =IF(AP6<$D$2,AQ6,0)+IF(AS6<$D$2,AT6,0)+IF(AV6<$D$2,AW6,0)+IF(AY6<$D$2,AZ6,0)+IF(BB6<$D$2,BC6,0) the above is written in BF6 Cell so that anyone opening the sheet gets the cell value as...
  11. R

    Macro to lock sheet

    Hi All I am recording a macro to lock a sheet with a password but when I run the macro, it locks the sheet but does not use a password to protect it. Is it possible to use a macro to lock a sheet with a password? Thank you Happy New Year!
  12. P

    Is it possible for Instr to be started at the middle of a text?

    let say I have a text x="I am a happy man" If I set y=Instr(x, a), y is equal to 3. However I want y to be 9 which is the location of the "a" in "happy". How can I do
  13. J

    Returning Calculations based on a search function?

    Hello All, thanks in advance for your help! This may be an easier task than I'm making it out to be , but here's my predicament.... I have sheet1 where I am interested in making calculations over several months for instance: <tbody> Account Name # of 3 over 3 mos # 3 over 5 mos Happy...
  14. G

    Sumproduct on multiple criteria across rows and columns

    <tbody> </tbody> Hi all, https://imgur.com/a/X0sW0kE Would anyone know a formula which sums all oranges in january, but only if the value of the cell is at most 10? So in the attached example it would come to 19. I have had a play with the SUMPRODUCT formula but can't get this to...
  15. C

    Vlookup - return multiple values in one cell

    Hey guys, im very new to excel and its mind blowing me right now loll. I could use some serious help lol, unfortunately i dont understand what my partner has already done. I am happy ot teamviewer please just msg me in private and ill explain what i need via discord, whatsapp or in a text box...
  16. M

    COUNT in Excel

    Hi to everyone, How can I exclude two values (value zero and value one) from being counted? I will be too happy if you can help me.:confused::confused::confused:
  17. D

    VLOOKUP, MATCH, Not sure which

    i All, Have come to a wall I'd love to de-brick...Not sure which function or how to solve this problem. I've a single sheet that contains the following... <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:3776;width:106pt" width="142"> <col...
  18. S

    Don't know how to name the issue, trying to systemize data entry

    Hello Misters and Misses, Happy Friday and Happy Holidays! I am handling quite a lot of spreadsheets/trackers that are in the share folders and they are constantly being edited. It gets to a point where it is confusing in terms of the accuracy of the numbers in the spreadsheet because they are...
  19. T

    Happy face icon

    Hi Friends, I’m trying to use windings for smileys but only getting happy face. Please see table below: <tbody> Skills (E12) Knowledge (F12) Attitude (G12) Behaviour (H12) Circumstance (I12) Staff Morale (J12 Y Y NA Y NA Formula Result </tbody> In cell J12, I want to show a happy...
  20. N

    Rank IF

    I need to rank employees based on Product % and what their feeling they are in. I want to rank all the happy and only happy or rank all the content. <colgroup><col><col span="95"></colgroup><tbody> Employee 001 002 003 004 007 008 011 012 021 024 026 032 033 037 038 041 042 043 047 049 050...

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