1. I

    Evenly auto assign based on availability and language

    I am trying to evenly assign work amongst employees based on their availability and language. Please help, thank you very much in advance.
  2. S

    How to combine IF and FILTER formulas to copy text from one column to another

    I am coding qualitative data from call center agent notes, and I'm trying to adapt another researcher's Excel method. I've adapted it a bit for my own purposes, and I just can't seem to get this last piece. I'm using Excel for Mac version 16.81 So, I have all my agent notes in Column A. In...
  3. I

    If statement to return list of values based on 1 criteria

    Hi All, My issue is probably simple, but Im in a brain fog! I have 2 columns, in A, I have a list of lesson numbers, and in B a list of unique subject IDs. Example 1 1.1 1 1.2 1 1.3 2 1.4 2 1.5 3 1.6 3 1.7 1 1.8 1 1.9 2 1.10 What I want to do is return only those...
  4. S

    Changing a value when it meets a criteria from a lookup formula

    I have the following formula =LOOKUP(DATEDIF(AE4,NOW(),"Y"),{0,4;1,4;2,4;3,6;15,8}) to determine how much leave someone earns based off the years they have worked and when the person is only earning 6 hours, i need to add 4 hours to the last week of the year. How can I do this? Do I need to...
  5. N

    Sum total between bottle refill times

    Hello fellow excel enthusiasts 😊 I’m stuck trying to figure out a working formula or creating a better method to use, and was hoping that someone might be able to lend a hand, please. I have a table, detailing the amount of water that has been consumed (in ml) thought the day, marked at hourly...
  6. A

    Image with IF Condition

    Is it possible that if a specific cell is blank then the desired cell should be blank and if specific cell is not blank then the desired cell should display a picture. I am having such a situation in my result card. I wish if result card shows the "Pass" or "Fail" Status only then the next cell...
  7. M

    Return sum from one list to another list.

    List 1 has item numbers, and I want to return total sales dollars. List 2 has the item numbers across multiple locations, and I want to return the total sales dollars into column B on List 1. What formula do I need to put in B2 to return the total sum? (B2 Value should return $315, B3=$230...
  8. L

    Formula to return the value of the duplicate number

    Hello, I am trying to find a formula to return the value of the duplicated number in cells that are not right next to each other, but within the same row. In the below example, I need a formula in column I that does the following: If the variance to on-hand in column D is zero then return the...
  9. N

    Excel Help - If, Match Then X

    If Column A in spreadsheet 1 matches column A in spreadsheet 2, then column C in worksheet 1 equals result from Column B in spreadsheet 2. What’s this formula need to look like? Cannot figure it out. Column A in both sheets have skus. I need to match these up. Then, I need the item...
  10. D

    Timesheet Calculation

    Hi Everyone, I made this account specifically to ask this (probably very simple) question. I have gone through quite a few websites trying to get an answer but I can't seem to find one that works. Standard time is Monday through Friday 7am to 6pm Overtime is anything outside of that, so...
  11. S

    IF Function ignoring if blank

    Hi, this is probably the most basic formula but I just can't get it to work so I apologize for being slow. =IF(D3<E3,"LOSE","WIN") At present it is showing as LOSE as D3 and E3 are blank. I don't want it to show a result until the scores are input to D3 and E3. How can I do this?
  12. k3yn0t3

    Formula to Sum Based on Criteria

    Hi there. I am trying to write a formula to copy across in the highlighted neon yellow cells that checks to see if 10 different members' info matches the filter criteria at the top of the sheet. Should I add a ghost column underneath with same number of rows, and have each cell check each...
  13. H

    Hierarchical data combined into list for Google Sheets

    Good day. I have a sheet of data, columns D:G Column D is the "parent" of E, E is the parent of F and F is the parent of G. example data below: Column D Column E Column F Column G Bedroom 1 Building Internal Partitions Framework Bedroom 1 Building Internal Partitions...
  14. C

    Using ROUNDUP and IF within a cell, with a calculation already in it.

    Hi all, Hoping this one is a testing problem for the maestros on here. I have a G8, which contains the following formula =VLOOKUP($C$2,Variables!G24:H43,2,FALSE)*$G$4 This returns a result of 0.4. What I want to is within the same formula in G8, add something that checks that if the value is...
  15. T

    Combining Index, small, if, row

    Hi All I'm running into a bit of an issue I can't work out, granted I have a horrible cold right now... I have this formula to find content in a sheet called "Test", it works perfectly until later (G94)...
  16. M

    Automatically tagging text for data analysis

    Hi everyone and thank you for reading this. I have tried to play around with IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH... but I did not obtain exactly what I needed. Please, use the pic below as reference. Column D is the input. Column E is the output. Normally I fill in column E manually depending on what is in...
  17. J

    How to combine different percentiles with a criteria.

    I want to group different E populations together. I want to know the percentile rank of E1,E2,E3,E4. How do I combine these groups to make a percentile rank of the score? I'm doing a lot of combing populations this way, is there any way to make criteria an OR instead of an AND?
  18. C

    Rounding Down, IF and MAX function

    Hello, I've been searching and trying different formulas for some time and to no avail. I want help with a ROUNDDOWN and maybe a MAX formula to calculate tax. So basically, the first $2,000 is taxed at 10%. $2,000.00 is the max that can be taxed at 10%. e.g. if the tax overage is $1,500, then...
  19. L

    An MOT due date formula

    A kind soul yesterday helped me with a formula for a vehicle maintenance sheet yesterday. I have an additional request. Can someone please help me out with a formula that gives an "MOT due in..." time, but takes into account the fact that an MOT is only due after 3 years? I have added a date of...
  20. R

    Searching Grade Bins and Returning Product

    Not even sure where to start. The formula shown is supposed to read the various grades of material in P,Q,R,S column and then find which grade bin it sits in from the reference table and return the BIN type from Row 5. This used to work in an old version of the sheet I have but I'm trying to...

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