1. R

    If statement with multiple conditions

    It's been awhile for me... what I need is to setup a formula to look for date in one cell then if the condition is met have it total the number in the next column. In the example table below the formula I'm trying to solve is the 'Total" column. TIA Name Month Number Month Total Test A...
  2. M

    If call value in master sheet equals Tab name, copy rows with that name value into Tab

    Hi guys! I currently have a workbook that has a master tab (ACCTHX) and a tab created for every member. The ACCTHX tab has a line for each member and each month (so one member will have 12 lines- sometimes more). I need to copy and paste their 12 or more rows (columns D:H) into their...
  3. B

    Expiry Date IFTHEN?

    Hi! I am trying to figure out a formula for the following (hopefully I explain it correctly) I currently have a sheet where the date of training is entered, and the expiry date is then auto-filled based on the first of the next month of the following year (some have 2 year anniversary dates)...
  4. B

    Select Query based on day of the week

    I have a query that every day pulls yesterday's data from an sql database and drops it into Access. SELECT Date, InvoiceNo, Customer FROM SalesDatabase WHERE Date=Yesterdaysdate What I need it to do though is when today's date is a Monday, I need it to gather the data for Friday, Saturday...
  5. E

    How to use VBA to do Conditional Formatting (NOT applying VBA)

    I have two sheets. Sheet 1 looks like this: Sheet 2's layout is exactly like sheet1's, but rows' sequence may change and some $ amounts may change as well Currently, I am using this VBA code to compare and contrast two sheets, then highlight the differences. Sub Try()...
  6. T

    Need to changed the value in a cell based on another cell with multiple values options

    I need aformula that will auto populate like this: If A1 shows “M”,then auto populate in A2 “T”, or “T” , “W”, or “Th”, “F”, and so on. I was tryingto write an “IF” statement, and then a VLOOKUP, but I am not good at writingthese formulas. Could anyone assist in helping write this. I...
  7. L

    how to concatenate if text starts with qvs* only for multiple columns

    Hello, I’m stuck in a situation where I need to be able to use VLookup to pull information based on text strings that all start with qvs. I’ve used normal concatenate across the 5 columns in question but it returns too much information and my vlookup formula errors. Is there a way to write a...
  8. T

    VBA Help: Using *Insert Row* to adjust distance between random distance of Row A to cell containing "ID #"

    I'm a bit new to VBA. But, I've gotten pretty far into this project at work. However, I've come across a logic problem that I don't have a knowledge base wide enough to complete: The problem goes like this: I have many Work books that I need to export to a master WB one at a time (this wb then...
  9. K

    VBA Help, Find, Copy & Paste

    I'm very new to VBA and figuring it out through YouTube videos and online google searches. I'm having some problems finding out how to do an If Then statement in VBA. I have the same text that can be found in either cell A47 or B47. The text is "Other." I want to do an If statement that says...
  10. W

    If value = 0 then do not add iRow to table?

    Hello! I have a "Ship" button with a macro that copies filled out rows in an order form and adds them to a list of shipments in another workbook. In Workbook A, there is a table of part numbers and their quantities, referred to in the code as iRow. Sometimes I have to make partial shipments, so...
  11. A

    Macro Help

    Hello everyone. I am a new user and a beginner in Excel's VBA. I was wondering how to create a macro that searches for a specific text, and any value associated to that text will shift over to a certain column. I would assume I would need to use an If Then statement, but like I said, I am very...
  12. P

    If match then display 0 or 1

    <tbody> ID FULL ID LEFT ID RIGHT ID TYPE 1234 1234 1 2345 2345 0 3456 3456 0 6234 6234 1 4657 4657 1 6879 6879 1 1243 1243 1 5436 5436 0 7896 7896 1 4894 4894 0 </tbody> I am having trouble getting the values in Column "Type". So the idea here is that...
  13. 1

    Nested If Then Question

    Hello, I am having an issue with an Nested IF THEN statement. I am hoping you can assist. The formula i have is located in DR4 `=IF(DF4="0","",IF(R4="PC",((S4+1.5)*(T4+1.5)*(U4+1.5)-(S4*T4*U4)),((S4+1.5)*(T4+1.5)*(U4+1.5)-(S4*T4*U4))*V4)/1728*7.48) the goal is to look at DF4 if its zero...
  14. M

    IF THEN across multiple pages, for multiple values

    Hello, I am having trouble writing a formula for the following: I have values in cells D2:D5 in Sheet 2. If the number is >99 in each cell, then I would like a value of 1 to be assigned. If it is <99, I would like the value to be 0. I would like to count these individually (i.e. line by line)...
  15. F

    If/Then and look up in same formula...must be an easier way

    Hi, I have the following situation. I am trying to look up months and currency conversion rates. I have a table which I am maintaining that looks like this. <tbody> 1/1/2018 2/1/2018 3/1/2018 4/1/2018 5/1/2018 etc GBP 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 EUR 1.2 1.25 1.26 1.27 1.28 USD 1 1 1 1 1...
  16. ClintMc

    Hide rows of a named range based on user input

    Hey Guys & Gals -- Creating a template for Program Management and trying to add some VBA. New to VBA and what I thought would be straightforward is of course giving me a challenge. taskRange = all the potential rows in the chart, would like to hide based on user input (currently 1 column with...
  17. J

    Need Assistance with multi-condition "IF" formula

    This is the first time I have been unable to find the answer to a formula question on these boards before, so I figured I would finally post a question myself: First, some background - I work with multiple clients, who each submit cases to me. My boss recently asked me to begin tracking whether...
  18. J

    If Then - Fill? 1 List to 2?

    Hi all, I am looking to separate a list based off the value in one cell. I have a 'master' list that has all lots of items on it, and I want to be able to a number, or letter, in a cell off the side of the quantity/description/notes that will mirror the selection in a smaller list. Here is...
  19. J

    A challenge!

    Hello all! My name is Joe and I have a complex problem to solve that may prove a nice challenge for some of you excelperts! I have a document that I use to generate contracts by importing information from another program. But I would like it to do more. More on this Document Here...
  20. nostradamus

    Conditional Excel formula

    Hi all, I have a complicated Conditional Excel formula that needs improvement on: Sheet1 =has the MATCH INDEX information Sheet2 =is where I need the formula to be prepared/edited. Currently,in Shee2:E2, I have a formula that matches info from Sheet2:C2 to Sheet1:C and pulls the appropriate...

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