if statement

  1. N

    Need Help With IF Functions with Greator Than and Less than signs

    Im having trouble writing a If statement. The problem is to write a statement that determines whether the infant is greater or less in weight than the overall average, and assign a 1 to those greater and a 0 to those less. Ive tried a few things but i am struggling to get it to cooperate
  2. R

    Help with If statement

    Trying to automate some math for price updates. Unit of measure in E1, price in F1. Trying to reduce all pricing to each price. If E1 = 'EA', F1*1 If E1 = 'C',F1/100 if E1 - 'M',F1/1000 Here is what I have so far, any help would be greatly appreciated...
  3. D

    How to automatically replace Excel formula with value when date condition is met

    Hi, I have been trying in many ways but I have not been successful to record the results of a constantly changing cell. Value changes daily and depends on other variables external to the problem. This is the case: Cell A1 value is changing, and I need to record the value of A1 at specific...
  4. D

    Building a formula contingent on non-consistent signals

    Hi all, I have been struggling with this excel puzzle for a while now. Hopefully someone can help me out! I am testing a trading strategy where sometimes we have to 'get out' and later 'get back in' again based on some rules that I would like to put together in a formula. I've tried to...
  5. L

    Formula to return the value of the duplicate number

    Hello, I am trying to find a formula to return the value of the duplicated number in cells that are not right next to each other, but within the same row. In the below example, I need a formula in column I that does the following: If the variance to on-hand in column D is zero then return the...
  6. L

    If function help

    Novice here.. Can anyone help with the below formula? It seems to be working for the first condition but not the second IF.. Column BC contains the values 'Y', 'N', and blank. So the second IF should run if BC is not 'N' (BC would be 'Y' or blank) IF(BC2 = "N", U2="NO"...
  7. R

    Force Balance to Total

    Hi there, I was given the task to force balance the data in 'Q1_2024_Raw' to sum to the final total by GEO (i.e. all LATAM customers need to sum to 10, so in this case I need to force balance their data down from 20 to 10 and all NAAM customers need to sum to 100 so I need to force balance up...
  8. O

    Copying rows based on text in cell if not already existing in new sheet

    Hi, I want to check column D:D for the text "Offentlig" and copy the entire row into another sheet. But if the row already exist in the other sheet i dont want it to copy and paste it, which my code does. If a new row is added with the text "offentlig" in the corresponding D cell i want this to...
  9. S

    IF Statements for Dates with VLOOKUP and Concatenate

    I am still a newbie to most Excel functions. I have created a workbook with IF Statements, VLOOKUPs, Concatenates, and VBA Codes. However, due to an annual rate increase, I need to create a complex IF Statement for just this month and I can't quite wrap my head around how to do it. Currently...
  10. S

    VBA: All combinations that sum between two numbers - too much processing blows up

    Hi, Thanks much in advance for reading. It's really not an overly confusing concept, and I've tried to lay it out as simply as possible! I have some VBA code (not my own) that successfully returns combination sums between a defined range. A quick summary of what that even means, then my issue...
  11. B

    If Multiple Conditions

    Hi Everyone, Struggling with three different scenarios; scenario one: if Column Row says "New" return "new", scenario two: if scenario one is true, but date is less than 2/1/2023 return "transfer", scenario three: if scenario one and two are true, if balance is greater than (>) past month...
  12. S

    VBA using IF OR THEN statements and returning the product of cells in two columns.

    I need to write a VBA code multiplies the cells in columns J & K to return a result in column L, if the value in the cell of column H is L or O. For example: Since H21=L, then L21=J21*K21. The columns will never change, but the rows will change every month. This is what I have written, but...
  13. B

    IF formula question

    New question for everyone, I'm trying to sum the prior month balance of all loan ID that are no longer in my current month as it was paid off. I can use this formula but adjust some values right? For some reason I get it to lookup all balances. =IF(Table2[@[Loan ID]]<>[@[Loan...
  14. F

    Drop down list IF, VLOOKUP Statement

    Hey Team, Is it possible to have an IF statement imbedded in your drop down list that automatically fills in your selection depending on a cell value?? In the below example I have a drop down list for my "TYPE". Id like to add an IF statement to my drop down list that would work as follows...
  15. E

    How to Stop Running Turnaround Time

    Hi everyone, I was able to figure out how to produce a running TAT however, I am now running into the problem of stopping the running turnaround time for one of my columns. The short idea is that I want to have an If Statement nested inside my existing formula so that when my F column is not...
  16. K

    Use one cell to conditionally set the value of another cell

    Hi. So I have a situation where I would like to manually input data OR have a formula calculate a value for a certain cell. The situation is as per the table below and is for a travel logbook. The formula in B4 is obviously not correct but describes what I want to do in excel terms. Start...
  17. C

    Find and Replace Macro for Excel (If x exists then replace y with x) - For Microsoft Excel

    I created a macro in excel that runs a specific report for me and it works beautifully. I want to upgrade this macro to replace the "Insert Association Name" with the name of the specific community. That community name can be found in every report in the details column. For this one in...
  18. R

    How to force a user to select an option button?

    I've got a model with a code that should depend on the selection of one of two option buttons. When a user opens the model, the both option buttons are unselected. I need to make sure that the user selects one of them before the main code is run. So if nothing is selected, then it should display...
  19. A

    If statement not working

    I am working with arrays now and the IF statement is judging wrong. I resumed my code: Sub Reset() Nr=6 Dim X, Y, MinX, AM, NX, W As Double Y=200,00 AM=5,00 ReDim X(Nr) ReDim Z(Nr) For i = 1 To NrParcelas X(i - 1) = Y - WorksheetFunction.Sum(.Range(.Cells(2, LTi.Column + i - 1)...
  20. distiDoestoe

    If statement if cell is between 2 rows? [Beginner]

    Hi, I'm very new to VBA and I want to make an if statement is the selected cell is between two rows (between 6, 10 as an example). Only I can't figure it out, I'm used to more different types of programming languages (Python, PHP, JavaScript) and with those I never really had issues but VBA I...

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