if formaula

  1. N

    If formula in or paring another formula

    I have the current formula of =(G40+D41)*inputs!$B$11 and it works perfectly but I want to add this functionality to it. If G40>1000000 then G40+D41-1000000 if not (G40+D41)*inputs!$B$11 I can’t seem to make it work any assistance would be amazing
  2. M

    Calculate Tenure with a Twist

    So I have two sheets. One sheet has my employee list with historic Start and End Dates. My other sheet is the summary of that list by Month. For example, lets say I have 10 Employees on my Employee sheet that all have Start and End dates, on my second sheet I have to summarize that info by...
  3. T

    Issue with formula not reading from a specific cell

    Hi all, I use a spreadsheet as a tracking doc to keep track of our process from project upload through client approval. The way the doc is set up is Column A (Name) has the name of task. Column B (OMIT) is where we log if a task has been omitted. Column D (Code) host the code I need help...
  4. Q

    IF Greater Than/Less Than/Between Formula

    I am trying to come up with a way to calculate the cost for a project. There is a sliding scale included with a lower percentage of cost for a higher value. For instance the first range is 0 to 500, so the first 500 would be multiplied by 1% to get a cost of 5, and so on. Starting, Ending...
  5. S

    Looking for logical date formula

    Hi Every one, I have a following data of Fixed Deposit Principal Amount Interest Rate % FD Start Date FD Maturity Date No. of Days Maturity Amount Total Interest Earned 1,000.00 5.00% 29-Oct-18 29-Jan-19 92 1,013.00 13.00...
  6. M

    If, AND, OR in the same formula

    Hi there, I am trying to create a formula that if the criteria in column D = Z and either the value (OR) in E2 or F2 is blank to return the value "Check" =IF(AND(D2="Z",OR(ISBLANK(E2)="True",ISBLANK(F2)="True")),"Check","Fine") My formula does not evaluate correctly above - any ideas?
  7. M

    Using IF formula on a range of cells

    Hi i have a spreadhseet that consists of 1000+ rows within the rows there are IF statements that checks specific range of cells for a value and then enteres a value of true or false. For example: -- removed inline image --- I want the sheet to look at cells below until it gets to the row...
  8. M

    Forecasting in Excel (IF/Dates/And/OR???)

    Hi All, Little stuck with this and can't figure out how to get it to work - any help/advice will be greatly appreciated: I have a worksheet with a list of suppliers, the frequency I pay them, payment value (amount) and date last paid. And then the start and end date of every week in the year...
  9. T

    IF formula won't work

    Hello, I am trying to use an IF formula to compare the values in two adjacent cells. here is the formula =IF(E2>=D2,"Goal Met","Repeat Day") The values in E2 and D2 are both percentages (displayed XX%) the cells are formatted as percentage However, no matter what score is enter in E2 is...
  10. M

    Cashflow forcast help (IF, Date Range Formula??)

    Hi Guys - Hoping someone can help. I'm trying to forecast my payments for the next year dependent on the frequency (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly) and based on the last payment date. (there is a lot data to do this manually) I have column headings which are the week ending dates...
  11. M

    Multiplying two numbers then combining If with And functions including dates

    Hello, I need to see if anyone can help me with multiplying two numbers, then calculating a If plus And function. I'm taking my whole goods sales and multiplying it by my take rate. WG Sales (number) * Take Rate (number) and if my inventory is greater than my max, then I want my total number...
  12. L

    Help with If function in vba

    Hi, In the 5th line of the following code marked with red, i am trying to copy date from a cell. How to do this? Sub autotext() If Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("B1").Value = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("B3").Value Then Worksheets("Sheet2").Activate Range("D1").Select...
  13. B

    IF a cell outputs #NUM! then replace with a 0.

    Hi there, Title says it all trying to replace #NUM! with 0, I have tried the standard: =IF(C59="#NUM!", 0, C59) This however doesn't work just outputs the entry in C59! Any help would be most appareciated,
  14. P

    reminder on excel

    hi guys, So I'm trying to create a worksheet that would work kinda like a reminder. One cell would have the current date so every time I open it it will show my the current date.... possible?? in one column I would add the dates that the tasks are due, and if the due date is the same as the...
  15. D

    Help with if formula within if formula

    HI, Can someone please help me??? In cell L3 I need to execute this formula... =IF((L8-I14)>0,"YES","N/A") but I only want this formula to run if the cell I10 contains the text YES. If the cell I10 contains NO I want the cell I10 to display N/A. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! I have spent hours...
  16. M

    Suming cells depending on values chosen

    Hi all, Sorry if this isn't explained that clearly... its a little complicated but here goes. I have 3 individual sheets and i am trying to build a function that when certain criteria is chosen then the relevant cells are added. I have the various options for the user: 1. A alone 2. B alone...

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