1. N

    Help with Eisenhower Matrix xls

    Good evening friends. I am working on a spreadsheet that includes "initiatives" that have been bucketed into a pseudo-Eisenhower Matrics (Do first, Do next, Do later, Delete). The spreadsheet layout is something like below (Initiatives in column A, Priority in column J and E.Sort in column N). I...
  2. A

    Table banding according to incrementing category number

    Hi, I have a list of multi-leg airplane routes/destinations. I'd like to have table banding/shading by route number (is an actual number). So some bands might be 1 or 2 rows high while others might be up to 5. How should I go about this? Conditional formatting may be the answer but it's not a...
  3. I

    Same text in same column but different cell is high lighted in red

    Evening, As per the title. The issue is column Q Example Cell Q10 shows Dog Cell Q156 also shows Dog if i change the text to Cat then the Red high light is gone Now these two cells are high lighted Red ? I do have a code on this form which looks for duplicated entries in Column A for...
  4. S

    Add multiple columns into one cell

    In tab1, I have a table with the end user will complete: <tbody> Type Check 1 Check 2 Check 3 Check 4 Check 5 Check 6 Check 7 Check 8 Check 9 Combined Check Type1 L M L H H Type2 M L M M M </tbody> In tab2, Column B is what I'm attempting to get as an end result. I can't...
  5. H

    IF Function that has multiple criteria.

    Hi there, I am trying to construct an IF Function for the following problem: Data: 5 collums of data (A,B,C,D,E) and 33 participants. Conditions: define person as 'high risk' if either '3 out of 4 values (A,B,C,D) are smaller than 10' OR if '2 out of 4 values (A,B,C,D) are smaller than...
  6. T

    Count if cell between range and text status

    Hi, I want a formula to count when a number is between a range and another column has the appropriate text. It will be similar to =COUNTIFS(I10:I328, "H = High ", L10:L328, "Closed") except where I10:I328, "H = High " is a number range instead. I tried...
  7. M

    High, Low and Average based on two separate criteria

    <tbody> Item Price Classification A High A Low A Average B High B Low B Average Item A £4.50 A Item B £6.50 B Item C £5.75 B Item A £3.60 C Item B £10.05 E Item C £6.80 C Item A £4.75 B Item B £7.20 A Item C £5.45 B...
  8. J

    Not sure if nested IF, with AND, in addition to OR, unless there's a better way?

    Excel 2016 without the office 365 subscription so I can't use IFS. So I've got two columns of conditions. Column 1 has five possible values; low, low/mod, moderate, mod/high, and high. Column 2 has four; Strong, adequate, needs improvement, and none exists. I want to look at those values and...
  9. J

    EXCEL: multiple criteria, only one count per row

    Hello. Within an Excel workbook I have a worksheet that has 30 columns and more than 50,000 rows. Below, I’ve have copied 7 of the columns and 29 of the rows (not including the two column heading rows). Let’s call this worksheet 201617. On another worksheet (also below), which I will call...
  10. B

    Extracting Partial Text and copy to another cell

    Good Morning, It may be easier to explian in a diagram below what I am trying to acheive. Any help would be much appreciated. <tbody> Ideas Date Created Revised Date Idea Rating Idea 101 Low 20/01/18 - Cell reads whether text in Idea 101 Low, is Low, Medium or High and dispalys that...
  11. W

    Best approach to calculate Impact vs Timing

    I'm trying to generate a bubble quadrant chart, but need to further refine my data. The quadrant will have Impact along the X axis and Timing along the Y axis. The size of the bubble should be the quantity of the Category. My data looks like the below: Category Issue Description impact...
  12. N

    Concatenate for n Number text, if my condition matches more than twice

    Hi all, could anyone please help me to sort the below question. A table contains List of project, Benefits and complexity and another table contains Headings and rows as Complexity and Benefits how could i get ans like in the table 2: For Eg: Table 1: Projects Benefits Complexity...
  13. B

    Extracing a value from one paticular cell in multiple workbooks and listing them in order.

    Hello, I have a workbook that records new files saved into a folder and generates a hyperlink to that file. In each workbook file that is saved there is one cell that advises if the value is Low, Medium or High ( in this instance cell is D3). I need my workbook that stores these hyperlinked...
  14. P

    Employee forecasting - Multi-criteria calculation

    Hello everybody. <o:p></o:p> I’m a bit out of my depth with this one! <o:p></o:p> Effectively what I am trying to do is calculate the time commitment of each employee based on a number of criteria. <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Each employee is allocated to a number of jobs – the time commitment for...
  15. P

    VLOOKUP and replace

    I have a formula that looks up a project id and returns values "very high", "high", medium, low. I want the formula to look up the project id and when the value is Very High, display VH in the cell instead of Very High, H instead of High, M instead of Medium and L instead of L. Is that possible...
  16. G

    VBA Duplicate Values in one Column/Sum occurrences in second column off criteria

    I have a bunch of IP Addresses in Column C that are in consecutive order containing duplicates. In Column D I have a text value that could be 1 of 4 items (Critical, High, Medium, Low). I need to delete the Duplicate IPs and Sum the occurrences of the criteria in another Worksheet to the same...
  17. R

    Time Greater then and Less then =

    Good afternoon fellow peeps. I am struggling bit time with this one, and no amount of research online is assisting me with the correct formula I have as follows <tbody> A B C D E F 1 High Tide Minus 15 minutes High Tide High Tide Plus 15 Minutes Recorded time 2 =B2-15/1440 13:25...
  18. H

    Help with a formula (array?) to do the following

    I have cell K12 in which a summed value is displayed. There are thresholds (reflected by CF colouring). That's by the by I realise. These relates to subjective descriptions of low, medium, high, extra high. In the cell below (in K13) what do I need to put in to get, depending on the score, the...
  19. R

    Trying to work out a financial return from start and end of trend - help

    <tbody> Date High Low Close 1/1/17 106 101 103 2/1/17 110 103 107 3/1/17 103 95 101 4/1/17 105 92 100 5/1/17 100 88 95 6/1/17 98 86 92 7/1/17 100 80 90 </tbody> So I am trying to put a formula/spreadsheet together that does the following. % return...
  20. P

    re order columns on value

    45 58 02 30 56 in Columns A1 to E1. How can I re-order low to high please?

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