hiding columns

  1. R

    How to combine the functions of having the ability to select multiple items from a drop down list and hide columns based on values of said list?

    I have a list that is based on the header names of columns and am able to hide all but the selected column in the list based on the current coding I have. However, this only works for one selection from the list at a time. I would like to be able to select multiple column titles from the list...
  2. J

    Hiding and Unhiding Columns with Shapes

    Hi Gurus, I am having an issue trying to hide/unhide columns using shapes (not command buttons). I would like to do the following: 1) have the shapes show a "ON" color and "OFF" color (which I have tried to do by overlapping shapes on top of each other 2) when a certain shape is "ON", the...
  3. T

    Excel automatically hiding certain columns

    Hi, Hoping you can help me. I am completely new to VBA but definitely willing to give it a try and I suspect it may be the only option to do what I need. I have a large detailed calendar schedule for seven staff (each day has a column for each staff member). I'm hoping I can include a button...
  4. R

    Hiding columns in Protected Sheet

    Hi Mr Excel users, How to Hide columns in Protected Sheet? In a sheet I have S*HIFT + ALT + Right ARROW = a collapsible shortcut for HIDING but it isn't working after I protect the Sheet. I have protected the sheet because I don't want a formula to be seen (HIDDEN) because of CURLY Brackets...
  5. N

    Hiding columns based on date range

    Hi, I would appreciate any help creating a macro to hide columns for a range of cells based on todays date minus 3 years. I currently have about 20 columns. Each column heading is a persons name. Each column under the persons name has 10 rows of dates. To send out a monthly report of people that...
  6. G

    Macro to hide empty columns in a range is not working

    I have a range of data with many columns, and each day it will be updated-- it will always have the same columns but a variable number of rows. The goal is that my macro will look at a specific set of 39 columns in the middle of the range beginning with the right most one, and examine the cells...
  7. Fishboy

    Hiding / Unhiding multiple named ranges at once

    Hi all, I currently have an Excel 2010 workbook containing a number of macros to hide columns. Each column is for a specific location (arranged alphabetically) and has it's own hide button which basically hides / unhides all OTHER columns than the one with the button. For example: Sub...
  8. M

    Automatically Hiding Rows/Columns based on today's date

    Hello, I am working in google spreadsheets and need a few things to happen: 1.) Autofill 3 months worth of dates in relation to today's date in specific cells 2.) Automatically hide a column if the date in a specific cell is 30 days prior to today's date and 30 days after today's date 3.) On...
  9. M

    Auto hide columns and rows based on cell values. Protect Sheet.

    I have a sheet that needs to have columns hidden if the value in row 35 of the column is <0 and unhide the columns if isn't(The values in row 35 are calculated based on B8) If B8<2 then rows 64-97 need to be hidden as well and unhiden if not. I had code that worked at one point, but something...
  10. D

    Automatically Hiding Columns Based on relative cell value

    Hi there - using excel 10 on windows 7. I am relatively proficient in general excel use but completely lost when it comes to VBA. I have come across a number of answers to parts of this and have tried for several hours to get it working but to no avail and so would apprecaite any help given I...
  11. M

    Hiding certain rows based on an identifier

    Hello I am trying to automate a task and there are a couple layers. I will try and walk you through it...let me know anything is unclear: I have a summary tab with columns each column has a unique number in the 2th row. The number of columns can vary, but the row of the indentifier never...
  12. A

    Lateral Filters, Excell 10'

    Hey guys,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> First time threader, long time listener.<o:p></o:p> I am have trouble figuring out whether or not you can filter in the lateral direction. <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I have categorical...
  13. B

    Hiding Columns and fill color changes

    Hello. I use Excel daily but will admit I never have the need to write codes or even use macros. However, we now have a shared workbook with about 70 sheets (these represent each employee). The workbook is basic and worked well last month. I recreated it this month and it's not so smooth...
  14. N

    Hiding Columns with Dynamic/Changing Tab Names

    PROBLEM: We need to hide several columns, on several sheets, based on a cell saying either TRUE or FALSE. But this is not so easy when the tab names (i.e. sheet names) can change, meaning that the formula for hiding these columns must be 'dynamic' also. In the spreadsheet we have formulas...

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