1. L

    Ignore blanks

    =IF(M413="",TODAY()-L413,M413-L413) I need this formula to ignore when there is a blank in column L Please Help
  2. B

    Listing non-blank items in a cell

    I have a list of items that contain blanks in the column. I want to extract only those members that have text in the field. I do have the following formula that I've used before but I'm not sure if it will work in this instance: {=INDEX(list,MATCH(0,COUNTIF(uniques,list),0))} Does this ignore...
  3. E

    Pivot Tables

    Hi there, I have a query regarding the ability to ignore blanks cells when running a pivot table. Is it possible to set the pivot table to ignore blank cells? Regards Ben
  4. K

    Count and Ignore Zero or Blanks

    Hi, I have the following table: Excel WorkbookBCDEFGHIJKLMNOP3MonTueWedThuFriSatSunMonTueWedThuFriSatSun4Staff...
  5. G

    Autosave every friday

    Hi Guys, Could you help me with the codes below? What I want to accomplish is for the codes to save back up ONLY ON FRIDAYS but my codes are not working. Sub Time_In() Dim FileName As String ' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+e ' 'On cell and saves file Sheets("TITO").Select...
  6. N

    Concatenating to ignore (blanks)

    Hi, does anyone know how I can concatenate to ignore blanks? My formula is this: =IF(AW6="",E6,CONCATENATE(E6," This funding has contributed towards a ",AW6," - ",AX6)) However, AW6 is blank and it is producing a result of the contents (a sentence) of cell E5 plus "(blank) - (blank)" at the...
  7. L

    Excel 2016 opening Multiple instances

    Hi, I'm hoping for some help. I am using excel 2016 and windows 10. I have a number of excel files on dropbox which consolidate into a file. The issue that I am having is that when I open the files some are being opened in a separate instance and I have no idea why. The ignore other...
  8. N


    How do I ignore text (AB)using the formula =IF(D12>=E12,D12+F12+H12+G12,E12+F12+H12+G12)
  9. D

    Ignore formula when cell is zero???

    Hello, New here. I did a search and could not find the answer so I am hoping someone can help. I have a simple formula between some cells. Cell one is a dollar amount, cell 2 is another, cell three is the percentage increase between the two I have more cells after that that rely on the...
  10. J

    Ignore "ZERO" in a Cell

    Running Excel 2016 I have this formula in cell G8 which is working, =IF(F8="","",ABS(D8*(1-F8)-D8)) Cell F8 is percentage/% formatted Cell D8 is accounting formatted with a entered/fix $ value With this formula is there any way for cell G8 to ignore zero? Thank you for all who respond...
  11. S

    Macro to read text in cell and write in adjacent cell

    Hi All, I'm trying to come up with a macro where for a specific column, depending on what each cell value is, the adjacent value is provide a certain value. <tbody> Header 1 Header 2 Header 3 Header 4 John 050 Ignore Jill 100 Don't Ignore Jack Talk to Joe 050 Ignore </tbody> For...
  12. L

    Macro to Remove Specific Rows

    I'm interested in a macro that removes an entire row if the cell in column "A' contains "II", and the II needs to be case sensitive to capital letters. Also if the macro could ignore the first row which is headings. Thanks for your help, greatly appreciated.
  13. L

    Macro to Remove Specific Rows

    I'm interested in a macro that removes an entire row if the sentence in cell "O' doesn't end in a period. Also if the macro could ignore the first row which is headings. Thanks for your help, greatly appreciated.
  14. E

    Ignore #N/A and #DIV Average Multiple Sheets

    Hi , i am looking to average the same cell over multiple sheets in Excel 2003 and ignore cells containing N/A or DIV . Let's say Cell A4 of sheet1:sheet3 A4 sheet1 = 10 A4 sheet2 = 20 A4 sheet3 =#N/A Average must return 15 Thank you very much !
  15. C

    how can I get SUMPRODUCT to ignore cells with text

    Hi, I have the formula below which returns an error if there are any cells with text in the range A7:B7, how can I get the formula to ignore any cells with text? Thanks =SUMPRODUCT((A7:BC7)*(--ISNUMBER(MATCH($A$3:$BC$3,Levels!$C$15:$C$26,0))))/COUNTA(Levels!$C$15:$C$26)
  16. X

    how to ignore range within defined range

    Hello I have a defined range of 16 LED's but I want (i) to ignore the LED's 13-15 but still do 1-12 and 16 how can I do this? If Sheets("Intro").Range("CHOOSE_LED").Value = "CLASSIFIED" Then For i = 1 To 16 '16 LEDs
  17. B

    I think I need IF, AND, ISBLANK

    Hi I have a sheet set up to track when a document has been requested. I have 3 columns for the 3 requests I make for I pass it to someone else to chase. What I am trying to do is get the words RED or GREEN in column D, depending on if the most recent request is under or over 7 days old. I...
  18. M

    How to ignore blank ("") cells in MIN forumula in 2016 (it worked in '07 and now doesn't in '16

    IGNORE - there was a formatting issue with the incoming data. Nothing to see here except an embarrassed person who should have checked more before asking :(
  19. L

    Ignoring text in multicolumn calculations

    Hi all, I am trying to do an addition of three columns together of various times to get a total time. However many rows have a NULL in them when a time was not taken. I want to ignore this text to avoid getting the #VALUE ! sign which I am currently getting. Can anybody please help me with...
  20. B

    Powerpivot ignore's decimal separators

    Hi, When creating a power pivot from two different excel files, all comma's and dots are ignored after importing or refreshing. For example: In my excel file "Productivity", I have a column with percentages (also percentage format), and a column with time units (for example 0.3 of an hour)...

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