1. I

    TEXTJOIN IF- not listing all items (products)

    Hello everyone, this is my first thread here in this forum. For quite some I am using excel now with great fun and passion. Thanks to this forum I was able to solve many obstacles when I got stucked. However, today I really need to ask for help as I am stucked for a few days already. So here...
  2. W

    If range of cells greater than and less than X

    =IF(A2:A11>=50&A2:A11<=59,"*","") The formula above gives me "#VALUE!" I am trying to get a "*" if A2:A11 have any number that is in the range between 50-59. So, if A6 (or any other cell) has 50 (or any other number up to 59), as shown below, I would get a "*" as a sign. Please help, thank...
  3. Z

    Conditional IF based on country

    Hi, I have below table that calculations depends on the country, if it's US or Canada, then there will be specific formula but if not, then other formula. I need a formula that I can use to replace below manual formulas that I have to update every time based on the country field. Any...
  4. S

    Have cell stop calculating future data once a value is met

    Not 100% sure where to start here. Once B11 equals $1,400 I don't want the sum(B6:$M6) to continue to be calculated. Prior to D6 being negative B11=$1,400 and I want it to stay $1,400. I hope I made that clear enough.
  5. J

    Trying to count multiple columns IFBLANK or Not

    I am attempting to count multiple columns that will be filled with different information/values/text. If all of the Columns are not blank, I want the column to report out as "Done" otherwise, the column can stay blank or report out as "Not Done". Every IF or BLANK formula I try seems not to work...
  6. 9

    Question on IF(SEARCH formula

    Hello, I have a formula that finds a keyword in one column and places a different keyword in a seperate column and if it does not find it it is left blank. That works great but I want to do this with multiple words on the same columns. I have tried using AND/OR but it does not work. Here is...
  7. R

    IF ISBLANK VLOOKUP function is bringing back #NA if the cell it pulls data from is empty.

    I have a spreadsheet that pulls personnel details from my main sheet (Nominal) to my other tab. B1:B50 with contain staff numbers when they are required. so while the tab is empty is shows #NA. When i put the staff number in the formula works fine. I was wondering if anyone could help to see...
  8. J

    IF statment

    So i have 3 sets of columns with data. How can i write on the right side of excel a formula that would do this IF there is data on Column T, then select that data, if the data is 0 or blank then use column AD, if that column is 0 or blank , then use column AG, if that is 0 or blank just have N/A
  9. I

    Nested If statements using IFS()

    I am working on a table with arrivals and departures for airlines at my airport. I have two columns, a time column (HH:MM) and a delay column. I want to annotate in a third column whether the airline departed early, late, on time, or was canceled. I can get the early, late and on-time ifs...
  10. R

    how to: If formula with 3 conditions on multiple columns to create a pivot table

    hello all, I am open to suggestion on how to build the pivot table i am after OR just the formula to return the value i need to then try and build the pivot table. Thank you in advance!! I am trying to create a pivot table template that will return a view by name if any area in certain columns...
  11. I

    Nested For Each Statement: Identifying Key words from Range within a Range

    Dear Mr Excel I would be so grateful for some help with this. I have 4 Sheets that contain data that i am trying to write a code for. MessagesSheet (Which is named "replies" followed by "date" and "time"): This contains text messages received. The data is organised as follows: Each row...
  12. C

    Removing FALSE statement from IF formula

    I'm having trouble removing the "FALSE" statement in Block G7. My goal is to have Block G7 populate a value based on whether the Check Box is clicked in cells B7:E7 . The boxes are not dependent (only one should be checked at a time) but when no boxes are checked, I would like the FALSE...
  13. M

    Excel Formula for Avg Tenure with a twist

    Hi I am trying to figure out a formula that would give me the average tenure per year of the Active employees for that year. I have a list of the employees with start and end dates and their Departments, and their tenure for each year they worked. Here are the two lists: What I need is to get...
  14. D

    Condition a cell result based on rows value

    Hi all, I'm struggling to make a condition to a value to show a result based on the value of rows below in the same column. The idea is to give either R, A or G result, based on what is below. So if i have X amount of rows below, and each one has different values in combinations of R, A...
  15. N

    ISBLANK <>"" not returning right result

    I have a spreadsheet which holds contract data i need to check if a contract has ended part way through the contract term and amend the end date to renewal date but also return nothing if the contract has no end date This is the formula i was using AA=IF(AND(Q1<>"",Y1=0 O1=12)...
  16. F

    Repeated Number in a Colum

    I'm trying to make something like this (I'm a noob on excel don't know if this is possible): If beetween J33:J54 the number 4 repeats then show the number 3 on J55 but if it doesn't repeat show the lowest number on that column, Also if there's a number lower then 4 in j33:j54 even if 4 repeats...
  17. D

    TextJoin with 2 criteria

    Hi, I am struggling to make Textjoin work with an additional criteria. =TEXTJOIN(", ",TRUE,UNIQUE(FILTER(RawData[ID],RawData[Issue Status]="",""))) I am using the above code, which works, but then i want to use the same one, but adding an additional condition, which should be the below...
  18. C


    Hello, I am looking for a bit of code to add into the below but I am struggling. What it needs to do is say if the cell A1 is = to cell B4 then it needs to speak as per the below code. However this needs to loop constantly so everyday at the the shown in B4 it speaks aloud. I have it...
  19. B

    If column A and B have a match then multiply column C with D

    Hey guys I seem to be stumped! I have a spreadsheet and I am trying to get a value in an individual cell based on two rows of data on two different tabs and then multiply by another row of data :oops: Sheet 1 has column A, 63 lines with numbers column B, 63 lines with numbers Sheet 2 has...
  20. B

    Multiple IF Criteria

    I got a task in which i have 2 Files One is a Master File containing the names of the clients and the EMI amount with Payment 1 detail And there is Another file containing Daily Collection with payment 2 Detail In Master File there are two column Pay 1 Pay 2(Values Coming From Another File...

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