1. D

    Power Query - Hyperlink to file

    I have a power query setup that imports tables from all excel files in a folder. Is it possible to have a column that contains a link to the original excel file? [I have this working in a regular excel table using the hyperlink function (which uses the customer name to get to the correct...
  2. D

    How to click hyperlink on webpage

    Hi, I have managed to get on to a webpage through some basic script. On that webpage there are a number of Hyperlinks. I need to identify the appropriate Hyperlink (in the below case it would be where the 'label' is "S-C-BSS-1" and then click it. Is this doable? If so...how? Element...
  3. 1

    Hyperlink based on 2 cell values

    I have a workbook with multiple sheets, on one sheet I have a column with sheet names and the second with cell address example A2 = CONTROL ROOM AE5 B2= $C$4 How can I create a hyperlink that goes to the value in A2 (sheet name) and B2 (cell). Thanks in advance..
  4. K

    Extracting Multiple Strings in a Cell Based on Criteria

    Hi! So I have a situation, I am currently trying to pull out hyperlinks (that are not linked so they are just text in a cell) from multiple cells that link to a website called jama. They are all contained in a column N and there are some that have one link and then another that contains multiple...
  5. P

    vlookup / hyperlink to e-mail

    Hello, Please could any help on a vlookup issue? i have the following lookup =HYPERLINK(IF(IFERROR(VLOOKUP($C$29,Supplier,11,FALSE),"")=0,"",IFERROR(VLOOKUP($C$29,Supplier,11,FALSE),""))) I have a invoice and when i populate the suppliers details i would like to have a hyperlink to their...
  6. R

    Create Hyperlink in Excel to open Task imported from Outlook

    Hi All. I have some code to import all non-completed tasks from Outlook into a spreadsheet. My plan is to then put these into some kind of Eisenhower matrix to allow better organising of important vs urgent tasks etc. I want each task to be a hyperlink which will then open the task in Outlook...
  7. B

    Excel follow Hyperlink not working

    I have the following code that I need to follow a hyperlink. The problem is G7 is using a formula to get the hyperlink from Vlookup. If I manually type the hyperlink into G7, the below code works, but with the formula in G7 it will not. Thanks in advance for any help. Sub FollowHyperlink()...
  8. K

    If Cell Contains Hyperlink Count

    Hello I am trying to construct a vba macro to count everytime a cell contains a hyperlink in range of data. Currenly having it search the row for a hyperlink and then if it finds a hyperlink it will count and not delete the row, deleting the row if it doesn't contain a row. I am currently having...
  9. H

    Format cell to be a hyperlink

    I have a cell which is referencing a cell in another worksheet, which contains an email address. The source cell formats properly as a hyperlink, but the destination (?) cell does not format as a hyperlink. Is it poissible to have the destination cell be formatted as a hyperlink?
  10. N

    In-workbook hyperlink and vlookup

    Hello and thank you in advance for any help. I'm looking to have VLOOKUP return a hyperlink, but one which is a reference within the workbook, rather than a URL. Can't find a format for writing the hyperlink to begin with that Vlookup can then return as working. Explanation of the below...
  11. R

    Excel Follow Hyperlinks with VBA problem

    Hello guys, I'm new to this forum and I wanted to say that English is not my native language, so if I make some mistakes, please forgive me. I'm trying to create a fitness related Excel "software" but I have some problems with hyperlinks. In the workbook I have one main tab (named "Intro")...
  12. K

    Weird bug in PowerQuery hyperlink generation?

    I have a sheet that generates hyperlinks automatically based on other cell values using a custom column. It has been working fine until now, but I just started seeing some weird bugs in it. My custom column fomula is as follows: "'=HYPERLINK(""" & "URL<url>/files/J01009/" & [Account_Number] &...
  13. T

    Hyperlink to email

    Hi all, I am trying to make life a bit easier by hyperlinking data from an excel sheet to an email whereby you don't really need to copy anything into it. I managed the below formula however it seems like if I go over a certain number of characters within this formula, the result ends up being...
  14. mole999

    hyper links to Chrome from Cell

    I have been using =HYPERLINK("http://gridreferencefinder.com/","GRF" ) for a while work has suddenly started to use from the desktop "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" https://servicedesk.x anyone do that? and replicate it as a cell hyperlink, I've tinkered and each...
  15. K

    Hyperlink & Vlookup formula

    hi, i have 1 workbook with 2 tabs - on Sheet 1 i need to hyperlink the column COLOR to Sheet 2 with vlookup function. i've tried this but doesn't work. =HYPERLINK(VLOOKUP(B2,'SHEET 2'!A1:B3,2,0) please help me with this. i will need to key in the formula in Sheet 1 B2, and when click on B2...
  16. V

    Creating a conditional hyperlink...

    I'm an Excel novice, so I appreciate any help anyone can provide on this. Here's the situation: 1. I have a cell on a sheet that will be either remain empty or be populated with text, depending upon the value of another cell. Let's say the text that'll appear is "Opp" 2. If the text "Opp"...
  17. A

    Hyperlink retured through a VLOOKUP gives error

    I have created several worksheets including one that holds my look up tables (worksheet labeled tables). I also have another worksheet called "Directions". In the "Tables" worksheet I have an array with three columns, the first holding the text value I am searching for, column two which contains...
  18. K

    fixed a hyperlink

    hi, i need to hyperlink my data from 1 tab to another tab in the same workbook. but i often need to insert data and my hyperlink will all run. is there anyway to fix a hyperlink to that particular data so that when i add new data on the hyperlink page, it will fix.
  19. L

    VBA Code not keeping hyperlinks when pasting

    Hi all, Have some VBA code that copies data from 1 list and then pastes any entries that don't already exist. The issue that I have is that in column A the cells also has a hyperlink and some formatting. Code is below if anyone is steer my in the right direction. Cheers Sub CopyUnique()Dim...
  20. M

    Hyperlink Problem

    Hello and thank you in advance if you can help, I am using excel 2019 64 bit on a PC. I have a VBA macro that I have used to create hyperlinks in the past. It has always worked fine, and it "sort of" is working now, but it is not keeping the absolute hyperlink I need, so it will not open the...

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