1. J

    searchable dropdown list with exchangeable names

    Hello, I did a list as suggested here : It works very fine. However, I would like to improve it for my needs. My list in column F contains cell with many words, separated by a coma : “,” Example : F3 : house, cat, hospital...
  2. A

    Auto formatting issue...

    Hi guys, I have a CSV exporter which converts a PDF into excel where the PDF file has customer details like Name, Guardian name, House no, Gender etc., Now the problem is whenever i use the CSV exporter the zero in house no removes automatically For example: Actual data of House no in PDF...
  3. N

    DAX Formula help for Average Cost of an item

    Hi there, Kindly help to have DAX formula for the below table each item has different amount either issued or received (+1 or -1) and i need to have average cost of an each item irrespective of date <tbody> Date Item No. Item Qty Description Amount 31/03/2019 In house 1 In houDe...
  4. A

    automatically update cell value in other sheet guided by shared reference ( is it possible )

    Hi everyone I've one question , is there a way to do this automatically if i select YES in D4 in Sheet(input) , automatically will be writen in D4 in Tasks(data) with respect to the reference name RBC03 i hope you got my point if this worked i will buy touch screen and i will attach it...
  5. D

    Inputting data in in a tab and recording to another

    Good evening all, I have a two tab excel workbook. The first tab as a list of sequencial numbers (house numbers) in one column and a list of mulitple items across. The second tab is editable and i want to freely input house numbers in say A1,A2,A3 etc.. and a item description against each in...
  6. D

    Extract House Number from String

    Hi, I have a column with address details. I would like to separate the house number (always on the left) from the string. In some case, there might not be a house number, while in some other cases there might be a house and a flat number. I am only looking for the house number. Table below...
  7. C

    Macro to capture/count data in a column

    Good Morning! I'm tryig to figure out how to create macro that will review a column and list and count values in the field. Example The Column will hav "Unit" as defned by House, Apartment, Barn, whatever. My goal is to try to run something that go through the column and capture all values...
  8. Vintage79

    Stuck on Percentage Calculation

    Hello all! I am trying to make a simple calculation to work out a property value. If a bank is willing to loan 360k with the understanding that you must put down a 10% deposit on a house, then you can buy a house up to 400k in value. I want to be able to enter the loan amount, and the deposit...
  9. H

    Summing to a point

    Hi, I have the below data that I want to sum, but only to a certain point: <tbody> Number of cats 7 8 10 11 12 Cumulative cats 7 15 25 8 0 Cap on the number of cats 33 </tbody> I have information on the number of cats in each house, as can be seen it is 7 in...
  10. JenniferMurphy

    Counting words (text strings) in a range

    I know CountIf can count the number of occurrences of a word in a range if each call in that range contains only a single word. Is there a formula that can count the number of occurrences of a word in a range where each cell may contains multiple words? In this table, I would like the "house"...
  11. E

    Stuck in a combobox event

    Hi I have a CB1 combobox, the problem is: I want to trigger an event ONLY when I click on a value in the drop-down list. There's a FilterTheComboBox sub that filter as I type in the dropdown list. For example, suppose a dropdown list with: "House", "House A", "House B". 1) Using MouseClick...
  12. E

    How to place the Sale Income in the correct Monthly Cell

    I have a workbook that has two tabs. Tab 1 = Selling price and selling month (i.e. in A1 I have the month #, in A2 I have the selling price of a house) Tab 2 = Columns for month 1,2,3, etc all the way out to month 24. (i.e in A1, etc I have month #, and in A2, etc I want the selling price...
  13. S

    Formula to increase a value by % based on two different types of data.

    Hi All, I am having trouble trying to work this one out. I can't figure out the formula that goes in the green cells highlighted below. In the green cells I want to increase the cost base of each property by the % from the data below, based on whether the property is allocated as a house/unit...
  14. S

    Export colums as individual csv files

    Hi Could someone advise on how you can export each column to an individual csc or tab file using the header as the file name please. i.e. <tbody> Street 1 Street 2 Street 3 1 1C 1 MOORGROVE HOUSE 2 3 2 MOORGROVE HOUSE 3 5 3 MOORGROVE HOUSE 4 7 4 MOORGROVE HOUSE 5...
  15. S

    Move cells into catergories

    Hi Someone's help would be very appreciated. I have a list of addresses where there are multiple street names and all of them have a different house number in the cell to the left of street name. I would like all of the house numbers to come under the street name. I have removed duplicates...
  16. S

    Count no of items between dates when dates are in a column

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to count the no of items between two dates (say from 01/Oct/2017 to 31/Dec/2017) using criteria in column a. Each item has a date in a row in the format dd/mmm/yyyy. I'd rather not have to enter the dates in separate cells and rather have them in the formula so that...
  17. L

    Colours in cells via specific conditions

    Hi good people!, I do not know if this is do-able with formulas, I do hope so.. I have in cell A1 and A2 a word "House", and in A3 a different word, in A4 again "House", and in A5 a different word. These text's are derived via formula. So, I have 3 "House" words and 2 indifferent ones. In...
  18. S

    Copy Data from one Sheet to other sheet based on condition

    <colgroup><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> The below data is in one excel sheet now I want to copy all data for Exchange House ABC and XYZ into Urgent sheet and rest to non-urgent sheet. Pls note the row number may very from Exchange house, I need to copy data from...
  19. E

    SUMIFS with criteria range in horizontal and vertical

    Hello - first time poster! Looking to do a sumifs with the below so that I can sum just the Blue house in 2018 (answer would be 25.00). I want to be able to use this formula to change the color criteria and year criteria. thank you in advance!! <tbody> 1 A B C D 2 House 2017* 2018 2019 3...
  20. C

    Is there a way to categorize information in Excel?

    I am an interior designer with a lot of workbooks for different projects, but if possible I would like to streamline them into a master spreadsheet and then be able to select and print out, for example, all the tile selections in the entire house, or also just the selections for one room. Is...

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