1. F

    INDEX data set, but results are sorted low to high

    So I have a list of 50 records, some in the list are blank values, some in the list are numbers. There are no duplicate numbers in the list. Sometimes the list might be numbers 1 through 14 with 36 blanks, sometimes the list might be 1 through say 26 with 24 blanks. The numbers randomly located...
  2. R

    Index / Match to find column header

    I have a sheet named 'Diff' that has ID in column A and Difference in column K. I have another sheet named 'Udata' that has ID in column A and amounts in columns B:JG. I am trying to look up the code in row 3 (column header) of the UData tab, based on the ID number and Difference from the Diff...
  3. C

    INDEX - correct row/col - returns incorrect value?

    Hi, Please see formula: =IFERROR(INDEX('hours'!F5:BF2000;MATCH(P3;'hours'!A:A;0);MATCH(Q2;'hours'!2:2;0));"") It identifies row 6 & col 6= correct. But it does not return that value. What might be the issue?
  4. P

    Index match ignoring zero values (help)

    How can I make this formula ignore blanks and zero values? =INDEX(O9:BV9,MATCH(MIN(O10:BV10),O10:BV10,0)) Thanks, Pujo
  5. M

    Returning a matching column of cells

    How do I return a column of cells whose row headers match my lookup value in Excel? <strike></strike> <strike></strike>
  6. L

    problem formula Index not work after point to relation many column Friend I has problem about problem formula Index not work after point to relation many column Kindly help me about it from file att Thank you lotto009:confused:
  7. M

    index across multiple tables

    is it possible to use this layout (they are tables, I couldn't get it to paste that way) and have excel look at all the tables and return the header and amount under the header of that table only if it is greater than zero? The tables are on one tab and the results/totals are on a different tab...
  8. D

    Index + Match formula?

    I have two files I need to compare. I am supposed to compare using the Customer ID number (in column D of my Salesforce doc). Unfortunately, there are multiple occurrences of these as there are multiple locations. I've been asked to match the customer ID AND address to make sure they're in sync...
  9. D

    INDEX MATCH with IF...or something else?

    I'm attempting to return a value based on an INDEX, MATCH with an IF and just can't seem to get it nested properly so that it works...or maybe I should be using completely different logic. The scenario: Depending on how thick the metal is, we use different tools to cut or bend it. We are trying...
  10. E

    Index & Match Multiple

    Hello, Any one can help how it will not result to #N/A ? Kindly send the correct formula because google sheet formula is not the same with one in the excel sheet in the computer Thanks in...
  11. M

    Can I do INDEX MATCH with 3 MATCHES?

    I am trying to use INDEX MATCH with three MATCHES and it does not seem to be working. It returns the #REF error. I have a table of data with titled rows and columns with 2 titles. The first match I do is for the row, then I do 2 separate ones for the columns. Where the rows and columns match...
  12. J

    Index(Match) Issue being annoying/dumb

    I am using index match to fill in a form from data on a closed workbook. It works perfectly 99% of the time. However, it starts retrieving wrong data out of no where. Nothing changed with the formula. Just out of the blue it decides it will not pull the correct information. If I open the...
  13. M

    Return Value with Multiple Criteria

    I am trying to return a value (a date) based on 2 criteria. Column A has a purchase order, column J has a part #, and column E has the date. All columns have some repeating numbers, but the 2 criteria together makes it unique. Because of the sheet layout I can't use vlookup so I would have...
  14. J

    Index and match help

    Hi all, Not sure how i represent the following number searches when adding to index and match formula <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Under 2.0 2.01 - 2.25 2.26 - 2.50 2.51 - 2.75 2.76 - 3.0 3.01 - 3.50 3.51 - 4.0 4.01 - 5.0 5.01 - 6.0 6.01 + Thanks in advance </tbody>
  15. B

    Index & match - if cell reference is blank reference cell to the left

    I have a spreadsheet comparing over 300 columns of data. For this purpose I have a sample spreadsheet with only 3 data sets. I'm attempting to Index and Match utilizing a data validation menu drop down box. Each set of Data is located in 2 columns - the second containing a much needed modifier...
  16. C

    sumifs with index match

    Hi Im trying to add an index match into a sumifs formula but cant get it to work. I've tried =SUMIFS(INDEX($C$5:$AB$500,,MATCH(A$2, $C$3:$AB$3, 0)),$B:$B,">="&A3,$B:$B,"<="&A4) C5:AB500 is my data field A2 is the item im looking for C3:AB3 is the list of items(headers) Column B is dates A3...
  17. S

    Index Match

    Hi all So I have an issue with index match. Column A is my index (A3:10) and Column B (B3:B10) is my match to C1 and result is in C2 Column B contains blank cells. When C1 is blank I need to see a result in C2 from Column A At present I get N/A My Function in C2 is...
  18. T

    top 5 values from different worksheet when making a selection from a drop down box

    Hi, I have my workbook set up to show a separate worksheet for each state. The representative from each state will go into their own state worksheet and select their state from a drop down list. When the state is selected, I need to bring in top 5 past due invoices for that state - data set...
  19. M

    Index Match with * LEFT

    Hi all, I got a spreadsheet from someone else and I'm curious as to what part of the formula does. It seems to work without the *LEFT($G5,2) in it. Here is my formula: =INDEX('AER Export'!$A:$N,MATCH($B5,'AER Export'!$A:$A,0,8)*LEFT($G5,2) I have never used the * as part of an INDEX MATCH...
  20. B

    Can I combine MIN with an Index Match array?

    My data set has a list of people with an assignment date. Each person can have multiple assignment dates. I need to find the earliest assignment date for each person. I am trying to solve this by first doing an index match array formula to identify all the assignment dates and then applying a...

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