1. M

    Referencing a partial file name

    Hello, I am trying to hyperlink a file. The first part of the filename is constant but the end has a variable date. Is there a way to look at the constant portion only when referencing? For example the file's name is: "EarningsDiscrepancy_0069_2021_20220429_093447_5649" I would like for it to...
  2. A

    Writting a Hyperlink Formula with Macros

    Hello there, I have a simple Hyperlink formula: =HYPERLINK("#Index!A7","Link") How can I make the sheet name and the cell dynamic?. Something like: Sheets("Summary").Cells(lastrow + 1, 8).Value = "=HYPERLINK(""#ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(i).Name ! ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(I).Cells(j...
  3. D

    Create hyperlink using data validation text as the "friendly name"

    Hi team, I am looking to have a column of hyperlinks (in say Row B), and have Column A be the cells that have the firendly name, which will be pulled from a list on a different sheet. EG: Cell A1=Data validation value. of "In Progress" and "Done" (The text here is not important, I...
  4. I

    Hyperlink based on dropdown ?

    Hi All, I need some help please and I can't seem to find any guides that cover this, so apologies if this is very novice. I have a drop down box and I am trying to get it to generate a hyperlink in the cell next to it, but assign a name (i.e. if url is www.google.com, give me a link that is...
  5. M

    Hyperlink and Network drives

    Hello All, I am seeing some peculiar behave and I assume someone has seen this. I have and Excel spreadsheet (call it Summary.xlsx) on a company network drive (call it \\networkdrive\fold1\fold2). In a cell I create a hyperlink to a PDF file using \\networkdrive\fold1\fold2\fold3\file.xlsx...
  6. L

    VBA code to rename hyperlink according to value in each row

    Greetings all, I'm relatively new to VBA and I would like some help on a problem I'm trying to solve for. I have two columns of data and both of them are text initially. I first ran the VBA below to turn texts in the "Hyperlink" column into clickable links. However, I would also like them to...
  7. P

    Print Hyperlinked PDF file without opening

    Hello guys, I have an excel sheet in which I have many hyperlink. All hyperlinks have separate PDF files I want to print that PDF file when I click on hyperlink without opening it. Please help me with this.
  8. N

    Merge PDFs Button based on filtered list

    Hi, I'm basically looking for a method to merged all filtered .pdfs based on "work pack" column into one pdf using the button shown, see image attached. Is this even possible? I've seen methods using Acrobat Pro which I do not own. If when I click the button, it generates a merged pdf file...
  9. J

    Create Hyperlink to cell referenced file path in VBA automated email.

    Hello, I have not posted here before but if someone could help me resolve this problem I would really appreciate it, as the other posts I have referenced have not been successful for me. I will lay out what my VBA form currently does. -User submits info into a request form... -This information...
  10. MrDB4Excel

    Dynamic Hyperlink

    In the Xl2bb shown below, you see in cell A3 the value A21 which is based on cell C21. The issue I have is when a listed program changes row number in sheet ProgramLocInfo then I need cell A3’s value to reflect that in the hyperlink. When a program changes row number in sheet ProgramLocInfo then...
  11. S

    How to use a hyperlink to a webbrowser which includes ampersand (&) in its name?

    I am currently in the midst of making a small library of links in Microsoft Team Excel. Where I have met a wall, where I cannot use the link, as they are redirected due to the including ampersand in the title. Example: xxxxxx.com/xxx/xxx/?action=show&product=301 Which is translated to...
  12. A

    Kommentare in neue Kommentartabelle kopieren, in der Quelltabelle einfügen von Hyperlinks auf die Kommentare in der Kommentartabelle

    Hallo, es darf kein Blattschutz und/oder Arbeitsmappenschutz aktiv sein. Hat der Name der Quelltabelle ein Leerzeichen ist es für den Ablauf des Makros kein Problem, aber der neue Name der Kommentartabelle darf keine Leerzeichen beinhalten und nicht zu lange sein. Das Makro fragt den Namen...
  13. A

    Copy Comments to new comment sheet, create hyperlinks in source sheet to comment sheet

    Hello, sheets and/or workbook shall not be protected. If the name of the source sheet consists of blanks this is no problem for the running of the macro, but the name of the new comment sheet shall not consist of blanks and shall not be too long. The macro asks for the name of the source...
  14. R

    Variable Hyperlink in VB

    Hello I hope some genius out there can help me. I have a cell in sheet 1(call it the source cell), hyperlinked to a hidden sheet. The text in the source cell and Sheet Name are the same, so when i select the cell, the hidden sheet opens. Here is the VB routine i am using: Private Sub...
  15. T


    Hi guys !!! How are you ? I need the VBA code fore Hyperlink. I have big DB and I want integrate Hyperlink to column E ( Report Number ). All reports scanned and store on the server Example ( Z:\QM\04_Piping\03_Visual & NDE Request Report\VISUAL 201 - FIELD ) Also I have 2 notes about the...
  16. H

    Formula in Clickable button

    Hey guys ,im having trouble inserting a formula into a shape..and making it work can someone help me with it The Formula....=HYPERLINK("[6.Shop Workers.xlsx]"&ADDRESS(1,1,,,$G$3),"Click") ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTU123101JebastinSalary Date4501-08-2020678Salary 10,0009101112Leave0ClickTotal...
  17. K

    VBA: Copy Hyperlink without the text from another worksheet

    Hello, I am trying to copy a hyperlink from cell A2 from Worksheet 2 to cell B3 of worksheet 1. The text in both cells should remain unchanged. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance Kristina
  18. M

    Preserving Hyperlink during a Lookup - vba code?

    Hi, i am wondering if this possible. I have created a little database within excel. One table i have in this database is the following (see below). These "From and "To" fields are for a serial number. The user enters a serial number on a userform, and it pulls through the row from this table...
  19. U

    VBA code Create Hyperlink to direct to cell content in another sheet

    Hi , I want to create a Hyperlink in Sheet2 of column 1, that direct to the address mentioned in sheet2(Rowno and Column) to Sheet1. Attached the Excel Sheet for your reference. Thank you in advance. Sheet1...
  20. Jaafar Tribak

    Putting an Hyperlink in a MsgBox !!

    Hi all, I have been playing with this little project recently which, as the thread title states, allows for adding an hyperlink to the native vba MsgBox. At the moment, I managed to make this work with only one hyperlink per MsgBox... This little "tool"can come as a handy, a quicker and a more...
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