1. B

    Use VBA to Create Clipboard Message with Clickable URLs

    Good morning, I am trying to figure out how to use VBA to put a message with text and clickable URLs into the clipboard. To further complicate matters, I use a PutInClipboard workaround (which works fine) because PutInClipboard does not work for me unless my file explorer is closed. Below is...
  2. I

    VBA Code - Multiple Hyperlinks to Hidden Sheets and External Items (Error 5)

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet that has hyperlinks in column A and column H. The hyperlinks in column A directs you to a website outside of the workbook. But, the columns in H direct to hidden sheets within the workbook. In addition, each of the hidden sheets are coded with the following script so...
  3. A

    follow hyperlink if cell is active.

    Hi. I have a spreadsheet with a lot of internal hyperlinks which help the user to navigate the workbook. I have found an issue in my hyperlinks. I have set the hyper links in a specific cell so as the data is always shown on the screen with out the user having to scroll to see the information...
  4. T

    Error Adding Hyperlinks Dynamically to Shapes

    The below macro ran successfully until I tried adding hyperlinks to it. I can't seem to define the Anchor correctly. any suggestions are appreciated. I am trying to create a directory to 20 different sheets (I have the loop set to 3 while testing) so that users can easily access their client...
  5. M

    Hyperlink a cell to a specific document

    Hello, I would like to be able to hyperlink a cell to a specific document but it isn't working for me, here's what I had in mind I have already created an existing user form. It comes up with a range of textboxes that are linked to specific cells but what I would like to achieve is when the...
  6. S

    Convert cells with hyperlinks into active links without hyperlink formula

    I have a snippet of code Dim xlRange As Range Dim Rng As Range Set xlRange = Range("G2:G" & Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row) For Each Rng In xlRange ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add Rng, Rng.Value Next This code error's at line 65532 1004 error I need...
  7. J

    Pulling data from cell to fill in a link

    Hello guys! Firstly, feel free to save time and jump straight to the TLDR bold section below, then read the rest of this long post only if more context is needed to help. This is probably a super easy problem for most of you, so trying to respect your time here, but also include context incase...
  8. W

    Userform picture based on a combobox selection

    Good morning all, I've seen a few posts on here but haven't found a situation similar. On Sheet1, I have a list of all employees. On a local drive I have a picture of all employees which I would like to hyperlink to the name...that's the easy part. My userform has a combobox that's populated...
  9. L

    VBA: Hyperlink to image placed in comment, multiple sheets

    Hi, I am struggling to make a hyperlink into a picture into a comment. I am exporting checklists to excel where the user has to take pictures for some of the checkpoints, and when I export them, they appear as hyperlinks in excel. Now, I want to transform these hyperlinks into images placed in...
  10. P

    Auto-Scrolling from Hyperlink in Multiple Sheets

    This is a followup question of a previous query I posted. In that thread, I was looking for a way to have Excel automatically scroll so that the hyperlink's target cell would appear in the top-left corner of the screen. Fluff was kind enough to provide the following solution (thanks again!)...
  11. P

    Auto-Adjusting View for Multiple Hyperlinks

    I have a single worksheet with lots of data in multiple tables. I'm looking for a way to let other users navigate to the specific data table they need. To resolve this, I created a series of hyperlinks leading to each table. This works fine, but the cell each hyperlink leads to would always be...
  12. R

    Hyperlink Inquiry...

    Hello Excel Experts, Need help with this situation as can not find a way on how to do it. I have 2 sheets in a workbook. Sheet 1 has a data that has a hyperlinks to different sheets in the workbook. On sheet 2, I have created a filter function to extract the data on sheet 1. My issue is the...
  13. A

    Automatically add hyperlinks when typing a serial number

    Hello! I work for a company that sells and services pumps. I am attempting to make a excel sheet that will give us an overview of the pumps we service and sell. I would like to make a macro that will automatically add a hyperlink to a file with the same file name on our server when i type the...
  14. M

    Find and replace in all sheets, and replace in exact format and properties

    Hi, I got this code from another post. The solution is amazing and really helps me. I would like to know if there is a way so I can 'Find' and 'Replace the exact value' The values I'm replacing with are hyperlinks. So I would like to replace the new values with those hyperlinks and keep them...
  15. M

    Hyperlink warning message

    Good afternoon one and all, This is driving me mental. I have multiple .mp3 files on an external hard dive in various folders. I have created hyperlinks on an excel spreadsheet to open them. When I click on any one I get a warning message telling me that some files are harmful, Can I disable...
  16. S

    Repairing Hyperlinks in a Workbook

    Greetings, When Excel crashes my hyperlinks placed throughout the workbook break. I am trying to create a macro that will fix the paths of all the broken hyperlinks. This is what I have: Dim hl As Hyperlink For Each hl In ActiveWorkbook.Hyperlinks Debug.Print hl.Address...
  17. D

    Grabbing HTML data from hyperlinks in excel

    Hi all, I have a document with a column of 400 hyperlinks for different companies. Each link is to a website with a description of each company. The link leads to the same sight and while the description changes for each company the format and location of the description does not change from...
  18. K

    VBA validation list delimited separator

    Can someone explain why adding hyperlinks before adding validation switches from "," to ";" which is default xlListSeparator? Sub test2() a = Join(Application.Transpose(Selection.Columns(1).Value2), "; ") Selection.ClearHyperlinks Selection.Validation.Delete...
  19. E

    Stop Excel hyperlinks from opening in a web page

    At some point, my hyperlinks (that use to open up in Excel) started opening up in a web page. I think this is due to a global change that IT made in at my company (not sure). I am looking for a setting to stop this from happening. I am using simple hyperlinks to open other Excel workbooks. I...
  20. D

    Hyperlinks in unprotected cells in Protected Worksheets using VBA

    Hi I am having problems inserting Hyperlinks in unlocked cells on protected worksheets. With the help of this forum I have been successfully using the code below to auto filter However, I have noticed after this code is run, I am unable to insert a hyperlink in the unlocked cells. I have...

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