1. B

    HYPERLINK() function not working with VBA .Follow

    Hello, I'm not a power user but I tried to google my problem for hours and couldn't find an answer so I landed here seeking for help. The situation I have made a URL with CONCAT function that looks something like https://blablabla.com/date/something/variables. In another cell I used HYPERLINK()...
  2. R

    Database form that can capture file address and save to cell in hyperlink format

    Hi, I have a database form that captures information off a physical form using a simple vba program. The physical form, once signed off, needs to be scanned and saved to a network folder. When the clerk is capturing the form in VBA, I would like them to be able to add a link to the copy of the...
  3. M

    Dynamic hyperlink tied to a button in Excel

    I want a concat'd hyperlink tied to a button, that when clicked, goes to a website, which would be the dynamic input of what the user entered into a cell added to the end of a static website address I have in another cell. I'm using this function to search a website that puts the user input at...
  4. T

    Automate: Hyperlink at top of Sheet that links to each section of sheet for multiple workbooks

    Scenario: I have multiple workbooks(20+). They all have a worksheet with the same name (ABC). Sheet ABC has 3 sections and these sections begin with the title of the section e.g. Section 1, Section 2 and Section 3 Issue: There are many rows (2000+) separating each section. Issue 2: Each...
  5. G

    Hyperlink that links to a cell relative to the sheet the hyperlink is located in

    Hi, I'm creating an excel sheet for a friend who is even less well versed in excel than I am and I'm having trouble making a hyperlink that just points to a cell, no matter what sheet that the hyperlink is in. Here's an example: I have a workbook with one sheet in it, Sheet1. In cell A1 of...
  6. M

    VBA to open Excel workbook from Sharepoint site and by pass "Open" requests

    Hi, The code below opens a workbook on our sharepoint site. The "Application.EnableEvents = False" bypasses the "Open / Cancel" request that appears at the bottom of the IE 11 but then the Downloads Box appears where you need to click open. How can you open the workbook and suppress the various...
  7. J

    Setting the target of a hyperlink based on first instance of a cell's value found in another sheet

    I am trying to type a positive integer into column A of sheet1 and have excel automatically turn that cell into a hyperlink to take me to Column A, Row [that value] of sheet2. So once I type a number, say "5," into sheet1 column A, any row, I want Excel to search sheet2, Column B for the first...
  8. J

    Help writing a hyperlink reference to another worksheet based on a number in a neighboring cell

    I'm using Excel 365 with Windows 10. I want to create links inside my excel file and am having a lot of trouble combining different formulas inside one cell to make a link. I have one workbook named "Trade Log" with two worksheets named "Trade Log" and "Screenshots." In the Trade Log worksheet...
  9. C

    Email Hyperlink

    Hello: When I click an email hyperlink, it currently opens to the Mail app. Is there any way to have this switched to Outlook? Thanks OJ
  10. O

    Multiple Hyperlink/VBA Query

    Hi All I was just wondering if anyone could help me with a Multiple Hyperlink/VBA query. I've tried multiple methods but none seem to be working. I have a list of names where I want there to be a hyperlink option next to each individual name that will take the user to another page when...
  11. N

    Excel hyperlink to scroll to specific section of active sheet.

    I know you can link directly to a cell pretty easily with an image in excel, but what if I want it to have the specified cell show AT THE TOP of the sheet? What happens now, is the hyperlink does take me to a specific cell, but it scrolls to the bottom of the sheet. I would like to have the...
  12. B

    VBA Challenge! How do i save the fidelity of a VBA Hyperlink?

    Hello everyone I would like to thank you all in advance for your kind help, I have a good working knowledge of excel, BUT I am rather new to VBA and I could really use some of your help. So I was able to create a simple formula that looked at cells Sheet2 A8 and B8 to create a hyperlink in C8...
  13. B

    Hyperlink to a specific cell

    I was wandering if there a way to have a hyperlink to a specific cell in a workbook? I email hyperlinks to excel workbooks thats on my network at work all the time but It would be nice if the link actually opened the workbook and went to a specific cell or row.
  14. D

    Replace HYPERLINK formula with button

    I've created a link with the HYPERLINK formula which is using customer IDs from another cell inside the Hyperlink. Works like a charm. Now I've been trying to make the Excel a bit nicer looking. Is there any way to replace the links with a button or a button-like graphic so it doesn't just look...
  15. P

    Hyperlink icon or Hyperlink formula

    Hi, I am creating a summary sheet book with hyperlink icon or hyperlink formula to the another workbook “datasheet“ however i found the below issues. 1. For the right click and create hyperlink, it is easy to do but when I save as the summary sheet workbook and the another workbook "datasheet"...
  16. U

    VBA hyperlinks in Excel

    Currently in the middle of an assignment where you have send an excel file as a hyperlink rather than an attachment using VBA, Is there any possible way to do this as at the current moment I am only able to send the location of a link as regular text rather than a hyperlink. Any help would be...
  17. M

    VBA Hyperlink

    Hi Guys, I am asking about hyperlink function in VBA, I have the following Label1 = "Link from excel cell" I need to add hyperlink to it and i did the following ThisWorkbook.FollowHyperlink Label1 and it works perfect, but what i need is (Friendly name) not to put the link shown in excel cell...
  18. R

    Allow Access to Hidden Sheets

    Greeting, I need to create a workbook which only has the first sheet visible to force the user to go through a process. On the first sheet I'm using the HYPERLINK function in conjunction with a VLOOKUP to create a variable hyperlink to multiple possible destination within the same workbook...
  19. sharky12345

    Efficient method to add hyperlink

    Afternoon guys, I'm trying to find an efficient method to add a hyperlink to a range of cells but what I have so far keeps generating an 'Out of memory' message. The code itself runs fine, but once it's complete I get the message. This is what I have so far: LastImportRow =...
  20. I

    make chart axis labels hyperlink to other pages

    I have an Excel bar chart I would like to make the chart axis labels hyperlink to other other charts that contain additional details about the specific tag of interest. Is this possible?

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