import text file

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    Choosing Text File to Import

    Hello - I am having trouble with the following code. I have read through many posts but cannot seem to get it. Sub ImportTxt_File() Dim dlgOpen As FileDialog Set dlgOpen = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker) With dlgOpen .AllowMultiSelect = True ''Start in...
  2. B

    Import text function taking significantly longer than usual?

    Hello, I hope somebody can help me with a recent issue involving the import of text data. Excel 2013 Professional Plus 32bit, Windows 7. I have a workbook that I have scripted to import a General Ledger Detail, in CSV format, categorize the data and populate it out to about a dozen...
  3. B

    Selection window when importing text file

    Hello, I'm in need of your help once again. I have a macro that imports txt file into excel. It's recorded at the moment but I would like it to start with a selection window that lets the user select which text file he wants to import. What is the VBA-command for this?
  4. A

    Excel Macro Code that imports data from text file

    Hi all, I am new to excel macros and usually record macros. I want to create a macro that imports data from text file when ever it is updated. The text file is separated by TABS and I want the data to be recorded in a template. Can anyone tell me a macro code to do so?????????? :)
  5. M

    Import multiple text files and create multiple workbokos

    First timer on the forums, so bare with me please :). I have several .txt files in one directory. I want to import each .txt file into an Excel template. Then save each as its own workbook. This template formats and has formulas to convert the .txt data to data I need. I also want to save the...
  6. L

    Import Text Wizard does not run Excel XP

    Hi, I have a customer running Excel 2002 via a Citrix environment. The local machine runs Windows XP and Office 2007. We are currently testing the same Excel/Citrix environment in a Windows 7/Office 2010 environment ahead of upgrade. The problem is very specific to .txt files which when...
  7. R

    Import Text Wizard issues

    Hi I have a text file containing data which shows correctly in a web browser, looks like garbage in notepad, then when i import it through the text wizard using space as the delimiter it shows correctly except that some of the rows are shifted across by one column and others aren't. For example...
  8. R

    Import Multiple Text Files into Excel - for beginners

    I need some hand holding please. Zero experiences with VBA - step by step appreciated by me and the hordes of newbies... I need to import multiple text files into an Excel spreadsheet. the files are simple text, single line, single column no parsing needed. I want to import multiple files into a...
  9. N

    VBA: Import Text File from Row 2 Onwards

    I have used the below code from the Microsoft Help site, which allows me to import a 75000 line text file into Excel 2003. What I need is to first add in a header row into the first row of each sheet that is used, but after I added in a header, the import still started from Row 1. I did try to...
  10. A

    Access 2010 Import Inconsistentcy

    Good morning folks, I have a question regarding an import of a file. I'm attempting to import a text file to a previously constructed table (used as a datashell) with 3 fields that contain leading zeros. If i import the text file as a new table and define the fields as text, the leading...
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    Importing a Text File with Complex Structure

    Hello everyone! This is my first post and it has been a rough few days trying to make this work. I run reports that tell me when an individual is supposed to be in the office and when they actually log in, but this is a manual process where I have to go through several hundred people each...
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    Importing specific text

    Hi all I'm using slightly modified code to import text files to excel. The imported files are basically a list experiment results, however only certain results are important for me. Some experiments begin with the word "Single test", and these should not be imported. How can I modify my current...
  13. C

    Importing multiple text (.txt) files to excel with VBA loop

    I am using excel 2003. I need to import multiple text (.txt) files into excel. Below is an example of the type of text file that I need to import. Importing in and of itself isn’t the tricky part, but I have 125 files to do every day. I know I can use VB to automate and loop through this. I...
  14. T

    Remove carriage returns from .txt file

    I have searched all over and have not been able to find a way to solve my problem. In short, we use text files to save customer information that was created in userforms in Excel (save button on the userform will create a text file. My problem is that the original code created text files that...

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