1. S

    VBA / dll project ideas

    Hi, I have quite a few years experience with VBA and have developed various dashboards and tools using APIs and web scraping etc. I'm looking to further increase my skills and wondered if anyone had any cool project ideas. I really don't mind what it is. I'm particularly interested in getting...
  2. J

    Userform, textbox copy to sheet

    Private Sub ToggleButton2_Click() Me.TextBox1.Copy Sheets("Data Sheet").Range("L" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues Struggling to achieve a simple copy to the next available row in column L from a textbox in a userform. It is failing on line 2. Any...
  3. S

    How to create arrow that grows with size of value

    I have a graph that I need to recreate from a vendor. Only I don't know how they created the arrow that grows with the size of the value. Take a look at the linked image, any ideas?
  4. B

    Change date to month in ACCESS

    I have a Complete Dt column with the date formatted as 10/8/2019 and I need a formula to convert this to the name of the month. Any ideas? I tried this but all I get is January in the column. Format(DatePart("m",[Completed Dt]),"mmmm")
  5. S

    Rounding while still seeing ".0"

    Good Morning, I'm trying to use a simple rounding formula but I don't want to lose the ".0" when a number, say 14.96, is rounded up to 15. I cannot format the cell itself. Ideas on how to do this. It's probably super simple but I've been brain farting all afternoon/evening....
  6. L

    Breaking split at not 0

    Hello guys, I have a sequence: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 00000001 00000005 00000009 00000013 00000017 00000021 </tbody> I want to extend it indefinitely, well until it fits, but i was not sure what the best approach would be. I was thinking of taking it as a string...
  7. M

    If blank cel then dont calc Networdays - Formula Not working

    Hi, Any ideas why this simple formula wont work: =IF(COUNTBLANK(I10:J10),"",NETWORKDAYS(I10:J10)) ? Many thanks
  8. P

    VBA Row Lock

    Hi All, I've come to the conclusion that I don't know how to do this. I've tried to lock a row with a code but it appears to lock every row. For example; If I'm trying to lock Range ("B10:M10") but after I run my code it locks every row that has an entry. Very strange to me...
  9. R

    Excel-built customer journey map

    Hi all, We're spitballing some ideas at work and want to see a map of our customer journeys. We have 19 different product types and want to see how they travel from one product type to another, or stay within the same product type each booking. I have no idea how to present this data in a...
  10. I

    Keyboard Shortcut changed from Today to Ellipsis

    Hi All Randomly my excel has changed CTRL + ; from todays date to ... When i go into options there is no option for keyboard shortcuts. Has anyone any ideas how to revert this back? Checked a colleagues version and only difference I have is having fuzzy lookup installed. Thanks!
  11. J

    asking for ideas

    any idea on how to make labels in userform look like a button ?
  12. O

    Excel has saved my file in size of 79.1MB or 81,147KB how do I reduce the size

    I just went from 2010 to 2016 and then to 2019. I have some programs that I created a few years back and they are all from 950kb to 1400kb and are all macro enabled worksheets. I just finished a new one in 2016 almost the same thing but with less sheets and macros but now find that it is...
  13. P

    Formula for when a number is greater than or less than by a certain value

    Hello all I am stuck with what seems a fairly simple thing to do but my tiny brain has given up now. So I want to create an IF statement to work out IF a value in the same column is less than another value in the same column by 2, 3, 4 etc., any number really. so my column looks like this...
  14. S

    football table!Aq3WqOz73fYygYUinBF1m9sbdkyMaw?e=c78rMA I have created the above file, but I am trying to modify it, so I can record goal scorers, for each game. I want to see how to make it better, any ideas please. Regards Stephen
  15. A

    Check Mark shown

    I have created a formula dealing with TIME =IF(B7="","",TEXT(D7-B7,"h:mm")-C7) The formula works fine but the cell shows an unexpected "green" check mark. It not part of the returned value, it's just there. Any ideas of how to get it gone?
  16. leopardhawk

    need help with DATEIF formula

    Hello forum friends, I have an issue with the results of a DATEIF formula I am trying to build. I am receiving a result of $161.92 and it should be $50.06, so I am WAY off somewhere. I have included snapshots of the cells in question below. If anyone has any ideas, I will be grateful...
  17. L

    I need new ideas

    I want create new NFL schedule file. anybody have any ideas. Thanks You Thomas
  18. M

    Sub event that evaluates changing label in UserForm???

    I have a label that changes occasionally. If this label is one thing, I want the CommandButtons in my userform to be locked... If it is the other option, I want the command buttons to be unlocked. I've tried to use Label1_Change() but it doesn't seem to work. Any ideas on how I might achieve this?
  19. W

    Uploaded screeenshots appear massive, even to me!

    I sometimes take screenshots on my 4K monitor and upload them to Imgur so I can embed them. Any ideas why they come out so large? It's not a problem on Even when I view them on, they look big there also. Example: They seem to be getting scaled up by a factor of 2.5.
  20. S

    Graph for multiple staff by week number

    Hello, I've really tried to figure this out by googling and struggling. I have a database of drivers which is in order of week number 1 - 52 along the top and their MPG (miles per gallon) per week. (as below). I wondered is it possible to put this into a graph, ideally or some kind of table...

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