if condition

  1. I

    Check for Not Empty Cells

    Hi, I have the code below which works well. It checks to see if Cell "A1" is not empty if it is not empty then it runs the code only in the cells are blank in column A. I would like to change the code so that it automatically checks each cell in column A, if has data then it runs the code...
  2. G

    Extract data without openning (msoFileDialogFilePicker) the file on the workbook only if it's an Excel type file

    Hello, I need your, help actually i'm using this code to allow the user to extract data from a unopened excel file, The macro will open a window to allow the user to select the file that he wants to copy data on the actual workbook : Sub Extract() Dim Wrkb_Org As Workbook 'Variable to link...
  3. G

    Change the value on a variable in the loop "For...next" depending on the condition if

    Hello I have a code, with a loop (for...next to check lines) to check value on cell (line 1) and the next cell (line 2) to assemble them or not : Sub loop_check() Dim lastline As Long Dim i As Long lastline = Sheets("Data_Sheet").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row For i = 2 To...
  4. Y

    Match value counts

    1) The Values need to Match cell C1& B2 value like that cell value need to check. Condition like as below cells cell c1& b2 cell c2& b3 cell c3& b4 cell c4& b5 like this matching up to 100 After that I need total count of match value. The same way need to match reaming values...
  5. J

    Concatenate of different rows data in a single cell

    I have data in Sheet1 in Column A & B. In Column A I have Data, based on the Column A Data there are data in Column B, I want that in Column C those data of Column B should place in a cell by sepearated by a Comma...
  6. A

    VBA loop and paste cell balue based on IF condition

    Hi all, am a beginner at VBA and would like to seek help regarding working this out. Have tried looking at certain threads but I am unable to find something similar to what I want to perform. Currently, I have two separate workbooks as below: 'Customer Info' Workbook, 'Customer' sheet...
  7. Z

    Years into groups

    Hi! I have column which has several termination dates and what I need to do is to group those dates into years as showing below: - Less than 1 year - 1 year - 2-3 year - More than 3 years What is the best formula to use? Thanks!
  8. D

    Copy cells from files in the loop and paste them transposed to MasterFile.

    Hello everyone, I have a macros which loops through multiple workbooks (csv files) in a folder C:\VBA\, and makes changes to numerical values of each file, as a result of changes the value of the certain cells in the column “M” becomes (while the code is still processing CSV file) equal to BUY...
  9. B

    VBA code to loop throug a column and find/replace

    Hello People, Can someone help me with below requirement. I have a cell address stored under address1. now I want a code which loops through entire column of "address1" and if a number zero is found then it has to check the value of its immediate left cell and 1. if it is NA then zero should...
  10. K

    If array is empty - condition VBA

    Hello there, I need a contiditon that checks whether an array Ary1 is empty in VBA. Can you help me with that? Thank you and best regrads, Kristina
  11. K

    Comparing two arrays and go to if-condition if match was found

    Hello, I have two arrays Arr1 and Arr2 that both include a list of words. I need a code that compares every element of Arr1 with every element of Arr2. If at least one match was found I wan't to add more code. So it would look like this: If Arr1=Arr2 Then ... The comparing part is not working...
  12. C

    IF Condition help (I believe)

    Good morning Mr. Excel community, I have a questions and wondering if you can help! <style><!--table {mso-displayed-decimal-separator:"\."; mso-displayed-thousand-separator:"\,";}@page {margin:.75in .7in .75in .7in; mso-header-margin:.3in; mso-footer-margin:.3in;}tr...
  13. R

    VBA HELP Adjusment of data with if-condition

    Hello everyone, First of all I´d like to thank all participants on this website, which help me a lot to improve my VBA skills. I hope to get help with my issue :smile: Don´t get shocked about my long text, the main work is done and works. So, Two workbooks 1 =...
  14. K

    Timeline Conditions

    Dear Experts, I need your help regarding timeline, i have below data from style to last date and i want to calculate day wise quantities according to below criteria. 1.5 Change over days are constant and days required are calculated =4000/800 >> 5 +C/O days >> 6.5 days. 1st Day Plan: 25% of...
  15. B

    If Range.Value = Yes then copy data to LOG RECORD - Records are overwriting

    Hi Community, I have a VBA macro for a log record that copies information from a submission form and pastes it in a Log Record data file based on a IF condition. THe condition is partially working where if the condition is true then the data is copied to the log record, But when i try and...
  16. Navi_G

    If Condition with Conditional Formating

    Dear Experts, I need a if formula that solve my problem with conditional Formatting. Like, School scores grading on below Illustration</SPAN>: i) less then 33% Grade Result F and showing in red ii) 34% to 40% Grade Result E and showing in yellow iii) 40% to 50% Grade Result D and showing in...
  17. S

    IF condition

    I have to change the name as per the group in 'Type' column. it is working fine if it is represented as single name, but not with multiple names. Eg., For Apple, Orange, Watermelon, it should come as Medium, Soft Formula used in 'Type' Column -...
  18. M

    restart numbering based on formula

    I have set up a sheet with automatic numbering based on formula based on “flag” field. Flag “h” is for headings Flag “”m” and “s” are for Sl. No. field If flag is “m”, then the Sl. No corresponding to that item is incremented by 1 If flag is “s”, then the Sl. No is corresponding to that item...
  19. V

    Satisfy if condition on Dynamic columns

    Here is my question. I am looking for a value "Y" in Columns Y: AW and if Y then return " N " else "Y ". I got it to work in cell AX2 using formula IF(COUNTIF($Y2:AW2,"Y"),"N","Y"). Having trouble to dynamically update columns when new columns are added after AW . I need column Y (the...
  20. S

    If Condition & loop Condition

    Hello, My Question is need to display a text value "Started" & "Completed" cell a1 has start date Cell B1 has End Date display c1 "Started" or "Completed" based on the a1 and b1 dates.. a1 = 10th may (10-05-17) b1= 20th may(20-05-17) I have one more cell also , total number of...

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