if statement

  1. E

    Multipe If Statements

    So What I need in Y is if W is over .1400 to say HA, if W is between .1150 and .1399 to say H, if W is 0 and X is greater then .045 to read G, and not to put nothing or NA if none of the conditions are met. Thank You In advance.
  2. A

    IF formula based on a bolded cell

    Hi, Is there a formula I can write to have an IF statement based on the fact that a cell is bold? For example, I'm trying to calculate the variance between two numbers only if the cell is not bold. I'm working with comparative year financial data (balance sheet/ income statement), which show a...
  3. N

    Needing help with a complicated Ifs/and/search please

    I have a field of data which needs to be compared in multiple places, I keep almost getting there but am missing the final bit to make it work, would appreciate any assistance with this! One table of data has an individually coded number which needs to be searched for in the other table of...
  4. D

    VLookup with IF formula reference another worksheet

    Hello, I am having trouble trying to come up with logic to make this happen. So i have an idea of using a vlookup where im thinking of the vlookup looking partially like this but all in one =VLOOKUP(D7,'List'!$G:$Z,19,FALSE) =VLOOKUP(D7,'List'!$G:$Z,20,FALSE) the IF part id like to add is that...
  5. Z

    Calculate Tenure Categories

    Hi, I need to calculate the tenure categories based on category table in my sample data below. Anyone could suggest a formula? ABCDEFGHIJKL1Hire DateTermination DateTenure CategoryTenure Category27/18/20173/31/2022< 2 Months35/13/20193/25/2022< 6 Months42/1/20213/24/2022< 1...
  6. R

    Combine information and transpose information?

    Hello, I need to find a way to take an excel sheet that has employee names listed several times in Column A and then it has several earnings codes in column b with earnings amount in Column D with different data and find a way to combine all the data also in the other rows together so I don't...
  7. J

    If statement on range

    Hi, I am trying to work out how to write an IF statement/ formula that looks at 2 cells in Sheet A of my workbook and displays the value of the cell that has text in it (one of the 2 cells will always be 0) in Sheet B of my workbook. I'm struggling to work out how to do it... any advice please? TIA
  8. D

    Excel formula, if and or

    Hello, i was trying to see how to add an extra statment to this if statement, =IF(OR(COUNTIF(D20:R37,"<>"&"")>61,COUNTIF(D40:D42,"<>"&"")>0,COUNTIF(D45:D59,"<>"&"")>0,COUNTIF(D62:D76,"<>"&"")>0),"X","") the additional statement i want is that if a cell B33 on sheet "List" is equal to "First"...
  9. Jyggalag

    Conditional formatting for blank cells containing formulas?

    Hi all, I currently have this setup: I have a row of formulas saying IF(ISBLANK(cell below),return blank value, otherwise return value to the left + 7) to advance the week one week ahead when data is entered. I want to create a conditional formatting for this row, so whenever a value is...
  10. H

    DIV and VALUE error on IF ABS statement

    I'm having a couple issues with formulas which i'm not smart enough to solve, I hope someone will be able to help me, I've added the minisheet at the end of this wall of text K to N is filled manually. Error: Q displays error "VALUE" if K or M is N/A, Q should remain blank in this case...
  11. L

    Set range according to active sheet name VBA

    Hello there! I ran into some issues using VBA with my limited knowledge. I am trying to combine a code to delete pictures in a range, which works as it should: Dim pic As Object For Each pic In ActiveSheet.Pictures If Not Application.Intersect(pic.TopLeftCell, Range("A8:T35")) Is Nothing...
  12. armyprof

    nested IF statement with text using data validation as source

    So I have a user who wants to use data validation in a project tracking form. And in addition, they want to do a chart that shows percent progress. So, what I want to do is use a nested IF statement that will use the values in the data validation dropdown list to populate a cell with a numeric...
  13. T

    INDEX and IF statement?

    Hello, I hope you're all well and keeping safe. I hope you can assist me with what could be an easy fix. I have two sheets, the first sheet is a summary sheet and the second is a raw data/ data dump sheet (please see example below): Sheet 1: Summary KPIs Week 19 Week 20 Revenue 100...
  14. E

    Conditional displaying using 3 parameters

    Dear users, I have to link cells from file 1 into file 2, but the problem is that the format of the two files are different. What I want is that... ... C9 (file 2) displays E3 (file 1) --> Both display week 46 - file type A - forecast ... D9 (file 2) displays L3 (file 1) --> Both display week...
  15. B

    Check if cell input matches another cell input from list

    I'm new to coding with excel vba, but i have an excel map with a list of superiors and a list of potential successor. Now i got the task to create an excel map where you can put in the position of a superior into an Input Box and it should automatically show you the successors that fit based on...
  16. A

    Concatenate while using index match and if statements

    Hello forum, I have a workbook, that I use to import data into our ERP. I have 3 columns(E,F,G) that I will input a number into. I want to concatenate the 3 columns in Column H. While inputting nothing if the column is empty. EFGH1Depot 1Depot 2Depot...
  17. G

    If cell has data, move down 1 row and paste

    Good morning, I have the following macro. I simply want it to look at A1 on the current worksheet, if that cell has data then move down to A2. Then the next time I important data it will look at A2 and paste in A3 etc. Not quite sure how to do this myself, any help is appreciated! Private...
  18. C

    If statement to give a 'yes' or 'no' if a time fall between a range

    Hi all, I am trying to get a yes/no answer if a cell is between a time range. It is set up as a table on Office 365. I have tried IF and IFS statements with both AND and TIMEVALUE in it. I have attached a screen grab of what i'm working with at the moment. Any help is greatly appreciated. Chris
  19. D

    VBA Loop to create Excel Sheet, save excel sheet to specific folder on computer and generate Outlook 365 Email with attached excel sheet.

    Hi All I am hoping you can assist in how i would be able to writeup a VBA macro code that can resolve the below issue. Summary: Looking to create a VBA macro that can check the vins in the attached sample excel sheet “MOND94 – BUGS CERT -Checklist” where it will identify each row through a VBA...
  20. L

    Need help creating a formula thats able to do multiple things

    Hello everyone! I was wondering you guys could help me out with creating a formula with an excel sheet that I've been having trouble with. So this is what I need: 1. If "TCG low price" is greater than or equal to 26, multiply it by .70 and put it in in "Offer" column 2. Find a way to replace...
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