help needed!

  1. M

    Combining Worksheets - Finishing Details Required

    Help needed! I have multiple sheets within a workbook that I use to input information for particular pieces of plant and the history of the items. I'm wanting to combine all of these sheets within one sheet for ease of printing (and so as to not waste paper). However, I'm wanting a way to do so...
  2. S

    Troubleshooting Complex Nested If and If Functions

    I'm having an issue with my nested if function. What I would ideally like to do is to compare 2 cells against a confidence interval percentage. So, if cell A is 5% higher than cell B I want my function to create a label the next cell as "Higher" and if its 10% higher than to be labeled as "Much...
  3. J

    Help which function to use!?!?

    Hi I am trying to create an ongoing update-able spreadsheet based of an sql data table, my data looks like the below, <tbody> <tbody> Customer No_ </tbody> <tbody> Posting Date </tbody> <tbody> Sales </tbody> <tbody> Customer 3 </tbody> <tbody> 02/01/2013 00:00 </tbody> 394...
  4. R

    Help with scanning bar codes, and populating a different field

    I am a records management auditor, I recently switched to using Excel from other programs and I am hoping there is a way to make my life easier, What I want to do is scan a barcode with a barcode scanner and have it find the barcode in my Excel workbook, and then populate a cell a few columns...
  5. D

    find, copy row, update to database

    hey, i'm creating a database on excel and i've come across a problem, on sheet "database" i have data starting from b2-e2, headed, reference number, product name, description , date respectivley there is data underneath and keeps adding. what i need is a macro code to do the following, i want...
  6. C

    It's getting late and i have a report due tomorrow

    is there a way to reference a cell with a known column but a changing row. ie For Each i In Range("S47:S50") If i = 1 Then For Each cell In Sheets("sheet1").Range(D?,F?,H?,G?) :confused:
  7. J

    Finding Percentage of a Category

    Hi All, I set up a table to track defective parts on a shift-by-shift basis. The fields are: Entry Number (primary key auto number), Defect, Quantity, Inspector, Date, Shift, etc... If someone inspects 1000 parts on day shift where 2 parts are found defective for rust and 1 is defective for...
  8. J

    Help please! Copy whole row if cell includes "x"

    Hi, Basically, I am creating some data and I am a bit stuck :eeek:. I would like to say: If any cells in column c have the word "Giant" in it (there will be a sentance in each cell but I would like it to pick out the specific word) - Then please paste the whole line into sheet 2. Is this...
  9. Jasa P

    Logical Test

    How to resolve this problem? :confused: If I have a combination of 125x10 in cell A1, then I just need the number after the "x". So, the value in cell B1 is 10. Example: A ____________B 1 125x10 ________10 2 53x5 ___________5 3...
  10. E

    Time and Date Formula Giving Strange Result

    Hello, I have researched archived threads, the web, and Excel help and I'm tired and confused.:biggrin: Columns - 1: Open Date & Time (format mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm) 2: Last Edited/Time State Changed (format mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm) 3: Days Since Ticket Last Changed =DATEDIF(P2,TODAY(),"d") 4: Weeks...
  11. W

    Excel 2007 creating a search from a spreadsheet?

    Can someone kindly help me on how to create search terms for a spreadsheet that I have been working on? Please help...
  12. Y

    Creating A Macro to export data to another workbook!

    I have a list of approximately 200 entries made up of the customer details charges, weight of products etc, e.g. ticket no>customer name>>product weight> rebate >>>source 122 >>>>customer A >>>>>30000kg >>>>>>£500 >>>>customer a yard 123>>>> customer B >>>>>12000kg >>>>>>>£0 >>>>>>outside...
  13. T

    Help changing counta/countifs formulas into macros

    Hi Could someone please help me i have created a couple of countif and counta formula but i want to turn them into macros. Please any guidance would be appreciated =SUM(OFFSET(KTPT81T!G5,0,0,COUNT(KTPT81T!G5:G1000))) =COUNTIF(TABF124!$G:K,"Y") =COUNTA(KTPT80T!$G:$G)-2 how can i turn...
  14. S

    Newbie question

    I would like to ask the following questions: 1. Who can help me in advanced filter? 2. What is the best site where it can offer me very good tutorial, staring from scratch to the very complex one? 3. Who can I approach/pm when I have important questions? Thank you and God Bless!
  15. J

    Pivot Table Grouping / Nesting Question

    I am having an issue with getting a Pivot Table to display data how I would like to report on it. The column labels are fine, and when I put one field into the row label section, I see data how I would like to. When I add another field to the Row Label section, it nests this within the first...
  16. A

    Hiding a group of cells by condition

    Hi.. I am an absolute newbie in this setting and would appreciate some help. Is there a way by which you can hide a group of cells in an excel sheet by condition?? What I was trying to do was to a) label rows according to date. b) create a condition to hide the rows once the date has passed...
  17. E

    any help needed

    Hi there ive almost finished making a bike hire system where i select a specific type of bike and the hire duration as well as entering the customers details in and veryfying them on a seperate sheet i need basically a database of all the transactions throughout a certain period (not specific)...
  18. E

    vba or macro ????

    i need to make a button that saves the current info onto a new sheet with a specific format then clears data an await new entry e.g. transaction#**bike type**hir duration**hire charge**indettity verified -----1----**--cycle--**--half day---**---25t----**true i also wanted to have a trasacyion...
  19. E

    HELP NEEDED! confused

    Thanks for actually taking you time to help guys. im a learning novie at the moment so i dont know if my explanaition are clear so i hosted pics of the sheet and colour coded it (YOU WILL NEED TO VIEW THE PICS TO UNDERSTAND THE COLOR CODE). image 1: this should be the table where i got all my...
  20. E

    macro or vba or simple formula

    ive looked at so many videos and im still pretty confused at which functions would work best for me right now. (this is for university by the way) i have a hire system set up what i have to do is set a list of different bikes to choose from and each bike is charged at a different price depending...

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