hidden cells

  1. J

    Find a range of numbers in a column with hidden cells

    I have a list of clients and I am trying to see how many clients I have in multiple ranges of premiums. For example: how many clients do i have with premium between 5,000 and 10,000. The issue that I'm having is that the column I'm trying to calculate from has hidden cells so I think my range...
  2. SanjayGMusafir

    VBA Code to Ctrl+Home in Freeze Panes ignoring Hidden Cells

    In most of my Excel sheets, I use Freeze Panes. And to keep my work visibly tidy, I hide rows. Now, I have VBA to reach First Cell after Frozen Pane. And also, VBA for ignoring Hidden Rows. But when I combine both to reach First Visible Cell - It takes a lot of time. I strongly believe that...
  3. D

    Hidden Rows

    Hi there I wonder if someone could help me with a strange thing that's happening to a spreadsheet we use at work. I can't find anything in another thread about this. The spreadsheet is a database of staff and lots of columns of related data such as dates. It's used by 3 different people on a...
  4. J

    Function to count visible text cells

    Hello, Basically what I'm trying to do is: I have a set of different text, for example, ATB2 ATBS KAX1 2VTL, etc. And I sorted them out by "past due" and "on time" with the given date. I applied a filter and I wanna count how many visible ATBS or KAX, etc are on "past due", I tried to use the...
  5. M

    VBA Loop with Hidden Rows

    Hello all, New to the community and VBA and I'm having some difficulty figuring this out. If anyone can provide some help I would greatly appreciate it. I have a loop and I need rows that are hidden or filtered out to be skipped. Everything is running fine but rows that are hidden or filtered...
  6. G

    Paste Formatting is pasting in Hidden/Filtered Cells

    Hello, I've started a new job and the Excel settings here are different than the computer I used to have. Before, I could filter a list and copy/paste formatting into all the cells in the filtered list. When I cleared the filter, normally the cells that were just filtered are the only ones that...
  7. S

    HELP! Excel crashes when savind .xlm file with hidden rows and elements

    Hi, I made an Excel file with activex drop down & Text boxes. Some of them are hidden and appear only when other comboboxes have certain values. This all works fine. Except when I try to save my file. It saves as a .xlm file. If I save it without any hidden comboboxes/textboxes/rows; it...
  8. andrewb90

    Skip code if no cells are visible in VBA

    Hey there! I have this code that copies all visible cells in a cell range, however if there are no visible cells, i get an error. Is there a best solution that would prevent an error in the even of no visible cells? Sub Sa_PM()'prep...
  9. L

    Copy and Paste visible cells only

    Hi All, I'm trying to copy and paste visible cells only. for instance; I have columns A to Z but I columns C to H hidden When I use Alt+; or Find & Select>Go To Special>Visible Cells Only it selects only the visible cells. I can see the perforated line separating the columns. However when I...
  10. A

    Copy Macro not working correctly for certain users

    Hi all, I've got a really basic macro which copies anything that's selected on a worksheet. The purpose of this is to copy data from one workbook to another without pasting any hidden cells. This code functions perfectly when I test it out, however, when another user tests it excel will copy...
  11. T

    Get Array of Hidden Rows and Columns indices

    Is there a way to get an array of all the indices of the hidden rows and columns within a worksheet? I would like to do this without any looping, perhaps using Range.Find() if its possible or whatever is most efficient. Ideally I would like to have two functions (FindHiddenRows and...
  12. D

    VBA - lock/unlock cells after entry

    Hey guys, I need your help Problem: User choose a Location, after his decision, it is written in a cell. There are several tables for each Location. First they are all hidden, but if you have choosen a Location, the specific Location table is displayed, all others arent. This should be down...
  13. M

    How do I return only the rows of a filtered table into a new list???

    I have been struggling with this problem for a long time and it seems like it should be so simple and easy, it is making me extremely frustrated. Here is what is going on: I have a list of projects that are in different phases (Planning, Complete, Executing, Cancelled, etc). I have a table...
  14. S

    VBA Code to remove page breaks giving range error HELP

    I am unable to figure out how to write the VBA code to ignore page breaks if certain rows are hidden / allow page breaks if rows are not hidden. I am new to VBA code writing. I have checkboxes that when selected the rows will hide or expand when checked. I have the following print command...
  15. W

    Moving Objects With VBA

    Is there a way in VBA to send an object (Groups made of Text boxes and Check boxes) to a set cell rather than using what record macro does of having the selected object move up or down with a numerical value. The controls move whenever I copy a sheet that has a lot of hidden rows, they move to...
  16. A

    VBA Function for Hidden Cells

    Hey guys, I am pretty good with Excel, but am new to programming with VBA. I am trying to make a function that will only show the value of visible cells (so I can have excel calculate a slope/offset of a filtered table. I made the function below, and it seems to work pretty well. Option...
  17. R

    When Cells change value, Spreadsheet Rows are Hidden?

    Hi there, I have a spreadsheet where there are three drop down lists at cells A13, A15 and C18. Based on the choices, certain rows will be hidden or not. What I am trying to do is if any of the three cells change, the VBA code will run. What I am finding is once a choice is made, if I make...
  18. N

    EXCEL 2010 - Referencing cell contents of last unhidden cell

    Hello, I have a column ("REFERENCE") which is intended to display row numbers in order (ie. 1, 2, 3, 4, etc...). I would like to write a formula that returns the value of the cell above +1. The column contains a number of hidden rows throughout the range and I would like the formula to look for...
  19. L

    Hidden Cells

    Hi everyone, I had an excel file that is shared over the network and only two people can access it. So every changes made from that file will automatically update and everytime each user will open the file, they should see same design, and data. Computer A is using Office 2007 and Computer B...
  20. andrewb90

    Formula to display cell contents of visible cell

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to have a formula that will display the contents of only 1 of the 5 different cells. either G5, G205, G405, G605, or G805. Only 1 of those cells would be visible at any given time, and the value of that cell is what I want to display. I hope this is making...

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