1. J

    I need help understanding why only half of my chart table headings are appearing

    Half of my headings in my chart table are not appearing. It's only happening with certain graph tales and I can't figure out why. If anyone knows how to fix this, I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. U

    Change Number of Headings

    Hi guys can change number of row headings? for example i want row heading in this photo start after 2 row...
  3. G

    Conditional formatting using an index formula

    Hi, I have used the formula below to apply conditional formatting to the cells in my worksheet. The conditional formatting is based on the result of inputting a value in the column heading and a value in the row headings. The problem I have is that all results are the same colour. I need the...
  4. J

    Hide headings in all worksheets

    No doubt this has been covered before is there a VBA to hide the headings in all worksheets Thanks everyone Regards Jason Bing
  5. P

    Days and months into quarters

    I'm not sure how to explain this but I will give it a good try. I have a table with 10 headings. This is not a pivot table but just an ordinary table with headings and rows. One of the table headings is called DATES. In the DATES column, there are numerous rows with many dates. What I...
  6. R

    headings in copy and paste

    Hello I am trying to copy what I have in column H of Sheet 1 and paste the same column in columns B and D of sheet 2. The problem I am having is that I am also copying the headings from sheet 1 in sheet 2 and I do not want that, I do not know how to avoid the headings, could you please help...
  7. P

    Active Hedings without ActiveWindow cmd

    Hi Is there away to display all headings without using Active Window. The following code works fine but i don't want to open and activate each sheet just to turn on Headings, as this triggers other objects like WS_Actvate etc. For Each ws In Sheets ws.Visible =...
  8. S

    arranging data in multiple columns

    Hi, So I have a column of data (10,000+ rows) which contain various codes assignedto the individual (Around 60 different codes). These codes situnder 5 different headings, but these headings are not contained within thedata set. My aim is to insert5 new columns with the row header for each...
  9. A

    VBA combining some (not all) sheets within a workbook

    Hi, I need to combine contents to 7 of the 10 worksheets in a workbook that all have the same column headings. I would like it to combine on a master sheet that i can go in and refresh once a month. Please Help!!
  10. F

    Sumproduct multi criteria excel 2016 - Monthly Cash Flow Forecast spreadsheet

    Hi Many thanks in advance for any help and I hope the info below is clear. If not just ask. I am creating a monthly cash flow workbook containing sheets for various purposes. One Sheet is called “CashFlow Mth”; which I assume most know how a monthly cashflow for a year looks like. Column A...
  11. H

    Count Cells

    Hi - If i have Data in column A, that also has multiple headings, is there a way for me to say in A:A count cells between "Beach" and "Baseball"?
  12. srizki

    Pivot table date problem

    Hi all, I copied many the heading from many spreadsheets on of the column headings was the date; it was like 08/06/18, two digits year. After copying over 60 headings and created a pivot table, it shows year as 1918 and 1919 instead of 2018 and 2019. Hmm, What went wrong and how do I correct it...
  13. A

    Hide rows that contain all 0 but not too apply to all rows only certain rows

    Hi I have a spreadsheet that has 56 columns from A to BD with numerical data contained in columns C to AD The spreadsheet also has 197 rows. The rows are grouped by headings, which then detail costs on each line within those headings and then has sub totals for each group. I would like to...
  14. B

    Count filled cells below a specific heading

    Hello, I have a file with multiple worksheets and I need to summarise the number of filled cells below each specific column heading in a different spreadsheet. Is there a formula to do this? eg Sheet 1 column headings are fruit rows below contain locations selling the fruit Sheet2 column...
  15. V

    how to remove Gap between formulas and headings.

    hi, i recently recover an excel document, but now it has this gap in between the Formula's and headings. anyone ever come across this issue or know how to remove/fix it? please advise https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qqMHgukyWWNigPJxo5iNYQpxO74M_t8D/preview
  16. T

    Data Transposing with matching formatting and column headings

    Hello, I am having some difficulty wrapping my head around this. I know I can get a rough solution via pivot tables but I would like to explore the vba route as well. I am looking for a macro that would take the following table from sheet1 <tbody> Name hair nose eyes ears Donald high...
  17. D

    how to return header value

    I want to return the column headings for each x in a record (row) I can find the first using index and match but not subsequent column headings. <tbody> ad ae af ag 1 edu chat human footprint 2 x x 3 x 4 x </tbody> here i need to display header value(edu,chat,...)where ever...
  18. D

    how to display header value

    I want to return the column headings for each x in a record (row) I can find the first using index and match but not subsequent column headings. <tbody> ad ae af ag ah edu charity aa data frce x x </tbody>
  19. N

    Freeze panes acting strangely

    When I freeze panes it doubles up some descriptions and missing others, scrambling the headings. Does anyone know how to fix this? https://docs.google.com/a/roche.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vRsyVHnJnnYX4WvW0GJAkQrU40TkIj93y4tr5Or-5SYkTBVw6YA8BV4qDRrnS3WRiM80DOXL5ISbayA/pub
  20. B

    Is there anyway to keep outline headings visible when filtering?

    I have data in the form of headings and text in a single column. The headings have an outline format and the objects are grouped under the appropriate heading. I want to filter for text in the column and i want the results to display the related parent headings. can excel do this with groups?
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