1. E

    Using a value in a cell to name a row

    Hi guys, I want to be able to use a value in a cell to give a ROW a named range name. The reason : I have 500 of them to name. I can easily dynamically pop the name I want for the row in a cell ( in this case I column G). Ideally, I want to write a macro to step through the rows, where it...
  2. R

    IF statement followed by a SUM

    Hi guys, I'm trying to create a formula to look into a box and sum up how many of x application are within a certain column. So for example i have the below <tbody> Username Notes Resolution User1 This is the notes field where application thisisapplication1 is held as proof for blah YES...
  3. B

    workbook name referenced in a worksheet cell

    The code that I have written works that all the workbooks are open (there are three) two of the files are forecasted demand and then there is a master that imports the data and digests it for managers. Everyday their are going to be new forecasts that need to be loaded. I have written code to...
  4. N

    Excel filter / MS Query Criteria - Formula

    Hi All, I am currently using this formula for 1 cell =SUMPRODUCT(--(SOPLIVE!$A$66533:$A$69522=A11), --(SOPLIVE!$H$66533:$H$69522="Oct-2017"), SOPLIVE!$C$66533:$C$69522) This is correct and does what I need it to up to a point.... The SOPLIVE sheet is connected to a Microsoft Query. I need to...
  5. C

    Rank based on Multiple criteria (Like a RankIFS)

    Hi, I've read a lot of the forums on who to use rank based on multiple criteria, but I need to rank criteria based on multiple criteria. I tried using something like this: =COUNTIF($B26:$T26,">"&N26)+1+SUMPRODUCT(--($B26:$T26=N26),--($B27:$T27>N27)) but it doesnt work for what I'm looking...
  6. L

    VBA Help! - Really new to vba

    Hi there! I am currently working on a project where I would like a macro to go through a "trial and error" process to find a best fit solution with a few constraints. I am new to vba and would love some help, even if it's just where to start. The project I am working on has 4 unknowns counts...
  7. D

    Linking a List to a Worksheet

    I am working on a custom rubric in Excel. I have several different rubrics as worksheets within the same workbook (software, hardware, accessories, etc.). The first worksheet a user would see is an informational page that asks for the users information, and has a drop down list (made using...
  8. M

    Macro to run Solver on multiple columns

    I have looked through a number of other related questions, but I haven't been able to really figure out how to create the macro I need. I am very new to VBA, basically ran into an issue that I can't solve without a macro and need to learn it now. Unfortunately I am on a deadline to try and get...
  9. N

    Assistance Needed for Alternative to VLOOKUP Cell Formating

    I know that I have read all over that you cannot carry over the format of a cell with a VLOOKUP. (Font/ Cell Color, etc) I need help with an alternative. I am somewhat of a beginner but usually catch on quickly. This is what I am working with: I have a worksheet that have multiple sheets- I...
  10. P

    SUM all rows IF a cell is part of a named range?

    Hi all, I've been playing around with CSE formulae. I can work out the weighted average for all entries in a large table (Company, Vol Sales, Val Sales) where the company for an entry is X: In the below...
  11. M

    Please help, External links need to be automatically updated with Scenarios

    I have let's say two sheets linked between one another. One sheet has external links to the other and vice versa the first sheet let's call it the "master sheet" has about 3 different scenarios 1, 2, and 3 if I were to input "1" into a cell on the master sheet, then a number of values in...
  12. M

    In a SUMPRODUCT formula with conditions how to have the changed array to subtract a number given that condition

    The formula I have is: =SUMPRODUCT(--(DB7:DB47=0),--(DA7:DA47>0),FC7:FC47,AX7:AX47)/1000 However, I need the formula to say that If DB7:DB47=0 and DA7:DA47>0 then sumproduct of FC7:FC47 and (90-AX7:AX47). I need to subtract the values that satisfy the instances in the AX column to be subtracted...
  13. D

    Active X Controls not starting at 1?

    Hi, I’ve recently had some trouble with my active x controls and now every command button or check box I enter starts at 21 instead of 1. This happens in existing and new workbooks (and I’ve already re-installed office) This makes me think that there are some inactive active x controls on...
  14. D

    Active X Controls not working when sending over e-mail!

    Hi, I have a file with multiple active x controls to filter and modify a set of data. When I send this file over e-mail, the active x controls don’t work on the recipient’s computer (tested with multiple recipients). On the recipient’s computer, my code is still saved but each active x control...
  15. T

    Help if anyone can! ;-)

    I have a 3 column spreadsheet. Column 1 has item numbers (About 3,000 of them) | column 2 has weights | MY COLUMN - column 3 has only item numbers I want.(About 1500 of them) How do I find the item numbers that I have in column 3 in column 1 and delete the ones I dont want from column 1...
  16. S

    64 Bit Excel 2013 Macro to Make PPT Slide

    Hey, everyone! New to the boards, but used them for a while - thanks for all the great help! I create a lot of charts in my job, and I've been using a macro that copies the print area from each sheet into our company's PPT template while also copying the title from A42, subtitle from A43, file...
  17. B

    Basic (i think) VBA help with row of data

    First off, thanks for your time, even if you've only gotten this far. I have a large range of data, very little of it is useful. from CF3:ET3 the cells contain either a 0 or an 11 character string of numbers/symbols. There can be up to 5 of those strings in one row. I would like to know how...
  18. V

    #REF! Error when using INDIRECT to SUM table column

    Hey there, I'm combining 2 different Excel Templates to make a budget, where one sheet is a yearly summary, and the rest are monthly budgets. Each monthly sheet contains tables with the general name tblMONTHCategory, where MONTH is the first 3 letters of that month, and Category are the budget...
  19. M

    VBA Excel Userform Code Equivelent of SUMIFS()

    Hi There, Does anyone know what vba code I would use to perform a sort of SUMIFS() Formula in an excel userform, gathering relevant data from a spread sheet table? I have a userform with blank labels and a button. And I want the labels to display a total of specific items in my spread sheet...
  20. S

    Forecasting Hotel Occupancy and ADR

    I need to make a spreadsheet that reflects forcasted occupancy at least a month ahead. I have been looking for a template, but cannot find anything. Does anyone have any ideas of where to start? Thank you!

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