hyper link

  1. R

    Print Batching

    I have been using Excel for a long time but am very new macros and would consider myself a novice at coding even. I have been trying to write a macro to basically batch print multiple documents available in web hyperlinks. I'm not even sure if what I am trying to do is within Excel's...
  2. L

    Link between two dynamic points

    Hello, I am having trouble with creating a hyperlink between two dynamic points. Sheet 2 is updated with new data every night. Sheet 1 is a smaller subset of the data, that also gets updated every night based on the data from sheet 2. The idea is to click on the project id on sheet 1 and it...
  3. T

    Error with Sending Hyperlink via email using VBA

    Hi, I keep getting Compile Syntax Error when trying to run the following Macro. Please Help! Sub Give_Feedback() Dim EmailApp As Object Dim EmailItem3 As Object Dim xStrBody As String xStrBody = "Good Morning/Afternoon" & "<br>" & "<br>" _ & "My feedback is about:" & "<br>" & "<br>" & "Kind...
  4. P

    Creating Hyperlink & Folder on creation of new cell entry

    Hello everyone! I need some help - I'm working on a Stores Database and have a working Userform. I have 7 columns which populate on Userform entry. On the 7th column it enters a unique number when a new entry is added. What I would like to do is on every entry of the Userform and a unique...
  5. K

    Hyperlink formulas disappearing after a running code

    I have a spreadsheet with nearly 5000 defined names. We have a code that transfers filled out information from the template, to the most recent release of that template to capture any changes in sale prices or new items. So they are both the same spreadsheet except the most recent template has...
  6. Y

    Attachements and Hyperlinks in an Excel UserForm (HOW TO)

    I have created an Excel UserForm that I am using to track employee coaching documentation and the Action Planning process. I am wanting to know how to create an option to select and upload and attachment, have it saved to a Shared Drive on our network then create a link that would be on the...
  7. R

    Select Cells based on other Cells Value

    Hello Everyone, I am working on database and need your help in one macro. I have one drop down linked with V1 and have one search box. V1 will be the country name. So i want If V1 is australia then C8:P9 should be selected and cursor automatically reach on C3. Same if V1 is Austria then...
  8. X

    Conditional Hyperlink with drop down list

    I have a drop down list with 4 options - A, B, C, and D. I need that only when C is selected from the list, the cell itself has a hyperlink. So, if cell B4 gets the value C from the drop down list, then C or the cell itself should be hyperlinked to say Google.com. If any other value is selected...
  9. D

    VBA - Find Hyperlinks in column from a specific domain and open in browser

    Hello Everybody, I need your help guys. I am trying to find hyperlinks in a column and open them in my default browser. I am currently using this: Sub openlink1() 'Open Links Dim Sh As Worksheet Dim Rng As Range Dim Cell As Range On Error Resume Next Set Sh =...
  10. L

    Hyperlink as Button for VBA Code

    When I was researching why my command buttons keep changing size, I came accross a comment suggesting the use of hyperlinks or images instead. I like the idea of a hyperlink as it would fit better on my dashboard, but I'm not sure wher to start. Does anyone have the method for attaching...
  11. P

    Display a table in a pop-up window when a hyperlink is clicked

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if there is a way in excel-vba to do this. In sheet A, I have 10 tables. Each table is assigned a table name and has two columns (a list of fields in column 1 and the corresponding data types in column 2). I have added a hyperlink to the cell which contains the...
  12. A

    Coding for macro to open link - help with code?

    Sub FollowLinks() Dim i As Hyperlink If (A1) = " http://www.ecb.int/stats/money/aggregates/bsheets/html/outstanding_amounts.zip " Then OpenLinks " http://www.ecb.int/stats/money/aggregates/bsheets/html/outstanding_amounts.zip " End If End Sub Can...
  13. T

    VBA Code to target specifc range

    Hi All, I have a VBA script, which works for the whole column which when clicked it allows the user to select a hyperlink file or folder from the computer and it will insert the link into Excel. Code: Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Count > 1...
  14. A

    Click Here

    Can someone help with this simple task please. I'm trying to get the hyperlink in the outlook body just to read; "Hi Please Click Here to view the [B7] - [B8] event sheet. [B9]" where "Click Here" would be the hyperlink. The code I have at the moment is Private Sub CommandButton3_Click()...
  15. S

    Hyperlinking/Data Validation?

    Hello All, I have a hyper-linking or possibly a Data Validation question. I have Sheet 1, with a bunch of customer on it(Each customer has their own row). It also has some financial data on it as well, but not important. I also have Sheet 3, which is a Pivot Chart of all the customers on...
  16. B

    VB Code for Hyperlink

    I have a spreedsheet that several users enter data at different times.I am currently having it emailed using a macro. Is there code for sending a email that will just contain a hyperlink back to its point of origin. (This is all done on a Network). Thanks again. This Forum is amazing.
  17. B

    Grouping Columns

    I previously had a sheet running with 4 sets of columns grouped, and I have also with the help of people on this website added code so that should I be following any of the internal hyperlinks which are minimized in a closed group, they become visible. Recently the sheet crashed and since it...
  18. B

    Excel Cell links

    Hi guys, I need some help linking two cells in the same work sheet. I want to be able to click on a cell and it take the viewer to the related cell elsewhere in the spreadsheet... I can do this with a hyperlink but my issue comes when I move the linked cell to a new location. The link then goes...
  19. motherteresa

    Email Hyperlink Issue

    I have searched, but just can't get this figured out. Any help would be SO appreciated. I have this code in a sheet. The code is activated by clicking on a button. It all looks great, but I want my email address to be a hyperlink. I've read several solutions, but can't seem to get it right...
  20. E

    Hyperlink Issue/Formatting Problem

    Hey There, I am experiencing an issue within an Excel workbook dealing with hyper links. I have created a navigation tab with links to all the other tabs within the workbook. I added "Home" links in the top left corner of every tab that links back to the main "Nav" tab. Every time I open the...

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