1. C

    VBA search page hyperlinks from data validation list

    Hello, I've a "search" page that loops through all the sheets to return data to my search page and produce a hyperlink to each sheet said data is found. One of the search criteria is from a data validation list. I believe this is messing up the ordered list of search results. I have the code...
  2. S

    Using a formula in a hyperlink

    Hi all! This is my first post on here so I hope someone can help me out! I have a pivotchart in Excel and when I use double click it brings me to a new sheet what is nice. Now I want to link some cells in a new sheet with this pivotchart by using a hyperlink (right mouse click on the cell and...
  3. C

    Display cell contents with hyperlink from different worksheet

    Hello all, Been using Excel 2016 for many years now. I have a large workbook that I use for my department training checklists. I have a mater check list that I use to populate for all employees training. The document has multiple worksheets that has macros, text, and hyperlinks in some...
  4. U

    Hyperlink to a cell that have specific text

    Hi guys Anyway create hyperlink that linked to a specific text? (The range of sheet is changable and this text may A10 and after entered data will be A11 and ...)
  5. C

    VBA in Outlook (Office 365): pull PDF from link in email into a new email

    Hello - I receive an email every day with a link that takes to me to folder. That folder houses a PDF I need to share with colleagues. I've asked that the email contain the PDF rather than the link but have been told it will take some time. Is there a way I can run a macro in Outlook to click...
  6. T

    Hyperlink issue vba

    Hi everyone, I am quite new to using VBA and I am having issues using hyperlinks. Essentially I am trying to create a table of contents where if I select the hyperlink (In the same document) on the table of contents sheet it will simply direct me to the following sheet i.e. selecting page 1...
  7. P

    Auto-Scrolling from Hyperlink in Multiple Sheets

    This is a followup question of a previous query I posted. In that thread, I was looking for a way to have Excel automatically scroll so that the hyperlink's target cell would appear in the top-left corner of the screen. Fluff was kind enough to provide the following solution (thanks again!)...
  8. P

    Auto-Adjusting View for Multiple Hyperlinks

    I have a single worksheet with lots of data in multiple tables. I'm looking for a way to let other users navigate to the specific data table they need. To resolve this, I created a series of hyperlinks leading to each table. This works fine, but the cell each hyperlink leads to would always be...
  9. T

    Sending Email Using Hyperlink Question

    Hi Everyone, I have came across a function of sending an email using they Hyperlink Function of Excel, the idea behind it is using the following formula as a hyperlink generates an email in Outlook. I am trying to figure out a way to get this feature to work but include a table within the body...
  10. D

    Formula in Excel to display email message with CC & email receiver

    Hello everybody, I am currently following this youtube video: (specifically look at around 07:30-08:30) in order to create an email link in my excel file that people can click on, have a pre-determined email message written and then fill out the blanks and send it out. However, while I tried...
  11. P

    Hyperlink works in Outlook and Teams not in Excel

    We are having that issue if the link is clicked from Excel to a Coupa application. It works fine with Outlook and Teams application. Is there is any Excel setting we need to change to make it work? Thanks for your help
  12. G

    Hyperlink for first column of each row running a macro ?

    Hi First up all thank you very much for this wonderful forum. I am not good in vba. so I need help from you wonderful people here. I am looking for something like this I have an excel file which contain two sheets. The first sheet contain my data in rows, the second sheet is a template which I...
  13. J

    Remove link, maintain text formatting

    I have an Excel file, converted from Acrobat, that contains a cell containing some address text with formatting (different colored text, bold, size difference, etc.). The entire cell, however, is a link, so that if I simply click the cell my email client opens and wants to send an email to the...
  14. T

    Excel VBA Create a link to another worksheet only if a cell is populated

    Hi, I am trying to create a button that I will click and it will transfer me to another worksheet but only if a cell is populated. If the cell is not populated I want a message box to warn me and not go any further until the cell is populated. I have so far done this but it just takes me to...
  15. B

    HYPERLINK() function not working with VBA .Follow

    Hello, I'm not a power user but I tried to google my problem for hours and couldn't find an answer so I landed here seeking for help. The situation I have made a URL with CONCAT function that looks something like https://blablabla.com/date/something/variables. In another cell I used HYPERLINK()...
  16. R

    Database form that can capture file address and save to cell in hyperlink format

    Hi, I have a database form that captures information off a physical form using a simple vba program. The physical form, once signed off, needs to be scanned and saved to a network folder. When the clerk is capturing the form in VBA, I would like them to be able to add a link to the copy of the...
  17. M

    Dynamic hyperlink tied to a button in Excel

    I want a concat'd hyperlink tied to a button, that when clicked, goes to a website, which would be the dynamic input of what the user entered into a cell added to the end of a static website address I have in another cell. I'm using this function to search a website that puts the user input at...
  18. T

    Automate: Hyperlink at top of Sheet that links to each section of sheet for multiple workbooks

    Scenario: I have multiple workbooks(20+). They all have a worksheet with the same name (ABC). Sheet ABC has 3 sections and these sections begin with the title of the section e.g. Section 1, Section 2 and Section 3 Issue: There are many rows (2000+) separating each section. Issue 2: Each...
  19. G

    Hyperlink that links to a cell relative to the sheet the hyperlink is located in

    Hi, I'm creating an excel sheet for a friend who is even less well versed in excel than I am and I'm having trouble making a hyperlink that just points to a cell, no matter what sheet that the hyperlink is in. Here's an example: I have a workbook with one sheet in it, Sheet1. In cell A1 of...
  20. M

    VBA to open Excel workbook from Sharepoint site and by pass "Open" requests

    Hi, The code below opens a workbook on our sharepoint site. The "Application.EnableEvents = False" bypasses the "Open / Cancel" request that appears at the bottom of the IE 11 but then the Downloads Box appears where you need to click open. How can you open the workbook and suppress the various...

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