hours computation

  1. L

    status bar sum is correct while column sum is not

    Hello, I have been reading for hours and i have not been able to find someone who can answer why the time on the excel status bar is correct and my column sum is not. The column sum is adding minutes which I cannot figure out. I also need to sum the hours to the nearest 15 minute increment. I've...
  2. E

    Total hours that fall between two times

    Hi All, Need a formula to calculate total number of hours that fall between 2 specific times as below. Formula should go to Unsociable Hours Column (F) <tbody> From 20:00 In the evening To 08:00 in the morning Ignoring the break!!! Employee IN OUT Break (mins) Total Hours...
  3. J

    Converting duration in NUMBER format to duration in TIME format in Excel.

    Dear all, I have the duration data for more than 40000 rows in the number format. I need a method to convert the same into time format in excel. BY saying number format i mean 1 Hours & 45 minutes has been given as 1.45. I would like to have the same value 1.45 in the TIME format in excel so...
  4. S

    Excel formula for bifurcating Time for calculating charges

    Hi All, First of all I want to Thank each one of you and this forum for the continued help on excel to many basic users like me. I have read many posts whenever I needed help on excel, without registering here previously and and those solutions have immediately solved my problems. However...
  5. S

    Time Sheet total hours worked per day and overall week

    Hello, I am having difficulty with sorting out a time sheet. We have 8 tabs Tab 1 - Hours Tab 2 - Sunday Tab 3 - Monday Tab 4 - Tuesday Tab 5 - Wednesday Tab 6 - Thursday Tab 7 - Friday Tab 8 - Saturday The hours tab is split down for each day and will look up all the names for each day...
  6. I

    Sum total hours "when in operation" between 9:00pm and 8:00 am

    Basically, I am able to calculate the total hours in operations. Now, I need to sum the hours in Operations that fall between 9:00pm and 8:00 am. <colgroup><col width="87" style="width: 65pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 3181; mso-outline-level: 1;"> <col width="87" style="width...
  7. S

    Calculate total hours in a work week using workdays and punch in and out times

    I have a list days and clock in and out times. I would like to calculate the total number of hours worked in a work week. The work week begins midnight Sunday and ends at 11:59:59 Saturday. The punch in and out times are in military format. Employees don't work every day of the week. My problems...
  8. O

    Coverting hours in Gantt Chart Excel

    I'm looking to create a gantt chart for a project timeline. I need some help writing the code to handle. The goal is to take start date and have the code calculate and end date of the task my hours of the project. Also based of a percentage of my day. For example: If task A is going to take...
  9. E

    hh:mm:ss and mm:ss computations

    Can someone assist me with computations on the following worksheet? http://tinypic.com/r/2qlv1c4/7 I need to do computations with times that may vary from hh:mm:ss and mm:ss. I have attached a photo of the spreadsheet. And I would like to do computations like this. I need to have all the...
  10. M

    A time issue

    Hello All, Please help! Racking my brain for days. I have formatted a column A for time. [hhh]:mm.... These times entered in A, will be mostly more than 24 hours say 40:35 (let say its in A1) I would like it to appear in B2 as a decimal for the minuets only as 40.58 I have formated...
  11. E

    Converting Time to decimal

    How do I write a formula to calculate the following: start time 08h30 and end time 16h30 to give me an answer of 8 hours?
  12. H

    Formatting for hours and minutes, etc.

    Hi there, I am data dumping from our timekeeping system into Excel 2003. I have associates who worked 41 hours and 55 minutes (41.55) and some that worked 22 hours and 10 minutes (22.10). Question 1: How do I format so Excel reads this as 41:55 and 22:10, respectively (NOT in minutes and...
  13. G

    How to input a number of hours greater than 9999?

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet where I log the used time of plane' parts. The cell format is [h]:00 Everything works fine until I try to enter an hour value of 10235:00 > the value was accepted as text! I found that the maximum value I can type is 9999:00. The sum of cells can be greater than...

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