icon sets

  1. G

    Icon sets (up/down arrow) as values rise or fall

    Hi, I have a single column of cummulative stock market returns going up and down on a daily basis. I'd like to have an up arrow show in the cell in question if the previous value in the column was lower and vice versa. By cummulative stock returns, I mean if A1 shows the returns for January...
  2. J

    conditional formatting icon sets

    Hello Dear, I have used Icon Sets of Conditional Formatting for this range based on the criteria shown in the attached picture, but why 6 is amber while it's 60% and the criterion states >= 60% which should be green, doesn't the 6 equal 60%? (Max=10 and Min=1, 6/10=60%) similarly, while...
  3. Z

    Conditional formatting

    I have a field that is simply calculating the difference between two other fields. Although the results are negative numbers, positive numbers or 0, the person who requested the report wants to see the absolute value. So I used ABS(c2-e2). They also wanted icon sets (the arrows), so they can...
  4. K

    Sparklines and icon sets

    Dear Excel Folks, I am trying to create a worksheet to show trends in students performance in a fitness test. I want to display icons to show whether their present attempt was better, in line with or worse than their previous effort. So for example if score 2 was better than score one it would...
  5. D

    Conditional formatting (icons) applied to a range using formulas

    Greetings - I'm using Excel 2011 for Mac. My watered down example consists of tracking "start" and "end" over a period of 7 days. So not including headers/labels there are 2 rows (B2:I3) and 7 columns. The data are all integers. I want to compare the value of B2 to B3 and display a "check"...
  6. L

    Icon sets.

    Good evening, i have problem with Conditional formatting icon sets. I use basic dots (green, yellow and red). If percentage is more or equal than 80 its green, if percentage is less than 80 and more or equal than 40 its yellow, and if percentage if less than 40 its red. But when I apply the...
  7. D

    Conditional Formatting with Icon Sets - traffic light - Not turning the correct colour

    Hi I have used a conditional format for "icon sets" in Excel 2013 the traffic light option. Green >= 100, Orange >=80 Red <80 All worked fine on my first sheet however, when I tried to repeat it in 2 more sheets (in the same workbook) the green and orange are appearing red. Has that...
  8. S

    Conditional Formatting - Icon Sets comparison folmula

    I need a formula that would allow me to use all three arrows (red, yellow, and green) depending on if the cells being compared are <, =, or >. Less would be red, = would be yellow, and greater would be green. Currently I am using an if formula if(A1>A2,3,1), and applying the conditional...
  9. gallen

    Icon set based on previous cell's Value

    I do a daily stocktake at work. Every day I enter a row of values based on my stocktake. I've noticed Icon sets and would like to change the icon in relation to the previous day's number. IE. I'd like an up arrow if amount is higher, down arrow if lower and horizontal arrow if the same. Is...
  10. M

    Icon sets not working with cells containing formulas

    I am a teacher making a spreadsheet so that I can input various bits of info about my classes throughout the week and then with a quick glance see for example what classes I'm teaching Tuesday or what topic my year 9s are doing Friday etc. I have several columns with conditional formatting for...
  11. R

    Conditional Formatting trending with Icon Set

    I want to set up a simple conditional formatting with a 3 piece icon set, with the following: If cell b2 is greater than a2 a green arrow if cell b2 is equal to a2 a yellow arrow if cell b2 is less than a2 a red arrow How do yo set up the conditions? Thanks in advance.
  12. G

    Icon Set Traffic Light Colours

    Is it possible to change the traffic light colours on Icon Style: 4 Traffic Lights? I would like to change the black light to white, if possible. Thanks in advance
  13. C

    Using Conditional Formatting with Icon Sets to Compare Cell Value Differences

    I’ll give an example to hopefully make this faster. In Column "Tear Height" or column AJ, row 161, I have a value of 200. Going down the table (each row is a new bond for what I’m doing, so a parameter is going to be changed. It will not always be the same parameter changing), the value of 200...
  14. W

    vba apply icon set with conditional formatting

    Hello, I try to use conditional formation to apply traffic light icon, based on cell value. value => 70 and value<=100 green light value => 40 and value<70 yellow light value => 0 and value<40 red light my current code is like: Sub col() ThisWorkbook.Sheets("score").Activate For l = 2 To...
  15. R

    Iconsets using VBA

    Hi... I have worksheets that i use the 3-Trafiic Light Iconsets with Conditional Formatting. My question is, is it possible to use these Iconsets (red, yellow, green traffic lights) on my userform? For instance, if I create say a label on my userform could I place one of the traffic lights in...
  16. G

    2010 Icon Set

    This question has probably been answered a million times, but.... I am putting a customer sentiment dashboard together that is based on a 5-star rating. 1 not so good and 5 = We Love It. We would like to use a somewhat unique icon set that has 5 stars of which could be colored in partially or...
  17. S

    Custom Icon Sets? (Conditional Formatting)

    Hi - I'm a newbie here so apologies if my answer is to be found somwhere already. Excel 2010 conditional formatting - I want use conditional formatting using icon sets, however, I need to use my own graphics instead of the arrows, flags and other shapes available in the existing icon sets. Is...
  18. A

    Hide rows in Excel 2010 based on conditional formatting iconsets

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me with this. I do not know VBA code. I am fairly ok with using excel. I have a large spreadsheet and I have various sets of records in the spreadsheet coming in from different sources. They are all RAG rated. I now want to hide all the records that are RAG rated...
  19. G

    Cond. Formatting Data Bar Multiple Criteria

    I would like to know if there is a way to have a conditional formatting that is able to display bars in different colors by using different criteria. The conditions are the following: Limits for positive results = Min: 0 , Max: 4 Limits for Negative results = Min: -Target A , Max: 0 If cell...
  20. C

    Icon Sets- Do not show neutral icon

    Does anyone know, when using icon sets for conditional formatting, if there is a way to have a neutral value simply be blank? When scattered over a field of data, the neutral indicator seems distracting to me. I would like the ups and the downs to standout and the neutrals not even display...

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